The Furies

Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes - The Furies
아티스트: Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes

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PsychoticNinja7 답글 연결
Ngl, I read furies as furries for a second and was just "uhhhhh" XD
turkey_dabbing_gojira_2004 Kaiju
But this does put a smile on my face
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez 답글 연결
I can't find it on Spotify, can someone help me?
lance awesomeness
but i will finish it
lance awesomeness
i did not start this war
lance awesomeness
i did not start this wat
Director Abe
Director Abe 답글 연결
I...did not...start this war
Mike90 susanoo
Mike90 susanoo 3 답글 연결
The directors really chose a great song for this
Frank 2 답글 연결
The movie is making humans like so weak. Our military base could just fire a nuke to the ape village and done :)
WoLF DeadShot
WoLF DeadShot 5 답글
Frank to launch a nuke you need launch codes
The military don't own those launch codes
Right Wing Trooper
Right Wing Trooper 4 답글 연결
If we lose, it will become a planet of LIBERAL Apes
Frank 답글
We can't lose coz we have nukes :)
BmacRDX 2 답글 연결
When will this be available for purchase? Really like this one.
Caleb Roche
Caleb Roche 6 답글 연결
For Harambe
TheNocturnal 2 답글 연결
Not gonna lie, when I saw Woody on top of that building shaving his head, reminded me of Kain and his Brotherhood of Nod..... This track just screams it.
Lua Bleah
Lua Bleah 답글 연결
This song brought me to your channel! This is awesome! I subbed
My F
My F 3 답글 연결
WOOOOOOOOW!! This just leave me speechless!! It's too AMAZING for words :')
TamponGod 답글 연결
scrolling down to look for a harambe comment because i saw the monkey picture, i found one... gg
shairo perez
shairo perez 2 답글 연결
call of apes: harambe warfare.
crownbock123 답글 연결
Ceaser: Harambe!!!!!! What is your profession!!!!!

Harambe: Protect the child!!!!!!!!
ThisisSparta1983 답글 연결

LampP0st 답글 연결
I'm so hyped for this movie ahhH!HhhhHH
Ismael HDalyth
Ismael HDalyth 6 답글 연결
Rest in Peace, Harambe
Mega Blade X
Mega Blade X 답글 연결
who else thinks that this music would go good for Dragon ball super. " The Universal Survival arc"
iRoxye Designs
iRoxye Designs 답글 연결
This one killed me
stefano santi
stefano santi 4 답글 연결
Epic soundtrack!!
Kay Lou
Kay Lou 2 답글 연결
1:04 - how come this part sounds similar to another movie trailer music I've heard before but can't put my finger on it.....any help?
Transient Motion
Transient Motion 답글
let me help you, anything similarly composed by Daniel Beijbom, composer of the track
Oliver O Connor
Oliver O Connor 1 답글
I think it's suicide squad trailer 1
Wei Chen
Wei Chen 답글
Sounds like your god is dead
Drogsux Icaris
Drogsux Icaris 답글
X-men Apocalypse maybe
Kevin James
Kevin James 답글
that part is in a few of their songs, ive heard it before too, but i don't remember where its from.
Bishop .N
Bishop .N 답글 연결
Repeat! on Repeat!
RecigyHiGH 2 답글 연결
dragonmcmx 8 답글 연결
Is there a version without the choir available, like the one heard in the trailer?
Slender Man
Slender Man 6 답글
The version in the trailer also had choir. Go take another listen.
Magic Alph
Magic Alph 13 답글 연결
Hello Harambe, my old friend....

Elijah Black
Elijah Black 11 답글 연결
I honestly would have been confused if giant apes didn't produce the sound track for the planet of the apes trailer.
Ryan Sprenkels
Ryan Sprenkels 답글
Elijah Black hahahaha lol
Trailer Music Vibe
MxYogERTS 답글 연결
this is a truly EPIC song! niceeeee
Hoho 7 답글 연결
All Hail Harambe!
Rising Sun
Rising Sun 답글 연결
like it.
Um Belenense
Um Belenense 답글 연결
césar volta!
nENNN 답글 연결
Awesome soundtrack, well done!
The 1 and Only Logan
Hearing this sent chills through my spine!
Ronan. M
Ronan. M 27 답글 연결
waiting for comment section to be riddled with harambe jokes....
AD 31
AD 31 37 답글 연결
We stand through the darkness, we are the last ones who stand against it. We must endure and fight! Either Humanity extinct or this planet will be forever lost.
AD 31
AD 31 3 답글
eshswam thanks bud i guess english class does work 😂
eshswam 3 답글
Goaltender X if you made that up....I must say that's the GREATEST THING I EVER HEARD ON THIS COMMENT SECTION
AD 31
AD 31 답글
umm i made it up..honestly :') go ahead
Omarr Guerrero
Omarr Guerrero 2 답글
Goaltender X Is this a speech from somewhere? Because I want to use it in a sci-fi novel I'm writing.