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Pharrell Williams - Able
아티스트: Pharrell Williams

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[Chorus] Don't you know that we're able? Let alone makes us major We can now sit at the table And grow in his favor Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) [Verse 1] Yes, we can Yours and mine [?] Yes, we can Are one and one equals three Yes, we can I feel it like lightning in the forest Yes, we can And they can know, they can know the woman as a chorus [Pre-Chorus] You're my woman, don't need another [?] We can make each other talk like whether we may never, woo [Chorus] Don't you know that we're able? Let alone makes us major We can now sit at the table And grow in his favor Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) [Verse 2] Yes, we can Like a solar system but surrounded by you Yes, we can On another star this is ain't true Yes, we can We shine so bright they can't ignore us Yes, we can Who can be against us when you know who is for us? [Pre-Chorus] You're my woman, don't need another, get behind me hun and we can lift each other We can make each other talk like whether we may never, woo [Chorus] Don't you know that we're able? Let alone makes us major We can now sit at the table And grow in his favor Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah (yeah) Say yeah [Bridge] Baby, yes, we can The love that we had like the clouds and the sky Baby, yes, we can We ain't in no rush, we take our time blowing by [Outro] You're my woman, don't need another [?] You're my woman, don't need another [?]

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Lexi Star
Lexi Star 답글 연결
This is my favorite song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Josiah Soccerboy
Josiah Soccerboy 답글 연결
YES WE CAN!!!!!!
Salazar agustin
Salazar agustin 답글 연결
Lily Bear Pup
Lily Bear Pup 답글 연결
This is my fave song from the movie
Ellie Susana
Ellie Susana 답글 연결
Samson Small
Samson Small 답글 연결
who was bobbing their head off when they heard this song in the movie?
Wild Game
Wild Game 답글 연결
V Wiggins
V Wiggins 답글 연결
Diamond Platt
Diamond Platt 답글 연결
Yes we can!
Jack Blue
Jack Blue 답글 연결
Say yes !! Are you talking a brake ? Yesssss
G Cole
G Cole 답글 연결
Sounds great
Daughter of Zion
Daughter of Zion 1 답글 연결
catc 1
catc 1 답글 연결
Came here from the movie 😊 this song is on another level amazing ! Plus the movie was amazing
Denver Lindsay
Denver Lindsay 1 답글 연결
This song makes me want to run a mile to the bathroom.
Evian Mason
Evian Mason 1 답글 연결
I Love this song powerfull (when the devil wants 2 take U DOWN)
Nisha Lee
Nisha Lee 답글 연결
Don't you know that we're able. That alone makes us major. We can all sit at the table. And grow in His favor#yeswecan 🙌🙌
Jarebear Magnus
Jarebear Magnus 답글 연결
I did not know 1+1=3. (Kidding, I get the joke.)
Nawal Khokhar
Nawal Khokhar 답글 연결
The would be a legendary graduation song- get the class to stomp to the “bum bum bum” lol
Kymiah Parker
Kymiah Parker 2 답글 연결
I love hidden figures cuz it's about history and I love history.

Sakai Jones
Sakai Jones 답글 연결
The ending was a plot twost
Dwayne Drew
Dwayne Drew 답글 연결
Baxtor 답글 연결
Wow just discovered this powerful bop
Rashanda Grier
Rashanda Grier 답글 연결
able is my favorite song its a good song.
Ryan Perez
Ryan Perez 1 답글 연결
First Happy now this? Pharrell Williams is on a role with his catchy songs. He should have got nominated for an Oscar.
Mara Murphy
Mara Murphy 답글 연결
this song is fire
Bianca Bubble
Bianca Bubble 답글 연결
I have been obsessed with this album. You have no idea how many times my parents yell to turn down the Pharrell. This song is one of my favorites. Runnin is my theme song, it lplays in my head and in my room like five times a day. PLEASE KEEP WRITING MORE SONGS LIKE THIS ONE!
Lauren B
Lauren B 답글 연결
Obama (the Harvard graduated mulatto) never went thru a day of black struggle in his life- so stop making this great song about him! This song is for the REAL blacks- like the ladies that the film depicts and the others who went through the civil rights of yesteryear. It's a salute that is meant to empower. I have a feeling that those blacks would be disappointed in the "pant sagging, baby-mama, love and hip hop, living off welfare" nightmare that our race has become, and they'd hope this wonderful movie would draw attention to the issues they really fought for and why they worked so hard to pave the way.
Tracey Hall
Tracey Hall 답글 연결
Thanks Mr. Williams I Say YEA! I Thank-You for bringing truth with words so tight they fit like pages in a closed Book... so insightful they make you think and so impactful they flow off the Album like Life its self!
Jesus Fanatic789
Jesus Fanatic789 답글 연결

msNativegal 답글 연결
I wish this song was out during Obama's 2008 campaign! #yeswecan!
Alexandro Silva
Alexandro Silva 답글
msNativegal FUCK Obama!
Laxamo Studios
Laxamo Studios 답글 연결
Pharrell has made another master piece.
Mario games
Mario games 답글 연결
is very good this song and the movie is perfect
Aliyah Jones
Aliyah Jones 답글 연결
hi pharrell, I'm 1 of ur biggest fans, and I'm Sams Williams roommate..... I also subscribe 2 you
antoinette5000 답글 연결
right down to my soul...
EgyptiansBear 답글 연결
What does the back singer saying, the voice goes like IDK. But anyway 0:48 ^.^
sadecollins 답글 연결
rock it pharrell.
The Legend27
The Legend27 답글 연결
this sounds better when they talk
HumanCaviar 답글 연결
Sorry, but this song is repetitive both musically and lyrically. Am I the only person who thinks that there is something inherently defeatist and self-deprecating in the need to chant "Yes we can" over and over?
Kurt 답글 연결
Pharrell !! Mother's Day is passed ,You or Precious still no reply, ,. ~~~we don't wanna drift about any more ! Could you understand !?