Ashes of Time

Audiomachine - Ashes of Time
아티스트: Audiomachine

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이 음악이 쓰인 영상

christian paparusso
Amazing music... so so magical
linusblanket32's epic music channel
Whenever epic music does stuff that sounds like period pieces I get really excited :D
Blubble Cloudz
Blubble Cloudz 1 답글 연결
This sounds like some game of thrones stuff lol
Like if u agree
Lukas Wagner
Lukas Wagner 답글 연결
This reminds me so much in one of the last touching scenes in Pearl Harbor :O I got incredible feelings when I listen to your music words just can´t describe
Vedant D
Vedant D 답글 연결
I can't stop listening to ashes of time...
So touching
ĴΘЌЄR 大 1 답글 연결
Fenerbahçe'min Final Four için hazırlandığı klipten geldim.
The Mongoose
The Mongoose 답글 연결
So beautiful...my mind went far away this time
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 답글 연결
Who's here because of the Jaime Lannister video?
Raymond Brady
Raymond Brady 답글 연결
Just found this song... Amazing! Favorite new song!
Long John Silver
Long John Silver 답글 연결
2:13 que bello
krazyy 답글 연결
cyansaint 4 답글 연결
Tim gabel brought me here
CrYtEX 33 답글 연결
Wer kommt von Tim Gabel?🍴😉
Luca Bräuer
Luca Bräuer 답글
CrYtEX Ich auch xd
Fth 61
Fth 61 답글
CrYtEX ich haha
GainfulFilms 2 답글 연결
Tim Gabel Army 💪
Mas'ud Tammam
Mas'ud Tammam 답글 연결
now i am your next fans, your work is simply amazing!
Anon Silent_WD
Anon Silent_WD 답글 연결
Bahman Nassiri
Bahman Nassiri 답글 연결
The AntiChrist has landed !
Lion Hearts shall defeat him.
durp 16
durp 16 답글 연결
Dusts of time as a completely different perspective.
ZBlack 답글 연결
this is by brunuhville
Jack Lou
Jack Lou 2 답글 연결
Beautiful! It just sounds so.... powerful!!

Francielly Sophia
Bristla lee Bactaweaver
Where can I find sheet music for this? for an orchestra
Planet414 답글 연결
░░░░ ░░░░░░░▀█▄█▄███▀░░░ ▀█▄█▄███
Gg audiomachine, gg.
alang mafiandika
alang mafiandika 답글 연결
what a suggestion song! it's 3 a.m and you start to re-think your whole life purpose again. OMG! i just know you! sadly didn't know you earlier audiomachine
Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity 답글 연결
Please boost up the sound in your videos audiomachine
るな 답글 연결
るな 답글 연결
Rosa Baños
Rosa Baños 1 답글 연결
Gracias por hacerme sentir viva
Alex Weissnicht
Alex Weissnicht 2 답글 연결
Neues Lieblingslied.......
Azure Studios
Azure Studios 2 답글 연결
Those strings. THAT CHOIR! I've fallen in love.

Ariel Lobosco
Ariel Lobosco 답글 연결
La inércia melódica me pide una nota más baja en el segundo 53. Y ahora sufro!
SanghooPlaysFifa 답글 연결
Very moving. Such a good piece. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AUDIOMACHINE!! Much love <3
yasmine chikhoune
SkadiRock 답글 연결
Urgot Of Times :3
Renan Almeida
Renan Almeida 답글 연결
So beautiful
Dilip Kumar D
Dilip Kumar D 2 답글 연결
I hope ... Some day AudioMachine, TSFH & Hans Zimmer make music together.... End of the Universe... "Epicness Overwhelming!!!"
Xavali 답글
Yeah OMG it would be my death because of epicness!
hina tahir
hina tahir 답글 연결
Hats off to them...
Kalob Benafield
Kalob Benafield 답글 연결
this is amazing!
Roma Lumbanbatu
Roma Lumbanbatu 답글 연결
I listen to this when I was runningand it help me run faster. Thanks audiomachine (y)
Centurio Macro
Centurio Macro 1 답글 연결
Such a beautiful track, this is audiomachine