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Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone - City of Stars
아티스트: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone
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[Sebastian's Verse: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone] City of stars Are you shining just for me? City of stars There's so much that I can't see Who knows? I felt it from the first embrace I shared with you That now our dreams They've finally come true [Mia's Verse: Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling] City of stars Just one thing everybody wants There in the bars And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants It's love Yes, all we're looking for is love from someone else A rush A glance A touch A dance [Duet: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone] A look in somebody's eyes To light up the skies To open the world and send it reeling A voice that says, I'll be here And you'll be alright I don't care if I know Just where I will go 'Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling A rat-tat-tat on my heart [Outro: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone] Think I want it to stay City of stars Are you shining just for me? City of stars You never shined so brightly

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Febi Andida
Febi Andida 답글 연결
GOT7's "Daily Playlist" brought me here...
익명 답글 연결
Great!!! i like this song!!!!!
Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez 답글 연결
I love this song
Debbie Marco
Debbie Marco 답글 연결
The whole soundtrack is a Masterpiece! Incredible!!!
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar 답글 연결
Pinche canción mas vergas :'v
Martel Zaldivar
Martel Zaldivar 답글 연결
Am hoping to learn this whole song piano....its a goal..i’ll come back when i did
Inya Schroeder
Inya Schroeder 답글 연결
John Boyega and Daisy Ridley would be a good cover duet!
Puto al que no le guste esta cancion
Ignacio gonzalez santiago
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Ignacio gonzalez santiago
😆 Video sexual de Ariana Grande http://videoleek.cf/vdhoM
Hector Cabrera
Hector Cabrera 답글 연결
Wait, this isn’t logic 😤😤
ye wot
ye wot 답글 연결
Eduardo Casas
Eduardo Casas 답글 연결
Mario de los Santos
Mario de los Santos 1 답글 연결
like si vienes por Alfred y Amaia
Proudy 답글 연결
This aint Logic
박미애 1 답글 연결
I love tiis song♡♡
ana odd
ana odd 답글 연결
Jorge Vales-vilamarin Sanjurjo
look for almaia version of this
Charlie boy
Charlie boy 답글 연결
One of those amazing songs which makes you feel happy and sad at the same time!
Blue Dolphin
Blue Dolphin 답글 연결
Fuck this gets me in tears EVERYTIME

Sandra 1 답글 연결
Amaia of Spain and Alfred of Catalonia´s version is better. Almaia for Eurovisión 2018!
Ellen Dunn
Ellen Dunn 답글 연결
this movie was better than I anticipated it was surprising beautiful and emotional this song did earn its win
johnnyM809 답글 연결
Great song....phenomenal movie
Falles 2 답글 연결
Amaia y Alfred <3
Juan Valenzuela
Juan Valenzuela 답글 연결
Logics version is better 😎
Hüsna Kübra YILDIZ
such a soulful song.. and i just uploaded a cover of this song if you're interested :)
Kenzo Lagast
Kenzo Lagast 답글 연결
Lloyd Macey's version is better
정하준 답글 연결
Sarai Weasley Granger.
Okye Hong
Okye Hong 답글 연결
This song is pretty good

Larisa Lukyanova
Larisa Lukyanova 답글 연결
This song brings memories and people to mind that I would much rather forget
Diego Mendez Mendiola
Luis Pena
Luis Pena 답글 연결
Love the song
박원선 1 답글 연결
처음 남자 부분 개좋아 ㅜㅜ
NS ILGUN 답글 연결
do u wanna listen to me :) https://youtu.be/kpwoyPuc4Rg
Eesha Sharma
Eesha Sharma 답글 연결
Ah...Beautiful, just beautiful
Vanessa D.
Vanessa D. 답글 연결
okay like wtf?!?! this is so good😍 i literally fell in love😂
Mimi Campos
Mimi Campos 답글 연결
Ok so i found this movie on demand and i remember seeing trailers and i put it on so about 1 hour and 30 mins in it my mom came down stairs and started to watch it with me and when Emma walked into the bar and i saw the sign i immediately started to cry and she was all like "what what does that mean" and i did not answer bc i was crying and at the end she kept asking questions and i told her "watch the whole movie to understand" she started laughing at me bc that was the first time I've ever cryed like that to a movie before im still shook and my heart still hurts....😣😤
Siriuslygeeky -Batman
A car ride (as in a passenger)becomes 10× more dramatic