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Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i - We Know the Way
아티스트: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Opetaia Foa'i
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Tatou o tagata folau Vala'auina e le atua O le sami tele e o mai Ia ava'e le lu'itau e lelei Tapenapena... Aue, aue Nuku i mua Te manulele e tataki iei Aue, aue Te fenua te malie Nae ko hakilia Kaiga e We read the wind and the sky When the sun is high We sail the length of the seas On the ocean breeze At night we name every star We know where we are We know who we are, who we are Away, away We set a course to find A brand-new island everywhere we roam Away, away We keep our island in our mind And when it's time to find home We know the way... Away, away We are explorers reading every sign We tell the stories of our elders in a never-ending chain Aue, aue Te fenua te malie Nae ko hakilia We know the way...

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Catherine Emily Marie
Did the seagulls scare anyone else? 😂
xXllBla7erzllXx 답글 연결
They were a ahead of there time for the way would soon become a meme
PoIicy 답글 연결
ShemH 답글 연결
Me: reads coments you guys are sick.
Did I really run out of ideas??
Roei Potash AKA Poihpio
Moana is da queen
Gunmaster 11
Gunmaster 11 답글 연결
You do not know deh way
Nightcore Natalie
Lin honestly could kill a puppy and I'd ask "what did the puppy do to provoke him?" such an amazing person
RageSamurai X
RageSamurai X 답글 연결
If somebody or any Ugandan Knuckles ask da wey, give them dis video as an answer :)
Anthony Faiella
Anthony Faiella 답글 연결
Comment Section in 2016: “What a beautiful song! Disney outdone itself once again!”

Comment Section in 2018: “DO U KNOW DE WAY?!? U NEED EBLOA TO KNOW DE WAY!
Cuteanimak AJ
Cuteanimak AJ 답글 연결
Legitimately the only reason I'm here is for my Lin!! Where's my Hamiltrash at?
suga kookies
suga kookies 답글 연결
Okay but do they know the way
King Crimson
King Crimson 답글 연결
you do not now da wae
kuane2000 답글 연결
Y don't dey tel us d wae
Hugo Santa-Claus
Hugo Santa-Claus 답글 연결
Cluck cluck you muust haave ebolaa
Julieta Lapenna
Julieta Lapenna 답글 연결
I love Lin Manuel Miranda😍
Nate Saldutti
Nate Saldutti 답글 연결
Its a work of art.a flawes piece of art, no doubt about that but still a work none of the less
Spaceflight Potato
he know de wae
Ronnie Alvarez
Ronnie Alvarez 답글 연결
You do not know De way
DeGama tis
DeGama tis 답글 연결
What language they speaking?

misskahu 답글 연결
As soon as you hear those drums, it's like goosebumps all over....
Mud Eye
Mud Eye 답글 연결
and now the comments is full of da wae memes
Joshieboy91 답글 연결
He just found de wae
Wyatt Gettinger
Wyatt Gettinger 답글 연결
salcedo fernandez
where is da keeen?
Morganite 1 답글 연결
Our bruddahs and sistas from long ago found de wae
0ero 1 답글 연결
de wae
Farhan Marco
Farhan Marco 답글 연결
I draw big pepe
Dariusz Zastrzeżyński
Super animation, amazing music.
ChriChar99 답글 연결
do u know de wae bruddah

Quetzal00358 1 답글 연결
"We know the way"

I didn't know Moana had Ugandan Knuckles
MeGaMeD 619
MeGaMeD 619 답글 연결
ShI KnOw ThE WaE
Thunder Storm7
Thunder Storm7 답글 연결
Show me the way fake commander
Marmer 답글 연결
He knows da wey
oikawa's grand king
i will never be able to not picture a.ham in my mind when i hear lins voice im sorRY MOANA
I Am Luminous
I Am Luminous 1 답글 연결
The comment section better be flooded with Ugandan Knuckles memes
HEy yOU sToB iT
HEy yOU sToB iT 2 답글 연결
Disney knows the wae my bruddas
Toxicguy 답글 연결
The Ting knows the WAY
danielle black
danielle black 답글 연결
I knew it was the guy who voiced Hamilton I knew it, I was sitting here thinking 'this guy could sing the Hamilton songs' ... I know my voices 😂💙