Really Slow Motion - Reborn
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Unitag Unitag
Unitag Unitag 답글 연결
WOW !! Great song !!! 1:07 impressive !!!
The live action movie was a huge disappointment for me and my mother when we finally saw it. It was just one of those movies that should stay animated
LunaOfTheDarkestNight 답글
Tiago Antônio well there was some thing that were answered
Like I always wondered what when on in the rose room after beast died before he became human. NOW I KNOW 😂🤣
But the movie lacked the magic the original had and got a 50% with reviews for it.
Tiago Antônio
Tiago Antônio 1 답글
I disagree with you! The movie is perfect, one of the biggest live-action movies of Disney! There is no way one person can hate this movie!
Avramovic 2 답글 연결
Naruto fans, where you at?!
guilherme alves
guilherme alves 답글
right here!!!!!
Alva E
Alva E 답글 연결
i love it
Tilak Raj
Tilak Raj 답글 연결
Unity Freerunning
Unity Freerunning 1 답글 연결
Naruto : Battle of Brothers brought me over here, i fell in love with this music. Outstanding
Chris Paul
Chris Paul 1 답글 연결
Love this piece
Loi Le
Loi Le 답글 연결
Dowload pls..
Le Brusk
Le Brusk 답글 연결
that's like ... so good !
Mr helwis
Mr helwis 2 답글 연결
Sasuke v Naruto battle of brother
Mina ૢ
Mina ૢ 답글 연결
they stole music from heaven
Unrival Gaming Studios
im here for naruto
Ridho Saputra
Ridho Saputra 답글 연결
Battlefield 1
Miguel Ferreira
Miguel Ferreira 2 답글 연결
1:05 reminds me a lot of the film Road to El Dorado, when they enter the city for first time and were awed
great music btw!
Bruchi 2 답글 연결
Naruto AMV <3 XD
PixilistMore 1 답글 연결
any one thinking el dorado
Richard Simmonbuns
Richard Simmonbuns 7 답글 연결
Naruto and Sasuke brought me here
Gibran Channel
Gibran Channel 답글 연결
I include credits in descriptions and videos, I've also requested permission by sending a request through contact @ reallyslowmotion, but already 2 weeks my video still can not be monetized. Channel is a liar, a liar, all his music is not free. Wtf
InèsDreams 답글 연결
I love This !!!

Drew Poteet
Drew Poteet 답글 연결
Such a beautiful song, very uplifting. marvelous job Really Slow Motion.
bonghy 답글 연결
Stef 9595
Stef 9595 답글 연결
It s like medieval music in Europe : - )
BeWater MyFriend
BeWater MyFriend 답글 연결
Tell my family to play this on my funeral.
Portugal do Ar
Portugal do Ar 답글 연결
I didn't realize this song was here... 🙂
Imsangoak 77
Imsangoak 77 답글 연결
thanku so much,this is excellent
That VocaloidLover
Oh God. This is what I was looking for! I'm so happy.
This is so great >o<
Richard Simmonbuns
Richard Simmonbuns 6 답글 연결
i'm your only friend

-Naruto to Sasuke
Richard Simmonbuns
Richard Simmonbuns 1 답글
Jackson marley ジャクソン・マーリー it fits better than Beauty and the beast XD
Jacksoה ϻarley
Jacksoה ϻarley 1 답글
that was a brilliant amv
Epic Mellifica Channel
This is just awesome!
HN Streat Beats
HN Streat Beats 답글 연결

HN Streat Beats
HN Streat Beats 답글 연결
Squidward the motherfucker
Naruto AMV:)
bestusername2017 0
bestusername2017 0 답글
Vesta Dynasty actually you're the one who's trash.. You even mispelled naruto you retard
Taha Awad
Taha Awad 답글
Vesta Dynasty what's wrong with watching naruto ?
Vesta Dynasty
Vesta Dynasty 답글
MEGAgamer03 03 not as much as yours since you like narato
bestusername2017 0
bestusername2017 0 답글
Vesta Dynasty ur life is trash
Vesta Dynasty
Vesta Dynasty 답글
naruto trash
Simón 답글 연결
Powerful & beautiful! I love it!<3
Rosa Goco
Rosa Goco 답글 연결
es increible como un exquisito sonido puede derretir hasta la más gruesa y delicada piel.!! definitivamente es hermoso!!😊
SistahBallingah _
SistahBallingah _ 1 답글 연결
This is my second fav! RIDING THE LIGHT IS THE BEST
ericdxx 1 답글 연결
I hate to rain on anyone's parade but the main theme is basically Edge's guitar into to U2's City of blinding lights. It's not a rip-off, he's mixing it up...but it's too similar for my taste :(
Dingo juegos
Dingo juegos 65 답글 연결
Is someone else here for the AMV "Battle of Brothers"? Beautiful music.
tko930 답글
such an incredibly beautiful tribute.
Quack E
Quack E 답글
Dj_Zombie-_-21 답글
Dingo juegos sameeeeee 😂
kevin hugo
kevin hugo 답글
Richard Simmonbuns
Richard Simmonbuns 2 답글
Dingo juegos Naruto!!
Epic-Movement 답글 연결
The greatest music piece ever created by Really Slow Motion - A All time favorite making its way into the Epic Olymp
Fantasma Majora
Fantasma Majora 답글 연결
Takeo Uchiha
Takeo Uchiha 6 답글 연결
2 people were not reborn...