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Cat Stevens - The Wind
아티스트: Cat Stevens
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I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul Where I'll end up, well I think only God really knows I've sat upon the setting sun... But never, never, never, never I never wanted water once No never, never, never I listen to my words but they fall far below I let my music take me where my heart wants to go I swam upon the Devil's lake... But never, never, never, never I'll never make the same mistake No - never, never, never

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pierre coutelet
pierre coutelet 답글 연결
Bravo pour l'illustration sur cette jolie chanson
Mirjana633 답글 연결
Eddy Sun Music Probe
Very very nice Sandy! The beauty resides in its simplicity and tenderness... Also the photos and pictures are so special and beautiful... Thank again... Cheers, Eddy.
angelina n
angelina n 답글 연결
I heard this in the trailer for the movie Gifted
Steven Haff
Steven Haff 답글 연결
Wow! what a song!
abdoulaye sow
abdoulaye sow 답글 연결
tres jolie chanson
buyakga1946 답글
Merci. :)
bernard murphy
bernard murphy 4 답글 연결
thankyou cat stevens...u touch me deeply...because you live there...
janet warner
janet warner 답글 연결
buyakga1946 답글
Thank you.
Carmen Schlesinger
Carmen Schlesinger 4 답글 연결
Yes, it's a very pretty song, i like Cat Stevens
DesertRose122 2 답글 연결
so sweet. and short...must be the shortest song ever but it's so pretty.
buyakga1946 답글
+MysticFantasy70s Thanks! Yes, I think it's a very pretty song, too.
vicky flow
vicky flow 4 답글 연결
Listened to this song and many others of Cat Stevens. Brings back a lot of good memories
jeffthepoet7 3 답글 연결
Beautiful song and images. Thank you Buyakga. Sending this for my friend's birthday. It's windy today.
buyakga1946 1 답글
+jeffthepoet7 Thank you, Jeff. Hope your friend has a great birthday! :) ~ Sandy
Calvin Joy
Calvin Joy 2 답글 연결
Just Wow!!!
maryjbelle 7 답글 연결
gorgeous you captured the spirit of the song
buyakga1946 1 답글
@maryjbelle Thank you, maryjbelle.
simon1peter 1 답글 연결
This has been very helpful to me, thanks a bunch!!!!
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser 2 답글 연결
gracias patty ,un buen dia ,kis johanna.
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser 1 답글
gracias amiga ,un buen dia ,kis ,johanna.
Samuel Merino
Samuel Merino 1 답글 연결
Doesn't this beautiful piece of music mark the rebirth of Cat Stevens after his first breakdown?
Catcando75 5 답글 연결
A magically rendered video for a magical song that I have loved since the 70's. 

Chaminda Perera
Chaminda Perera 1 답글 연결
Beautiful song and great photos- although some are illustrations.  
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser 2 답글 연결
gracias sandy un buen video ,kis ,johanna.
Noelia reaño
Noelia reaño 답글
Un buen video Joana kiss
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser 답글
kis ,johanna.
Bats Records
Bats Records 1 답글 연결
great song and pics !
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser 2 답글 연결
hola amiga sandy un buen 2014 ,kisses ,johanna,
Johanna Busser
Johanna Busser 답글
hola sandy ,un buen 2014 ,kisses ,johanna.
RichLyles 답글 연결
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Thank you, Rich! :-) Love, Sandy
RichLyles 답글 연결
buyakga1946 답글 연결
I'm happy you enjoyed it, Sathya. Thank you! :-) Love, Sandy
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Thank you, Ally. I hope you are okay. Love, Sandy
Ally Winslow
Ally Winslow 답글 연결
Beautiful! Perfect for my moment. Thank you!

buyakga1946 답글 연결
Hi Shanti. Thank you for your wonderful comment and for subbing! :-) Love, Sandy
Shanti 답글 연결
Wowh, this is beautiful and see a lot more great uploads on your channel, i subbed with Love ... Shanti
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Thank you, Chiara! I know you listen to the wind of your soul, too. :-) Sandy
DelilahLou89 답글 연결
Very nice!
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Thank you for watching and for your comment. So glad you liked it! - Sandy
Eugenia&Robert 답글 연결
Hello dear Sandy, it was a pleasure to listen and watch Love Cat Stevens and your beautiful video
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Thanks so much pewmanfustudios! Hey, I share two of your great videos this morning and people are loving them!
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Thank you, John. I appreciate this so much coming from you because you are a film creator.
JANXEN with an X
JANXEN with an X 답글 연결
wow, very poetic !
buyakga1946 답글 연결
Very true! It's like an incubation, I'd say, or like a caterpillar in it's chrysalis waiting to become a butterfly. Fly freely, Janxen!