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Green Day - Ordinary World
아티스트: Green Day

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    The Devil's Kind
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Where can I find the city of shining light In an ordinary world? How can I leave a buried treasure behind In an ordinary world? The days into years roll by It's where that I live until I die Ordinary world What would you wish if you saw a shooting star In an ordinary world? I'd walk to the end of the earth and afar In an ordinary world Baby, I don't have much But what we have is more than enough Ordinary world Where can I find the city of shining light In an ordinary world? How can I leave a buried treasure behind In an ordinary world? Baby, I don't have much But what we have is more than enough Ordinary world

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Green Day
Green Day 50 답글 연결
Crawl on the dance floor.. spit in the air.. get weird. The Father Of All... video is here: https://youtu.be/eXv00PJ9IQM

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Anita Caby
Anita Caby 5 답글
We love you Green Day 💚💚💚
사회적약자 답글
Game Sparks
Game Sparks 답글 연결
Did you know that there's a movie with the same name with Billie Joe as the lead role and has some songs from his other band The Long Shot
Doyle Winchester
Doyle Winchester 답글 연결
I just cried
Mehoy Minyoy
Mehoy Minyoy 답글 연결
How did 1,200 people dislike this?
it's something scary 1:48
dragonik rojo
dragonik rojo 답글 연결
-no lo entiendo pero igual me gusta
sallypearce10 답글 연결
Love the bit were he morphs into st jimmy
Veronica Subliminals
The fact that I got to hear it live means so much to me
RobotikMC 답글 연결
Why does this video have 1.2K dislikes. If you don't like what you are hearing that SCRAM
James Stimpson
James Stimpson 답글 연결
Is it bad I get upset at the end of this song, it’s like the end of a beautiful album, life and story 😔
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy 답글 연결
Green Day is amazing but this one is over the top awesome ❤️
Jaye Herrero
Jaye Herrero 1 답글 연결
Anyone here from Billie Joe's Movie "Ordinary World"
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
For some reason, I don't feel like using a coaster.
mousam gogoi
mousam gogoi 답글 연결
We miss you guys where can we find in this ordinary world
Breg 1 답글 연결
God this song is so lame. Even tracks like Good Riddance had a bittersweet quality to them. This is just blah. That country twang guitar 🤮

I’m all for bands experimenting and trying new sounds in their career. But I’ve not been a fan of the direction they’ve gone in. This doesn’t even sound like Green Day.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1 답글
Then go and listen to the same old pop shit. Don't hate on my childhood heroes. I love them always ♥️
Donna Chandler
Donna Chandler 답글
STFU Breg.
D3m0n666 답글 연결
Toujours une de mes chansons préférées avec boulevard of broken dreams, les première musique qui mon fait découvrir le monde de la musique. Grâce à ça aujourd’hui je joue de la musiques et y’a rien de mieux
Rez Boy
Rez Boy 답글 연결
It's weird to hear Billie's voice so high

But I also like it at the same time
Bread Sandwich
Bread Sandwich 답글 연결
Cried my eyes out the first time I heard this😃
Simon Williams
Simon Williams 1 답글 연결
this song has recently got me through some very dark days.... incredible song
Nayli Sánmu
Nayli Sánmu 답글 연결
Q canciones tan hermosas:') ❤

C. s. b
C. s. b 1 답글 연결
The movie is sooo good billie and the band are the besssstt
lucy Kurbah
lucy Kurbah 답글 연결
I ❤ it
メダ瞬JUNSUINA 1 답글 연결
gracias green day por todo mi infancia
CHR129 답글 연결
Myriam :'3
Myriam :'3 답글 연결
Sebe Thubru
Sebe Thubru 답글 연결
After sharing...replay again and again💚
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 답글 연결
türk kimse yokmu
Jeet Dutta
Jeet Dutta 1 답글 연결
all the gods went early...Mj, freddie mercury etc....but if any day...the day of Billie comes, I would request to god to take me nd let him live for another era...

I just want to attend one of his live show in my life...but he's nt gonna come India...nd if I go to Billie...till that day, he would have left coming live...

Anyway, green day makes a good day...
also wanna rise with my band like green day
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1 답글
Finally. A fellow Indian Green Day fan!
Knowledge At It's Best
Swedish Mapping
Swedish Mapping 답글

rex aquinooo
rex aquinooo 1 답글 연결
i love u billie
Dylan Lifes
Dylan Lifes 2 답글 연결
I mean, this song is inspiration...and emotional feelings, it's mostly about people's life, I mean it was one of the deepest things I ever listen to, I even cry when the song first started, i wonder if our lives go...
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 답글 연결
The movie was amazing Billie is actually really good at acting
Asri Loremsa
Asri Loremsa 답글 연결
Green day Never Die 😁 👍 Please Don't Suicide Billy Joe 😁 💪 ✌️
Asri Loremsa
Asri Loremsa 1 답글
Never mind 😁, just a Joke 😁, i still Remember Chester Bennington 😇
Swedish Mapping
Swedish Mapping 답글
why would he?
MORNING star 답글 연결
Most of the us r gonna live a mediocre and ordinary life in the world nothing special nothing extraordinary but that's ok
Rahul Raj
Rahul Raj 1 답글 연결
Gods favorite band greenday
Some Random Dude
Some Random Dude 1 답글 연결
I swear, this song gets me emotional every time
Sidney Mary
Sidney Mary 답글 연결
This song makes me so emotional
Senne Thijs
Senne Thijs 답글 연결
me: im not crying, u r
also me: cries goddamn eyes out
Swedish Mapping
Swedish Mapping 답글
@rosy probably My father
rosy probably
rosy probably 답글
@Swedish Mapping a young boy
Swedish Mapping
Swedish Mapping 답글
when i was