Superhuman - 1982
아티스트: Superhuman

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Mikkel Roland Egesberg
TheFeynman Fam
TheFeynman Fam 답글 연결
Классный трек из фильма "Пассажиры"
Peter Parker
Peter Parker 답글 연결
Very pleasant music
Ellis Quinn
Ellis Quinn 답글 연결
This is absolutely Fantastic music. It builds suspense and the crescendo seems very dramatic!
Suicide Sheep
Suicide Sheep 1 답글 연결
that's song remember like a Interstellar Docking sceen
Rohit George Sebastian
Would you also consider making this track available on other stores, like the Google play store?
Andreas Handrinos
Andreas Handrinos 1 답글 연결
so clean
Ich bin Baujahr 1982,...................._________________
NINE 답글 연결
Where can i find the notes
if you have please give please!!!!!
Yoori houssem
Yoori houssem 답글 연결
great music ... thank you passengers thank superhuman
Gavin 3 답글 연결
Please make more music. You're so amazing.
G-Web 2 답글 연결
I'm the only one from ultra sargents video am I yup definitely
Aleksandra Pirek
Aleksandra Pirek 답글 연결
I'm totally in love
François Maullé-Goinard
This song is not in Deezer :/
Just me
Just me 답글 연결
Amazing ❤
BrookTheRook 답글 연결
well I was doing 5x5 on squat then this song came on, proceeded to do about 10 more reps than usual...holy crap this is awesome
23mrtito 답글 연결
it's not on Google music 😭😭😭
NickRider 답글 연결
J'adore cette chanson! I love this song! x) Je ne peux pas vivre sans cette chanson! I can not live without this song!!
Annemarijn Zwerver
This is amazing...
Daniel H
Daniel H 2 답글 연결
This song led me to watch one of the worst movies of 2016. It's that great!

Quasar Y
Quasar Y 1 답글 연결
why 1982?
Quasar Y
Quasar Y 답글
Thank you
Blade Runner
Blade Runner 1 답글
Probably tribute to Blade Runner.
harris aziz
harris aziz 1 답글 연결
This gives me the feel off interstellar theme. However this too is an awesome track
Spartan Fit365
Spartan Fit365 2 답글 연결
i looked up the soundtrack and this wasnt even listed ...can anyone tell me how to get this song????? cant find it anywhere s7 edge user
Hailey Allen
Hailey Allen 1 답글
It isn't part of the Passengers soundtrack, you need to download it separately.
thejmiester14 1 답글 연결
3:19 best part
건호 Lucas.K 김
Amazing Mystic Music sence... :)
Eyob Fitwi
Eyob Fitwi 38 답글 연결
Who discovered this because of Passengers?
Yoori houssem
Yoori houssem 답글
Ylle hudson
Ylle hudson 2 답글 연결
3:30 I love this part
IAMBUILT 1 답글 연결
Perfect with DMT 🙏🏻👽
Spartan Fit365
Spartan Fit365 2 답글 연결
android google play music?????
Spartan Fit365
Spartan Fit365 1 답글
soundtrack is available at 10 bucks but this song is not even on it
Tom Riscow
Tom Riscow 5 답글 연결
The great part 1:54

Thank me later!
Marco Könnecke
Marco Könnecke 답글
Try stargazing while this plays. Amazing!
Emma 답글
yes i like this part ...magical

It inspires me to become a film-director, to create stories that mankind would love forever
Marco Könnecke
Marco Könnecke 답글
I now want to create a galactic human empire
Sondre Bringaker
Sondre Bringaker 3 답글 연결
The end sounds so much like Interstellars "No time for caution". Still beautiful tho!
jojolis 답글 연결
Is it ok to use it in my video? pls :)
Praetorian 답글
Late reply but you're allowed to use the soundtrack, however you won't be able to monetise the video
Wendel Ravenwoud
Wendel Ravenwoud 답글 연결
Wow, what an amazing song!
Graham Kenny
Graham Kenny 1 답글 연결
That One YouTube Comment
This is really really good, Im glad I found it through the Passengers trailer. I dont usually like music with no lyrics, but this is great!
Elektricny Morgulec
i love moment at 1:00
Keiron Smith
Keiron Smith 4 답글 연결
This is bloody amazing.
TheVoicz 2 답글 연결
One human disliked this.
Denenterprises 답글 연결
slight tears amazing