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Nirvana - Come as You Are
아티스트: Nirvana
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Come as you are, as you were As I want you to be As a friend, as a friend As an known enemy Take your time, hurry up The choice is yours, don't be late Take a rest as a friend As an old Memoria, memoria Memoria, memoria Come doused in mud, soaked in bleach As I want you to be As a trend, as a friend As an old Memoria, memoria Memoria, memoria And I swear that I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun Memoria, memoria Memoria, memoria (No I don't have a gun) And I swear that I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun No I don't have a gun Memoria, memoria

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Jonathan moreira dos santos
joker 2021 sondtrack movie...............
Franzizka tekno
Franzizka tekno 답글 연결
Tons 1 답글 연결
Memoria... Memoria... Me moría... Y se murió.
Charles Manson
Charles Manson 답글 연결
90s steeped it up
PiPLevyy 답글 연결
1:53 fuck this guitar rocks!
gary Atkinson
gary Atkinson 답글 연결
I just wonder if it wasn't for the social trappings such as EG class A drugs whether it be illegal or legal these stars such as Elvis Michael Jackson Whitney Houston Kurt Cobain Amy Winehouse would have as much of a following as they do now we idolise them because they are dead and wonder what great music they would have produced if they were still alive.
Gee Way
Gee Way 답글 연결
i love you Kurt Cobain! <3
come back Phillip
R.i.p kurt cobain you will be missed🖤
Tsotne Kavelashvili
Came here from Killing joke’s eightees. Anyone else fellas?
ash austad
ash austad 답글 연결
play at 0.75 speed, thank me later
ツImZhaderTM 답글 연결
|\ | | |[ ] \ / /\ |\ | /\
| \| | | \ \/ / -\| \|/-\
Jorge López
Jorge López 답글 연결
Hasta acá a Guatemala llego la música de kurt, me tengo todos los álbumes, y el nevermind super deluxe, esque nirvana es una leyenda.
ComiXProvider FTW_02
The only Nirvana song Marvel paid for
Augustine Kaulay
Augustine Kaulay 답글 연결
me at school[ as a friend as a friend
Erika Quimbaya
Erika Quimbaya 1 답글 연결
Alguien escuchándola en noviembre que hable español?🤘💛
Kevin Guevara
Kevin Guevara 답글 연결
Forever NIRVANA♥️🤟..
TalkTalk 답글 연결
Thats a bassline and a half.
Daddy 답글 연결
Guys, I think he might have a gun...
Big Dilf Kado
Big Dilf Kado 답글 연결
He swears that he doesn’t have a gun...... he never committed suicide. Someone else killed him.
Tricko 답글
This came out in 1991, he got a shotgun from a friend in 1994
fiskars 답글 연결
00:00 starcraft 1 soundtrack? xD

이성준 답글 연결
I was in seattle in 1992
parts unknown
parts unknown 답글 연결
How does this have 45k dislikes??
Adrian Kaniewski
Adrian Kaniewski 답글 연결
Napierdalaj Damian na tym kole. Że
Kingbopit 답글 연결
Captain Marvel brought me here
cuiffe 답글 연결
Brahim 1 답글 연결
The "I hate my generations taste in music" kid complete pack.

But it's a good song
Tricko 답글
It gets annoying when kids keep spamming that, but I can't say I disagree with them lol
fuckyeaization 답글 연결
Kurt hooked on that lamp is better than all 'dance' bullshit of the new century 'artists' together
Agent Rom [Officiel]
2009 it's cool !
2015 it's cool !
2019 it's cool !
2050 it's cool !
Google Account
Google Account 답글 연결
You already know when Kurt hops on the track he is spitting big heat!
Soumyajit Mukherjee
Hey Nirvana I love you

Jesus 3 답글 연결
I’ve been trying to find this song for 10 years
ZåÝňôş ŅêphiĻ!m
ZåÝňôş ŅêphiĻ!m 1 답글
Through your persistent work and determination, u have reached the cosmic egg and found the rabbithole into the next level of existence.. Nirvana
Milano di sera
Milano di sera 답글 연결
Forse kurt odiava il suo successo...così dicono ....ma noi che i Nirvana li abbiamo visti nascere e morire, quel successo lo abbiamo amato ....rip kurt
Mark Zenzo
Mark Zenzo 답글 연결
I wonder what Millennials think of Nirvana? They must think we 50 year olds are crazy.
Chunky Tech doctor
If you are from seattle you better like this comment
gloria manzanedo
gloria manzanedo 답글 연결
Hello like play list
Edson ABC
Edson ABC 9 답글 연결
Listening to Nirvana in 2019, Manaus, Amazon, Brazil.
NatatheKiller 1 답글
I am from Ukraine
Sunako AMV
Sunako AMV 2 답글
Sabe tbm sou br
italo de luna
italo de luna 1 답글
Dani Alzate
Dani Alzate 1 답글 연결
|\ | | |》\ / A |\ |
| \| | |\ \/ / \ | \| A
Dimeman 답글 연결
ObnoxiousAgnostic 1 답글 연결
Playing this to honor those 4 people killed at the football party in California last night.
Тимур Баязитов
Teens: Billy’s songs is so sad
I: ...
Teens: I think, u don’t know what’s a real depression
I: Have u heard Nirvana?