Winds of Change

Sons of Pythagoras - Winds of Change
아티스트: Sons of Pythagoras

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Phi Kro
Phi Kro 답글 연결
I truly don't understand why this epic masterpiece does not have at least half of TSFH pieces' views. pure epicness.
vforvindetta 답글 연결
CR7 brought me here
Ekramul Gofur
Ekramul Gofur 답글 연결
The picture seems like its from Dark Souls 3
Tia Harribel
Tia Harribel 답글 연결
Beautiful music and image!
Kris Douglas
Kris Douglas 답글 연결
the triangle lads know what they're doing
Last Kingz
Last Kingz 답글 연결
Please name me the tracks that were played on this and ty!
Mamer Paper Nicolaus Mameranus
More of them please!!
Syfer Polski
Syfer Polski 답글 연결
Not my style. Not sure if your hybrid orchestral pieces have changed, or my tastes did, but I don't enjoy them anymore :(
The Emperor of Memekind
Sons of Pythagoras, huh? I've only listened to this piece so far and I like them already. =)
Ragnar Lothbrok
Ragnar Lothbrok 답글 연결
Very very very familiar, mainly the choir part.... Maybe Audiomachine, TSFH or Really Slow Motion, not sure. But anyway, great masterpiece
innogame 1 답글 연결
JAZZ 1 답글 연결
Sounds unique. Also...holy actual balls that mix is straight fire.
Mythix 1 답글 연결
Good track this one. Love that signature overloaded compressed synth sound they do
Payden Allen
Payden Allen 8 답글 연결
Sons of Pythagoras? This must be a song about a group of heirs with a powerful command over trigonometric knowledge.
TheOnlineAnimator 답글
+Payden Allen "Please! Not the beans!" :)
Horror_LP 1 답글
+Payden Allen Ha Ha Ha
BHuang92 12 답글 연결
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage 
-Lao Tzu.
F'king DwarfMagic
F'king DwarfMagic 1 답글 연결
i love what you are doiiiing man