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The White Stripes - Icky Thump
아티스트: The White Stripes

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Ya he, icky thump Who'd a thunk? Sittin' drunk On a wagon to Mexico Her hair What a chump And my head Got a bump When I hit it on the radio Redhead senorita Lookin' dead Came to, said 'I need a bed' in Espanol So I gave 'em drink of water I'm gonna sing around the collar Well, I don't need a microphone Yeah Icky thump With the lump In my throat Grab my coat And now it's reckoned I was ready to go Yeah, I swam beside the hair She had one white eye One blank stare Lookin' up, lyin' there On a stand in her hair Was a candy cane Black rum, sugar cane Dry eye Somethin' strange! La la La la la la la la la la la la la la Well, Americans What, nothin' better to do? Why don't you kick yourself out? You're an immigrant too Who's usin' who? What should we do? Well, you can't be a pimp And a prostitute too Icky thump Handcuffed to a bunk Robbed blind Looked around And there was nobody else Left alone I hit myself with a stone Went home And learned how to clean up after myself

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Yedu Raghav
Yedu Raghav 답글 연결
Fuck Justice League
The-A-Gamer 답글 연결
aqua man brought me here
ibrahim eser
ibrahim eser 답글 연결
This song never reaches its highest point. It has that kinda unsatisfied feeling to it. It never feels done.
Drago7166 1 답글 연결
“Hey America, kick yourself you’re an immigrant too.” Well that’s preemptive seeing this was made in 2008. Nailed it.
Chiwu 답글 연결
Who is here for aquaman scene :'v
Batman Jr.
Batman Jr. 3 답글 연결
Justice League may have been meh, but the scene of Aquaman with this was really good.
Anas Ansari Anas
Anas Ansari Anas 1 답글 연결
Justice league is best movie
taisgdl 답글 연결
Adrian Gurang
Adrian Gurang 답글 연결
I heard you can talk to the fish.....
Publicenemy85 1 답글 연결
I keep seeing Aquaman walking to the pier
josafat zuniga
josafat zuniga 2 답글 연결
Aquaman the most badass of all 😎✌
Joshua Hickey
Joshua Hickey 1 답글 연결
Aquaman, anyone?
Awesome to
Ichwan Olii
Ichwan Olii 답글 연결
yokyshokyrml 답글 연결
Justice Leauge ahahahh
Melky Kazekage
Melky Kazekage 답글 연결
Justice League bring me here
Jahir García
Jahir García 답글 연결
Aquaman Baddass
Joe Sullivan
Joe Sullivan 답글 연결
The other guys?
V-Ro Animation
V-Ro Animation 답글 연결
after a few years watch this again bcuz Justice League

milkmunstr 답글 연결
Justice Leagueeeeee!!!!
Rogohoco Aguilera de la garza
Basyar Al Addar
Basyar Al Addar 1 답글 연결
Nick Seguin
Nick Seguin 답글 연결
Jack white wasn't ducking nor fucking around. This did had the sauce
Lysergic dreams
Lysergic dreams 답글 연결
what a fucking masterpiece... that riff... RIP white stripes.
Amaury2633 답글 연결
Ayer vi a un gringo con una puta xd
Tommy Johnson
Tommy Johnson 답글 연결
hi this music sucks
Goose Man
Goose Man 답글 연결
great wall of mexico 2017 much?! freaky shit
Jakob Kirss
Jakob Kirss 답글 연결
Mark 2 답글 연결
So y'all came here because of the Justice League? Oh boy, I feel sorry for you all.

Jerry Stiller Fan 420
Justice League and all super hero movies are for fucking cunts. You're all fucking lame. The movies are tax write offs. Appreciate music for something other than shit movie trailers
taisgdl 답글
we're part of the same hypocrisy senator
hmm ah i see
hmm ah i see 답글 연결
Anybody else listen to this when they wanna stop learning guitar (to trick yourself into thinking u'll be this good)
shiro neko
shiro neko 답글 연결
whaaaat? i came here for the band but the comments are all abt justice league?
Kinomi 武
Kinomi 武 답글 연결
What a wonderful song
james hetfield screaming yeah
Fuck your justice league...

Its all about the other guys.
Luis Osorio
Luis Osorio 1 답글 연결
The White Stripes predijieron sobre el muro de México :v
Jeff Williams
Jeff Williams 답글 연결
I wonder if jack whites sister would sleep with me? I'd love to be a part of that Trainwreck!!!
Logan Van Dyk
Logan Van Dyk 1 답글 연결
I used to love The Whitestripes but now this is the only song by them that I can listen to without getting annoyed at Meg's drumming. It's true what Freddy Jones said in School of Rock, "she can't drum."
Muda98 1 답글 연결
Yasemin Özkaya
Yasemin Özkaya 답글 연결
Most awesome song .and I still don t know what kind of their relasionship