Without You 가사

David Guetta - Without You
아티스트: David Guetta

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I can't win, I can't reign I will never win this game Without you, without you I am lost, I am vain, I will never be the same Without you, without you I won't run, I won't fly I will never make it by Without you, without you I can't rest, I can't fight All I need is you and I, Without you, without you Oh oh oh! You! You! You! Without... You! You! You! Without...you Can't erase, so I'll take blame But I can't accept that we're estranged Without you, without you I can't quit now, this can't be right I can't take one more sleepless night Without you, without you I won't soar, I won't climb If you're not here, I'm paralyzed Without you, without you I can't look, I'm so blind I lost my heart, I lost my mind Without you, without you Oh oh oh! You! You! You! Without... You! You! You! Without...you I am lost, I am vain, I will never be the same Without you, without you Without...you

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Soraida Ceballos Molina
love the song
Vallari Sharma
Vallari Sharma 답글 연결
I am journeying through my old music taste and I think its so good idk why
These songs are not going out of my playlist ever because they hold a meaning to me
And they themselves hold a meaning to their lyrics their instrumentation
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda 1 답글 연결
When lebron thinks of kyrie
Senslender 답글 연결
This good af. Pangea in reverse! Omg when it started though and the Earth cracked and reformed. Got goosebumps. And when everything came together? Omg I deadass nutted
Justine beachum-thomas
Gratias Ruiu
Gratias Ruiu 답글 연결
Bellissimo video 💗
Alexsander Rosa Franco
An cant mars Brasil goy bay
Elvie Mayie
Elvie Mayie 답글 연결
Nagarajan Sekar
Nagarajan Sekar 답글 연결
back when music used to be good
ratman7odijjJojfni7 diani
Without u
Amarin Geronimo
Amarin Geronimo 답글 연결
WoW......0.25 Thailand
Camila Avalos
Camila Avalos 답글 연결
Me gusta mejor que las que escuche. En toda mi vida 😃😄😀😊☺😉😍
bob ross
bob ross 답글 연결
my teacher showed us this video in science class
Carlos Kerr
Carlos Kerr 답글 연결
Joaquim Jose Dos Santos Joaquim
Música linda eu ia cantar na minha formatura
Rz.Lalrammawia Ruthless
without this no no no...
DarkWeb 답글 연결
Can you guys stop with Angelica Hale and enjoy this song
Toddynho do Jão cu
Brasil 🇧🇷😍
AlexX24X 답글 연결
Gui dachu :v

Mariam Abrahim
Mariam Abrahim 답글 연결
David De Arce
David De Arce 답글 연결
its Vxgilant
its Vxgilant 답글 연결
i’m mixed with thai and brazilian 👌🏼
Tessara Keyriakous
Awesome song!
Gabriela Gonzalez Bauza
2017/8 ??
Players Death
Players Death 답글 연결
I am Lost , I am Vain ! I Will Never Be the Same ! Without Youuu !!!
Shakal l
Shakal l 1 답글 연결
As músicas desse cara são muito boas
Noemi Tropia
Noemi Tropia 답글 연결
Dicembre 2017?
Adrian Zeballez
Adrian Zeballez 답글 연결
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franck nguyen
franck nguyen 답글 연결

Ever Green
Ever Green 답글 연결
Ma con quello staccamento delle terre qualcuno sarà pure morto.
Tikkie Kanokwan
Tikkie Kanokwan 답글 연결
Lucky Singh
Lucky Singh 답글 연결
same old feeling with this song ...😘😍😍
TeangButter 답글 연결
Thailand :) Sawadee
Omeir Kheireddine
09/12/2017 with you 😂😂
jose cheu
jose cheu 답글 연결
2017 :,D que cancion tan hermosa
Mario 5124
Mario 5124 1 답글 연결
Who's here after sing trailer
BGames 379
BGames 379 1 답글 연결
Amo essa música muito boa
Mustapha Morchidi
Maroc Wolcom