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Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Heroes
아티스트: Scala & Kolacny Brothers

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I, I wish you could swim Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim Though nothing, nothing will keep us together We can beat them, forever and ever We can be heroes, just for one day We can be heroes, just for one day I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing will drive them away We can be heroes, just for one day We can be us, just for one day I, I can remember Standing, standing by the wall And the guns, shot above our heads And we kissed, as though nothing could fall And the shame, was on the other side Oh, we can beat them, forever and ever Then we could be heroes, just for one day Then we could be heroes, just for one day

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Tyson Ben
Tyson Ben 1 답글 연결
Back in the army I wanted this song to be played so bad at my funeral in case I was killed.
Knowing now that this song has been used for that movie trailer makes me think that i was right to think that this song is perfect for such kind of “events”.
Even though I did not know this new version and prefer the original one by David Bowie,I guess i have a good taste in music,if a lot of people wrote the same in the comments here below.
Well,that makes me feel better.
Thank you all!
Beau Eck
Beau Eck 답글 연결
Shitty movie. Great song.
Mattia Griggio
Mattia Griggio 1 답글 연결
there is a remix of this song??
karen Vanderlaan
karen Vanderlaan 답글 연결
can this be found on itunes??
josh hamilton
josh hamilton 답글 연결
I love your renditions of really good songs but can you please do r Kelly's song I believe I can fly
Ricky Valentine
Ricky Valentine 답글 연결
RIP David Bowie
Ramone Cricket
Ramone Cricket 답글 연결
Just home from Atomic Blonde. This song isn't in the movie, but I just thought I'd let you guys know what I'm up to.
Evan Heintzelman
Evan Heintzelman 1 답글 연결
like if you cried :'(
cyn865 답글 연결
Seal Team trailer bought me here
olivia thivat
olivia thivat 답글 연결
waouh si je meurs cette nuit je serais moins bête !
Richie Sam
Richie Sam 답글 연결
I hear this song before going to office

Richie Sam Long Hour at office
Ezra Vankuren
Ezra Vankuren 답글 연결
lone survivor
Dennis Raber
Dennis Raber 답글 연결
Nick Swisher's​ version is good too
Stefan 답글 연결
Batkid Begins brought me here.
Stan Stanev
Stan Stanev 답글 연결
I hear angels. Beautiful...
kevin jones
kevin jones 답글 연결
Nice cover, but I wish the piano was dialed back; it's way too loud over the vocals
pukevery1 답글 연결
I really love this.
CHL. 답글 연결
Literal waves of goosebumps throughout listening to this entire song. Felt like I was vibrating.
City Mouse 2
City Mouse 2 답글 연결
is this movie good? not sure I'm gonna watch it or not
Doomsday Library
Doomsday Library 답글 연결
This song touches my soul, beautiful. Thank You.

Fadz Codz
Fadz Codz 1 답글 연결
the same song it the end credits of lone survivor when they were showing the pictures of the kIA navy seals.. different version though...
Robert Mattison
Robert Mattison 답글 연결
Yea, thanks for posting the whole song. Your great person to this, Peace and Love to you for the rest of your life.
Neil Edlin
Neil Edlin 답글 연결
To all of you who love this like me, do NOT go and see the movie. The trailer is very misleading and i found i almost stopped watching the movie, it was so bad. Bad acting, bad editing. Scenes in the trailer are not in the movie. Scenes in the movie are cut and pasted to make this beautiful trailer. What a let down. i kept watching hoping it would get better. I went back and watched the trailer just to make my self feel better...and i keep doing so.
Andy Summers
Andy Summers 답글 연결
Pass will not pay to see this sony hollywood propaganda digital hd 3d rubbish.
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler 답글 연결
a totally magnificent re-rendering of one of David Bowie's classics. RIP Starman.
The Replacements....
Caitlin Timmons
Caitlin Timmons 답글 연결
David Bowie <3
HerrTobey 답글 연결
Has anyone the piano chords for it ?
Mark Fowler
Mark Fowler 답글 연결
I appriciate the love xD
Julia Szmytka
Julia Szmytka 1 답글 연결
I hope this is going to be on my furnual

manuel maske
manuel maske 2 답글 연결
Könntest du schwimmen
Wie Delphine
Delphine es tun
Niemand gibt uns eine Chance
Doch können wir siegen
Für immer und immer
Und wir sind dann Helden
Für einen Tag.

R.I.P David Bowie
Joseph Lalrinhlua
Billy Lynn trailer sent me here before 2016 trailer mashup.
Jairo Rivera
Jairo Rivera 답글 연결
me too...2016 movie trailer mashup sent me here, I love this song
wu jim
wu jim 답글 연결
Billy Lynn brought me here,too.
Uttermost_orange 31 답글 연결
2016 movie trailer mashup sent me here
Jonathan Schmidt
Jonathan Schmidt 3 답글
Same here
Mary Qutidze
Mary Qutidze 2 답글 연결
I hope everyone knows that it a David Bowie's cover!
Cosmo Waffles
Cosmo Waffles 답글 연결
What was David Bowie's last hit?

Probably heroin :P
Muhammad Womik
Muhammad Womik 1 답글 연결
i couldnt help but cry huge ocean of tears,i love David's ver but this is just heaven
Candace Roberson
Candace Roberson 4 답글 연결
RIP Bowie and his beautiful mind.
Yihan Bai
Yihan Bai 1 답글 연결
amazing song and amazing movie-Billy Lynn's long halftime walk.