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Mine Forcers
Mine Forcers 2 답글 연결
This should be Moon Knight Teaser.
Алексей Турбин
"So much you don't know..."
Idrian Burgos
Idrian Burgos 답글
"Teach me!"
LiK 2 답글 연결
this track was so good
SalsaSpartan7 14 답글 연결
Me in Math Class
TA - "Might I offer you some advice? Forget everything you think you
Professor - "You are a student looking at the answers through a cheat
sheet. You've spent your life using those. Your cheat sheets helped you
pass many tests. What if I told you... those sheets, won't work for
every test."
Me - "I don't understand trigonometry, Calculus or even Imaginary
Professor - "You wonder what I see in your future? Possibility of
Professor begins to show me the ways you can solve for X
Me - "How are you doing this?"
Professor - "There are other ways to solve for X. So much you don't
*Professor furiously begins to write all known formulas and concepts on
the white board.*
Me - "...Teach me!"
Monkey D. Deku
Monkey D. Deku 1 답글
I like that xD
Aren Walesa
Aren Walesa 1 답글
LOL, This is better...
Arthur Wild
Arthur Wild 3 답글 연결
Too bad the music in the movie was nothing like this, but an uninspired mess with no identity.
Arthur Wild
Arthur Wild 1 답글
@Shellyman 2.0 I liked it better when it was called "Star Trek".
Shellyman Studios
Shellyman Studios 4 답글
Arthur Wild OST in the movie was great..
TheAutisticGamer 4 답글 연결
If Marvel doesn't have the best movie theme songs, then I don't who does!!!!
Malini Sinha
Malini Sinha 답글
AcceleratorUlz 답글
Nathanael Baker the dark knight trilogy had very good ones.
Steven Cover
Steven Cover 1 답글 연결
anyone remember when this channel used to be called addictomovie?
Eärwen 답글 연결
I like more dystopia, the second trailer, I don't know but some of the sounds remind me of the 80-90s?
Clone199Trooper 4 답글 연결
Will someone teach me to be as cool as Doctor Strange? 😂
2013venjix 1 답글 연결
The Ancient One: You wonder what I see in your future? Possibility.
Idrian Burgos
Idrian Burgos 답글
*gets soul punched out of him
FlickFlag Productions
I love that ending note where the 'Doctor Strange' title appears.
Idrian Burgos
Idrian Burgos 답글
What makes it cooler are the stairstep sounds.
Ghost 1 답글
FlickFlag Productions I like the part when he falling through a portal of time and space through the cities and the music matches that and then it says Doctor Strange! Oh so good.
Quadrant 1 답글 연결
Steven strange........
Idrian Burgos
Idrian Burgos 답글
Let me offer you some advice.
Dexter Choy
Dexter Choy 답글 연결
second trailer song, please.
Ali Baran Ceydeliler
Ali Baran Ceydeliler 42 답글 연결
Please if you find the second trailer's music can you upload it ?
Boody Mohd
Boody Mohd 4 답글
Jagirinawa 5 답글 연결
Try the Trailer 2 song, it's dope
Alex Figueroa
Alex Figueroa 16 답글 연결
Doctor Strange trailer 2 soundtrack?
420 Dankzilla
420 Dankzilla 답글 연결
1:12 The moment where EVERYONE lost their shit
Erzsebet Hawthorne
Erzsebet Hawthorne 답글
I fangirled and got shivers. Yes!!
Ghost 답글 연결
1:36 - 1:39
Dr. Pain
Dr. Pain 답글 연결
"f- f- f- f-.... heh... Teach Me!"
ThatOneShyguy 13 답글 연결
1:13 The moment in the trailer where I officially lost my shit.

John Li
John Li 7 답글 연결
You know what i see in your future?
TheSevenofMine 답글 연결
I would be looking forward to this movie - if it weren't Cucumberbatch playing Doctor Strange and if he didn't try to imitate an American accent.
CkC 답글
+Nexx- CSGO/More yeah..
Ghost 1 답글
he looks like him from the comics too.
Just Saying
Just Saying 1 답글
He has done it before. He'll be great.
Clone199Trooper 3 답글 연결
" Teach Me " : November 2016
Sun RA
Sun RA 8 답글 연결
That drop, doe...
Angel Angle
Angel Angle 답글
Clone199Trooper 1 답글
+Ultron is Superior G1 Soundwave is Superior 😅
Angel Angle
Angel Angle 1 답글
its sick af
Rafael Merchán
Rafael Merchán 1 답글 연결
omg so epic. do one for the new Fantastic Beasts and where to find them trailer
Amelia Nguyen
Amelia Nguyen 답글
I think the Fantastic Beasts song is also by Hi-Finesse, called "Hedwig's Theme" :)
NickToVa 59 답글 연결
Marvel and his Hi-Finesse fetish
AcceleratorUlz 1 답글
So marvel is one person now?
axe bodyspray
axe bodyspray 18 답글
Since when is marvel a male lol
Don CS
Don CS 7 답글
True that
ctgstudios421 79 답글 연결
"...Teach Me."
NiceOne 1 답글
Imma kill you.
Imma kill you. 3 답글


throws his bitch ass out in front of the door
Opti 답글
+domaciukas XD
domaciukas 답글
+ctgstudios421 NEVER
Emanuel Gavia
Emanuel Gavia 17 답글 연결
Teach me!
Bat Venom
Bat Venom 답글
How to dougie! (Too late?)
Arnpor 3 답글
Ben_ North
Ben_ North 답글 연결
100th like
Aiden A
Aiden A 답글
+Ben_GAMING_ 567 500th like
Jormungandr 34 답글 연결
Jesus man youre on fucking fire dude. I was just about to comment on one of your other music videos if you could post the trailer music from the Dr. Strange teaser. I open Youtube and go to your profile and lo and behold the music is already posted lmao. Keep up the fantastic work man, youre my go-to when it comes to trailer music!!!!!
Darkwars 답글
+TheOneTheyCallTitan +DonGequitsche

If you like trailer music, I would love to invite you to my channel to give it a listen, I have composed 13 tracks so far and I am working on my 14th. :)

I havent been in any trailers yet but I am eager to build a bigger audience and get more feedback for my music, so I would be very happy if you could check it out :D
Ben Wege
Ben Wege 답글
Don CS
Don CS 답글

Shellyman Studios
Shellyman Studios 3 답글 연결
Doctor Strange FTW!
Shellyman Studios
Shellyman Studios 답글
Darude Sandstorm HA!
axe bodyspray
axe bodyspray 답글
I really find you everywhere
Winderson de Melo
Winderson de Melo 3 답글 연결
hI-finesse always awsome
TheZzZzZzZzZzA 6 답글 연결
This is an edited version, right? An extended version from the original trailer audio. Too much Sound Design and too much volume dithering to be an official version... Still sounds great though!!
ModulerDrone 답글
+TheSkeletonMan939 Nice one brother. Thank you for the rip <3
BTW Hit me up if you want me to have a go at fixing the volume dips from some rips. Thing is removing dialogue from a stereo source leaves a lot of artifacts even with phase cancelation and center channel manipulation, so the only reliable source I found was 5.1 mixes.
TheSkeletonMan939 답글
+ModulerDrone Bingo. I'm the guy who originally edited this from the 5.1 mix; all TMW did was grab the audio from my video and upload it himself. Would have been nice if he had at least bothered to credit me in the description...
But I work with ripping music from 5.1 audio regularly. I tried to fix the volume dips but I guess I didn't do a good job. :p
TheZzZzZzZzZzA 답글
That's what I meant with edited and original trailer audio, yes. ;)
ModulerDrone 답글
+TheZzZzZzZzZzA Actually it seems that it's extracted from the 5.1 version of the trailer as it clearly has all the volume dips that are used to mix the dialogue track. Top notch work to source this one as access to 5.1 trailer files is rather limited. <3 TMW
Trailer Music Weekly
Trailer Music Weekly 11 답글 연결
Hi-Finesse sign the Doctor Strange first teaser trailer, follow them to see more epic tracks !
The song is an edited version really close from the original music, I'll try to post this one when it will be release...
Trailer Music Weekly
Teaser Trailer #1 : http://dai.ly/x445dul