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CHEESYgam3r 답글 연결
"Whatever you do dont push that button..."
Jess Chrystal
Jess Chrystal 답글 연결
Like 90 for a Beautiful song ! JC
Evangelina DiPiazza
whatever happened to the suicide squad cover theme
Jonny CXV
Jonny CXV 답글
Right? Lol.
Tanguy Cirillo
Tanguy Cirillo 1 답글 연결
2 upload in 2 hours!! it's so beautiful!!
Wait there's another upload! Oh it's Christmas!!!
EmeraldEyeProductions 10 답글 연결
Who else freaked out when they saw the notification?
Samuel Johnston
Samuel Johnston 답글
+EmeraldEyeProductions Hahaha. I got so excited when I saw it! These guys never fail to deliver amazing music.
4th Division Gaming
Ooh baby a double
Rinzler Aninex
Rinzler Aninex 답글 연결
Maybe not first