Really Slow Motion - Nightshade
아티스트: Really Slow Motion

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Lun Terence
Lun Terence 답글 연결
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 답글 연결
this is awesome. i also saw that you did the music for a tv spot for pride and prejudice and zombies. will that be put up here sometime?
Dicra Rfe
Dicra Rfe 답글 연결
Nice track from what I'm sure is a great album!
themilkinator33 답글 연결
Really hope to see this used on TV, sounds amazing!
Finally! An actual production music track featured in the Deadpool campaign! No offense to DMX, but it was getting really old only having Deadpool trailers and TV spots feature "X Gon Give It To Ya." Thanks RSM for breaking up the monotony! :)
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Ismael HDalyth
Ismael HDalyth 답글 연결
i need to rewatch the trailer lolz
Nate420’s Old Videos
Did "Deadpool" actually use your music?
Nate420’s Old Videos
@Really Slow Motion Oh well, at least you got in The Winter Soldier Trailer. Great music, keep it up!
Really Slow Motion
Really Slow Motion 답글
+MrOrangizz as far as i know, nope
Nate420’s Old Videos
@Really Slow Motion Okay, Great track btw! Will it be in the movie??
Really Slow Motion
Really Slow Motion 답글
+MrOrangizz trailer with our music is not online :) just to let you know, not all trailers and spots make it online during a campaign and it also depends on the country. :)
Nate420’s Old Videos
+LittlePiggyBoy I don't see it in the trailer :P
Frank Kelly
Frank Kelly 답글 연결
Awesomeness in music!
Element Finland
Element Finland 답글 연결