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Barns Courtney - Fire
아티스트: Barns Courtney

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Lonely shadow's following me Lonely ghost come crawling Lonely voices talking to me Now I'm gone 3x And my mom told me "Son let it be" Sold my soul to the calling Sold my soul to sweet melody Now I'm gone 3x Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x Thousand faces staring at me Thousand times I'v fallen Thousand voices dead at my feet Now I'm gone 3x And my mom told me "Son let it be" Sold my soul to the calling Sold my soul to sweet melody Now I'm gone 3x Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x Ghosts and devils come crawling Crawling my name out lost in the fire Sweet virgin blood is calling Calling my name out Lost in the fire Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x Now give me that fire 3x Burn 3x

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ken kelly
ken kelly 1 답글 연결
Definitely got a new fan here fuck yeah I love it ☠
ken kelly
ken kelly 답글 연결
Who does this mother fuckers voice fit him wow
Jeny Kutty
Jeny Kutty 1 답글 연결
Extremely talented young man. Carry on.
Trynedge 답글 연결
Fuck this song is awesome. His voice is so deep and..something shiver Good grief he's attractive too :"> Lovin' it, lovin singin' along to it <3 <3 Badass~!
Michelle 1 답글 연결
I love this dong☺️✨
JD Nazario
JD Nazario 답글 연결
Oh yeah. This track is golden They knew it when they wrapped it up. Fuck the BS. Solid. Any Idiot comments keep the thread up.
정윤호 답글 연결
Cool 😎
Katt Bergersen
Katt Bergersen 답글 연결
oH NO HES HOT -squidward
Frank Franklin
Frank Franklin 답글 연결
Dirt 4
Guilherme Barbieri
Adolfera é o nome dele
Bad Beard Bill
Bad Beard Bill 답글 연결
It is said that war, war never changes. Men do, through the roads they walk. And this road has reached its end.
Денчик 답글 연결
lol gimme da faya
anelyalermontova 답글 연결
Кто от люцифера прибежал?
Jake Marsden95
Jake Marsden95 답글 연결
Saw him live at splendour this year and he is amazing
Ердаулет Батыршаев
Недооценён епты
Jude Bale Cooper
Jude Bale Cooper 답글 연결
This song is Caleb Widogast in a nutshell.
Thomas Hansen-Colt
How anyone thumbs down this video amazes me. This is one of the best songs out there today.
Lucas Reis
Lucas Reis 답글 연결
kd os brs???
Timothy Torres
Timothy Torres 답글 연결
I keep getting Imagine Dragons vibes.
Julie Høgås
Julie Høgås 1 답글 연결
I’m in love with this song❤️

Jacquie Beaumont
Jacquie Beaumont 답글 연결
Damn! How good is he??
Aditya Shinde
Aditya Shinde 답글 연결
Dexter Morgan bought me here 😂
Que grandioso, excelso !!!!
Kapws KapwsAlliws
Aggressive kinda pop and country WITHOUT autotune....look im a metalhead BUT that guy, well he needs much more recognition and to stand up from all these 9yr frogs using autotune to sound good. Him and all of those who have such a talent , hope one day you will get in mainstream, together with metal of course since it is the same but with screaming xd...

New generations (well im in one tho xd) need to seperate talent and real music from autotune and computer-generated instrumentals...
I probably should not listen to this while I’m drawing, I shake my head to much, my line got all jiggly and stuff :(
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 답글 연결
We the marines brought me here
Karen Smith
Karen Smith 1 답글 연결
The movie "Safe" on Netflix brought me here. Then I also found Glitter and Gold and it's now my ringtone.
Marcelo Dv
Marcelo Dv 답글 연결
Muy Bueno!!!
Paulo Costa
Paulo Costa 답글 연결
BTS brought me here.
Quentin Hubert
Quentin Hubert 답글 연결
Good voice bro👌

Isaac Leslie
Isaac Leslie 답글 연결
A lot of talent here
Markss Chavelos
Markss Chavelos 답글 연결
Andres Vazquez
Andres Vazquez 답글 연결
Darren Pearce
Darren Pearce 답글 연결
Whose here because of Lucifer??
i don't care
i don't care 답글 연결
Your going to be big someday
kenzie kuhn
kenzie kuhn 5 답글 연결
Is he walking through Sandy Shores from GTA V???
레디오가가 답글 연결
Very good
Tara S
Tara S 답글 연결
His great gig at a festival in my hometown brought me here (but suits is great too)
Turtle Guy
Turtle Guy 답글 연결
Anyone else here from eskay’s montage nope just me?
Charles Vattimo
Charles Vattimo 답글 연결
I bet one of those roads he walked down was The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.