Twelve Titans Music - Valhalla
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  • Artifice
  • Bound by Purpose
    Bound by Purpose
  • Dark Halo
    Dark Halo
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    Dust and Light
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    For All Humanity
  • From the Ashes Reborn
    From the Ashes Reborn
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    Of Two Worlds
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    Orbital Path
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    Strike the Sky
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Meriam's World
Meriam's World 답글 연결
pedro luis gonzalez gomez
You're the best... <3
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 답글 연결
The Woody Woodstock Show
This is amazing I love it
Hans Aspros
Hans Aspros 답글 연결
RIP Christopher Lee than Ilúvatar give u a great welcome.. thanx for all Saruman.
Jara 답글
Rest in peace😇
JIGgameoverSAW 5 답글 연결
This picture reminds me of Dumbledore .. after his fall ;(
Hatano Reyhas
Hatano Reyhas 1 답글
+Jara Robben... the comment said, "It reminds me"

it didn't say Gandalf "is" Dumbledore... 😑

read carefully before you comment.
JIGgameoverSAW 답글
@Jara Robben Ya i know..
Jara 1 답글
This is the hobbit not harry potter
q8ieng 답글 연결
Katherine Boatman
This is such a work of art right here.
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober 2 답글 연결
Full Movie get here.
Cor sijtsma
Cor sijtsma 1 답글 연결
The final trailer for the whole hobbit trilogy with this music just makes it epic. This were 2 great years of my life
KaseyGuardian 답글
+Cor Sijtsma The Hobbit is my life. Thank you for everything! D=
dannywhittick 답글 연결
see the movie yesterday ... it feel like it was 30 minute long ... so good that you cant see the time past !!
Melanie Demmelbauer
Melanie Demmelbauer 11 답글 연결
when i hear this songs, i start crying i realize that is is after a so long time the final End. It began when i was 8 now im 21 years old. Middle earth has made me an adult. Im so proud that i growed with this movies and books. This is the one part that will bring us everytime in live back to middle earth. No one can take that from us. Never.
XGR33N__BUL3TTZX 답글 연결
Do you know what I find most ironic? That even through our differences, religion, morals, and personalities we still can find one thing in common, and that is music . It's almost like a gift and a miracle. You can listen to music that makes you happy, sad, triumphant, unique, or any emotion, and we can still manage to have bonds with all of this good stuff. Glad that we chose to have music, especially this kind of music
Araújo Dutra
Araújo Dutra 답글 연결
Omg, very good!
Tommy Berger
Tommy Berger 6 답글 연결
This is the last sound of a masterpiece, a piece long I'm the making.
When faced with perfection, what can anyone do?
You have but one question How shall your unexpected journey end?
You started this...you will forgive me...if I listen to it You've won the grammies, is that not enough?
This is the last movie of a master trilogy. A trilogy long I'm the making.
Thorin, you gave us music but you bring upon us only tranquility and despair
I will not hide when others are listening to music for us!
Nur Khair
Nur Khair 답글
damn cool :D
Liam Darakra
Liam Darakra 2 답글
Nice :D
Peter Ayala
Peter Ayala 답글 연결
Nice well done
Vestra92i 답글 연결
Angel De Jesus Pimentel
UtubeTHX 5 답글 연결
I am ready to pull part of my heart out at the IMAX premere of this and leave it in middle earth for eternity.

Jaret Eshelman
Jaret Eshelman 답글 연결
Where can I buy this? It's not on iTunes yet
Tsugumi Chan
Tsugumi Chan 답글 연결
Sofia Deustua Renom
Sofia Deustua Renom 2 답글 연결
Stop. Making. Me. CRYYYYY! Beautiful! 
TheLynx409 8 답글 연결
Will you follow me... One last time.
I just can hear his voice whenever I see this. Awesome trilogy!!
its so silent, calm but so epic. this track awakens in me some climactic moment in which heroes will be in situation of life and death, then when they are almost about to die, they show their true qualities and emerge victorious!! like that scene from the GOTG when groot sacrifices himself for his friends and later star lord does the same but with his friends sharing his pain and agony....
Fahad Almutairi
Fahad Almutairi 17 답글 연결
i saw the movie last night it was so amazing one of the best ....
ContracterYin 답글
@Thurston Lhast I am very aware of all of that, actually, and I was still terribly disappointed. I've read the Silmarillion and rathet enjoyed it.
In general I don't like movie adaptations of books, but I found the Hobbit adaptation atrocious.
Thurston Lhast
Thurston Lhast 답글
@ContracterYin You have no idea all the stuff Tolkien cut from the Hobbit do you?  Or what other weird stuff was in his world?  Silmarillion anyone?  Besides that stories need to be updated from time to time as culture changes.  I lauded the introduction of Tauriel as bringing a much needed feminine presence to a story that is frankly a sausage fest.  Tolkien "purists" would have shocked the old man for the sheer elitism they espouse.  Heck did you even bother reading the foreword he wrote on LOTR?  He spoke specifically about how that story grew with each iteration of its telling.  That is the art of storytelling, not some static block of marble which humanity or time can not and should not touch for some believe that it is "perfect" or "sacred."
tùng phạm thanh
tùng phạm thanh 답글
dannywhittick 2 답글
@ContracterYin if they followed the book as it was writen many wouldnt love it. Because the difference bewteen a book and a movie on film is totally not the same. The feeling in a movie must be captured really fast, and in a book you dont have any instrumental so they need to make a scene more long and descriptive !! To have a good idea of a movie ... even if it comes from a book you must judge it as a movie and not as a sequel from a novel. So if you like the movie dont stop your idea on that thinking just let it where you place it first ... you said the movie was good and its enough ;) !!
ContracterYin 1 답글
I was rather unimpressed, but then again I wasn't impressed with any of them because of the embellishment and lack of following the book, particularly in the last one.
I can't say the movie was bad, because it wasn't, but I'm unhappy they made the Hobbit into something completely different for the movies. 
Adam Ostrožlík
Adam Ostrožlík 7 답글 연결
i think that this is kinda copy of oblivion movie soundtrack
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan 답글
True.... so, I dont know what to say. soo. How are you guys????
Adam Ostrožlík
Adam Ostrožlík 답글
Oblivion soundtrack is breathtaking
U X 답글
Oblivion soundtrack si more .... spacial
Themanofnovideos 3 답글
Who cares, I don't, its beautiful. Right?????? Right??????? Right?????? Ok I'm done
Sarah Tilgner
Sarah Tilgner 답글
@Wraith Nope. Though it is close to Oblivion, Twelve Titans Music makes trailer/independent soundtracks. Peter Jackson just happened to approach them and ask to use their music for the final trailer.
Goblinek Bagnisty
This is perfekt ! 
Dem Feels

Chinnon Santos
Chinnon Santos 답글 연결
EpicMusicVn #OneLastTime #Magnific
Trailers Premium
Trailers Premium 3 답글 연결
My God ......no words......EPIC.
BMWFilmz 답글 연결
very pretty
Sweetie2566 2 답글 연결
this is such perfect, wow.
Joshua von Scheel
Joshua von Scheel 2 답글 연결
Is that song in the movie?
Demo Sebastian
Demo Sebastian 답글
Trailer only
Silver Knight
Silver Knight 답글
Nop :D
Joshua von Scheel