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Mark Ronson - Feel Right
아티스트: Mark Ronson
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[Bruno Mars:] Ladies and gentleman, give it up for Mystikal [Mystikal:] Calling all cars in here for the Prince of the South Fuck that yabba-dabba-doo shit, bitch, I just got out Still rapping, slapping kittens and grabbing my cock I'm the artist, the godfather, still hard as a rock You gon fuck around and make me knock your fruit juice loose Ya banana, ya watermelon and pomegranate too Rhyming kung-fu that split bamboo Crowd rockin', ain't no stopping that rapping ass fool I been bad, bruh, whatcha getting mad for? I'm a have to fuck you up I eat flames up Shit fire out Don't make me light my butt Excuse me, who me? I got a lot of groupies Oughta have a fucking doghouse like Snoopy Curtains go up It's going down Tear that thing out the frame Like my band Come on, come on [Chorus x2:] Feel right in this motherfucker (Right) Feel good in this motherfucker (Right) My whole hood in this motherfucker (Right) And we gon' rock this motherfucker (All night) And we gon' rock this motherfucker (All night) And we gon' rock this motherfucker (All night) Mystikal, don't hurt 'em now Grabbing at my pants, she trying to pull it out my pocket Don't yank on the motherfucker so hard, you're gonna pull it out the socket It's exercise with thighs and hip muscles Next exercise, we gon' burn some lip muscles Let the music work your ear muscles And if you're skinny then use your little muscles Bag back or tea bag with these duffles Pow pow get smash when we hustle When the last time you have a knuckle sandwich, huh? The last time a nigga had a foot so far up your ass you couldn't handle it? You can't stand it To make matters worse you gotta go to the studio with Bruno Mars on another planet Don't get mad, I'm just saying Don't believe it cause I'm saying it, bitch Believe it cause I'm telling you I'm doing the rapping and bussing Ronson on the scratchin' and cuttin' [Chorus] Get down Wait a minute now Give it to them on the one This the intermission I'll break it down so you niggas listen Take a second to wipe my sweat Might be the only chance you get to catch your breath Don't get too comfortable in here Niggas know I'm bringing back the rumble in here Just when you thought you could cool down and sip some of that water Shit A nigga back Say it again [Chorus] [Bruno Mars:] Ladies and gentlemen, one more time Put your hands together for Mystikal Don't it feel good? Ain't he making us feel good tonight? Thank you Mr. Ronson for bringing us together this evening We gon' go ahead and head over to the after party We'll see y'all uptown Come on

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falloutgirl902 답글 연결
This is so much better than Uptown Funk
N.Anthony Brown
N.Anthony Brown 답글 연결
i heard this song on a movie called HOLIDAY and I thaught it was James Brown and i swore he was saying "mother fucker" i had to look it up, couldn´t imagine having "motherfucker" as a theme track. Great song pity the video is so shitty!!!!
GustaBr 답글 연결
Akhil A S
Akhil A S 1 답글 연결
This song is seriously underrated...
pewdiepie türkçe çeviri
maa fuckha
Just Amiya's Channel
Funny story l was listen to Damita Jo by Janet Jackson and towards the end l heard the trumpets and l got reminded of the beginning of this song Lol
Bedtime Stories - Trance Classics on Piano
Why am I only discovering this now?
Jadakis Hopson
Jadakis Hopson 답글 연결
Sean 답글 연결
Does the line "dont make me light my butt" come from the movie princess and the frog or is that just a coincidence. If it is a coincidence, how? I've never heard it anywhere else.
Ross FromFriends
Ross FromFriends 답글 연결
Pinecrest Woodland Hills. 2014.
michele castraberti
michele castraberti 2 답글 연결
21th Century's funk....where's James?
Antonio Serena
Antonio Serena 8 답글 연결
Who in july of 2019?.
Little Gaskin
Little Gaskin 1 답글
August now
Enjoy & Watch
Enjoy & Watch 답글 연결
David 답글 연결
4:23 what is name girl ?
Stig- Ronny
Stig- Ronny 답글 연결
This song is so booooooooomah, love it!
Anthony Langford
Anthony Langford 1 답글 연결
A lot better if this muthafucker wasn't censored. ;) Go the Original! Carole Brady, you rock too.
Nishant Dutt Mishra
Nishant Dutt Mishra 1 답글 연결
That face close up 😍😍😍😆👌👌
ϟGabriєl Moraes
ϟGabriєl Moraes 2 답글 연결
Quem veio por causa do filme que passou na Globo da like
Joel Marcos
Joel Marcos 1 답글 연결
Sarika Singh
Sarika Singh 2 답글 연결
I think all the dislikes are from teachers

choripan_vicioso 답글 연결
That CD's cover art... SAVAGE!
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 답글 연결
up town funkの中でこれが一番好き!
Richard Breedlove
The Magical Brass ladies and germs!
Richard Breedlove
I'm gonna have to light you up!
C Williams
C Williams 답글 연결
Cut up 😂😂😂🔥
Francesca Katz
Francesca Katz 답글 연결
I love this video. June 2019
Richard Breedlove
How many are here for the supermarket scene in the movie, Going In Style ?!!!
Richard Breedlove
Richard Breedlove 3 답글 연결
The best rap video of all time! Give it up to Mystikal!
thom 답글 연결
idk why but i feel outkast - roses video vibe here.
Gêröń PR
Gêröń PR 답글 연결
0:47 Britney Bitch

Shawn Martin
Shawn Martin 답글 연결
Wait hes white
Ginelda Nuñez Ortiz
Don't like
Juan Rincon
Juan Rincon 답글 연결
He looks like the child version of 50 cent
Mariah W.
Mariah W. 답글 연결
Still feeling right in 2049
페이데이 답글 연결
Mark!!this song is very good!!
Gêröń PR
Gêröń PR 답글 연결
If James Brown was still alive
greenteadude 답글 연결
I love how Bruno Mars isn't even featured but he appears in the vid just to appreciate the rapping kid.
Ed Glue
Ed Glue 답글 연결
Mystical out. Is right
M.D Records
M.D Records 답글 연결
If he is doing talent shows all night I guarentee he can burn 1000 calories per minute
shawanda shakell
shawanda shakell 1 답글 연결
DMX Mystikal and Rico nasty have the best slap a bitch and rob a nigga ever type of music ever