Nemo Egg (Finding Nemo Main Title)

Thomas Newman - Nemo Egg (Finding Nemo Main Title)
아티스트: Thomas Newman

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Ian Lee
Ian Lee 답글 연결
I used to cry on this part...😢
Simon Lynn
Simon Lynn 답글 연결
This was the music and moment in the movie my mind went to when I held my crying newborn for the first time. He's 2.5 yrs old now and every time I comfort him, I'm brought back to that memory
Adriana Sedláková
Love this 💛
Josh Brewster
Josh Brewster 답글 연결
Every time I heard this song it always makes me cry. This song does a mix between happy and sad so beautifully. The whole soundtrack is amazing but this one is my favorite song on the soundtrack. It makes say to yourself that everything will be ok.
Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson 답글 연결
Finding Nemo was released in 2003, not 2004.
Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson 답글 연결
When it comes down to Pixar, my favorite film in that category is Monsters, Inc. (2001).
Alan Odonnel
Alan Odonnel 답글 연결
If I had children of my own I will never force myself on them like my fucking family.
Ben Bruns
Ben Bruns 답글 연결
Nemo was born
EartH Shipwreck
EartH Shipwreck 답글 연결
This is why Thomas Newman is one of my favorite composer
Gamer Guy!
Gamer Guy! 답글 연결
This theme is the definition of Sorrow.
Hanz Armand
Hanz Armand 1 답글 연결
I really FEEL that moment when Marlin saw there's still one egg left alone on the ground. Imagine 400 eggs and only 1 that still alive. It was a best gift for Marlin. Coral (Marlin's wife) will see from the top and very proud to Nemo honestly.
NintendoPrincess's Other channel Gaming Channel
Walt Disney Pictures Presents, A Pixar Animation Studios film, Finding Nemo
Deanna Flynn
Deanna Flynn 답글 연결
this song at 0.75 is even more beautiful!!!
Steven Tuscano
Steven Tuscano 답글 연결
There There There.

Its Okay Daddy's here.

Daddy's got you...

I promise i will never let anything happen to you....

Scientific Creature
Roverg Quisando
Roverg Quisando 답글 연결
Rex Perigoso
Rex Perigoso 1 답글 연결
Rex Perigoso
Rex Perigoso 1 답글 연결
Procurando Nemo(2003)é o melhor filme da Pixar! É muito emocionante!
Patrick star but Hes covered in ketchup
cries in fish
Handful of Baby Carrots

Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick 답글 연결
Ladies and gentlemen the man who scored the Shawshank redemption Thomas newman
Zac Offutt
Zac Offutt 답글 연결
Sideways: *Finds a song about fish......
Plays it over a scene with an inflatable robot and a kid with familial issues.*
Muhammad Green Blue
This music just awesome!!
Finding Dory's main theme is more than that...😍😍😍
Handful of Baby Carrots
What a beautiful piece
Handful of Baby Carrots
This is so calming and sad at the same time
Superbendyplush stop motion
I promis I would never let ANYTHING happend to you nemo
パル子Paruko 1 답글 연결
What do we call this track?

Well it plays during the part where Marlin picks up nemo in his egg

Nemo Egg
Lacey PowerPuff
Lacey PowerPuff 답글 연결
Listening to this in 2019!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Serenity Werewolf
The nostalgia's strong with this one.
I saw Finding Nemo countless times as a kid, and it still remains as one of my favorite movies to this day. The soundtrack is so familiar, I could play the whole movie and soundtrack in my head if I wanted to. Pixar, thank you for giving me an amazing childhood full of laughter, teary eyes, and a glitchy DVD.
EXEJON 답글 연결
Along with Toy Story, Pixar's crowning legacy and achievement. You'll forever do the world proud.

한민완 답글 연결
This feels like the music that plays in the background when a newborn baby latches its cute hand onto your finger
furrrevayoung 답글 연결
2019 still here.....
Star 답글 연결
Whew almost cried.
Thelectricgirl 1 답글 연결
This song makes everything okay. It makes everything beautiful. It's so calm and nice. I will never stop loving this piece.
Sweet Memories
Sweet Memories 답글 연결
Exquisite score for a beautiful and touching movie.....
the other nerd
the other nerd 2 답글 연결
this movie changed my life
Mauricio Echeverri
Mauricio Echeverri 2 답글 연결
dnb classic Mind
dnb classic Mind 답글 연결
michael deluca
michael deluca 답글 연결
He Touch the butt
michael deluca
michael deluca 답글 연결
Come along explorers