Dark World

Sons of Pythagoras - Dark World
아티스트: Sons of Pythagoras

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  • Winds of Change
    Winds of Change
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Tom Rajan
Tom Rajan 답글 연결
Image looks like the opening to Mass Effect 3
Xesh001 답글 연결
This brings a whole new meaning to the word epic!! It's a shame that the epicness only lasts 4 minutes.
Weś się
Weś się 답글 연결
Team Legion
Team Legion 답글 연결
"You want glory?"-Unknown
"I want Vengeance. I am no hero"
"You wish to fight me? You will fail, guardian"-Unknown
"Killing you will be the easiest thing I shall do all day"-Ark-06, last of the rouge light bearers
ExoticW0lf 답글 연결
Some of us has never stolen the last cookie before

But not us.....
pls subscribe kraken
Legendary. That's all I am going to say, this song is legendary.
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 답글 연결
3:35 - 3:42 “wow” 1.25 speed or .75
Ffboula gaming
Ffboula gaming 답글 연결
And i wish it was use in Dark Phoenix movie 😆😆
deathwatch962 2 답글 연결
Who makes these song names? Pythagoras could possibly be one of the least sexy people to have ever lived. He was dry, devoid of humour, and possibly homicidal.

But this music is lit.
Wayne Billings
Wayne Billings 답글 연결
A rather epic opening of my curtains. Sheesh.
Khalil Nibiru
Khalil Nibiru 답글 연결
Stupid wallpaper
EΠIGΩA 1 답글 연결
Check Meite é o Imperador de todo universo e de todos os Universos de todas as dimensões. Ele possui o maior exército de todos.
A Cool Name
A Cool Name 답글 연결
this gives me chills its so orgasmic
Casey Henderson
Casey Henderson 답글 연결
Hey, is it alright if I use this for a stop motion trailer I might make on Scratch? I'll give you guys credit!
Casey Henderson
Casey Henderson 2 답글 연결
Welp, there goes another four minutes of my life.

Totally worth it!
The Creator
The Creator 1 답글 연결
If you had ever killed someone, would you know where they would go? No you won't.

Imagine this: You're Superman, you see a little girl losing her grip on the platform on a collapsing building. You know that there is no way to save her. So what do you do? Just lose all your hope for her? No. You FIND A WAY to save the Girl no matter how dangerous or rid, you can survive being crushed by a building, But the Little Girl cant.

If you know that there is still hope you gotta take that chance to fulfill it.

Bruh who tf am i to tell you this (Facepalm)
Un know
Un know 2 답글 연결
Tamas Sandor
Tamas Sandor 답글 연결
The wallpaper be like all of RT game's cities skylines saves
Patrick Milewski
Patrick Milewski 1 답글 연결
That was the most epic workout I've ever had!
Michael Audrey Myers
Joshua is coming soon very soon like a thieft in the night to take his bride home and clean out the earth with his wrath get saved now

Jaco Binoy
Jaco Binoy 답글 연결
When you're learning Pythagoras' theorem...
Crooked Avokado
Crooked Avokado 2 답글 연결

Does put a smile on my face
End Humanity
Hedgehog Cosplays
Hedgehog Cosplays 9 답글 연결
“Don’t be scared kid. You got this alright?”
“Okay Mr.Stark. L-let’s do this!”
Sam Love
Sam Love 답글 연결
I gave you cold weather and some minimum change you to adapting in i was thinking Ya what's about Dark World ya or weather changing make up your mind let me know you see i good heart give you a choices Ya tick Sam Power of Love
Fabian Cassar
Fabian Cassar 답글 연결
Hi there, nice music ;). Could I use it for my editing videos, please?
Benjamin O'Connor
Sons of Pythagoras are my worst foes in school.
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson 1 답글 연결
way before my conception, the world was shook by an devastating force of unknown and incredible origin. the world is now void of sunlight and flames run across major cities like veins and arteries, all leading to a central heart. people live in fear of each day, not know what to think. "why must this come to pass? who or... what caused this," i ask. no one would answer me directly. but they always point... to the moon. 😢
Dreadicon 답글 연결
My Theme
An Simplest Gurl
An Simplest Gurl 답글 연결
This song in 0.75 so intense and epic :v

You know she is back for more. But what you will see is not only her incarnated self, but her actual self will destroy everything. Dark Lara, is the embodiment of her actual self.
Ethan Kersten
Ethan Kersten 2 답글 연결
Did anyone notice that the image in the background was a scene from Mass Effect?
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 답글
lol I'm replying to both your comment a year later
Ethan Kersten
Ethan Kersten 2 답글
Lol I'm replying on my own comment.
Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd 1 답글 연결
This would have been awesome for avengers infinity war
Godzilla Rex
Godzilla Rex 답글 연결
Min. 3:33, comienza el momento Épico!!!!
Cultist of Shrek
Cultist of Shrek 답글 연결
When you fail geometry
G Nasantulga
G Nasantulga 답글 연결
Cannibalistic Toast
I am an angel of death
My armor is contempt

My faith is my shield

My fury is my sword

In his name let none survive
Dilyphrix 1000
Dilyphrix 1000 답글 연결
Is it me or is there an outline of a Giant space creature in the background?😐
The Maw
The Maw 답글 연결
a^2 + b^2 = c^2
apostolos 답글 연결