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Mark Snow - The X-Files Theme
Benny Banks - Bada Bing!

The X-Files Theme

Mark Snow - The X-Files Theme
아티스트: Mark Snow
5,855,866 9,457 49,927 925 98.2%

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Na. Yun-ho man
Na. Yun-ho man 답글 연결
전 시즌 할국어 더빙영상 올리고 싶은데..
경고 먹었네요..폭스코리아 듣고 있나요?
제 인생 최고의 미드였습니다
수익 바라지도 않습니다
엑스파일 미드 한국어더빙버전 시즌1~7까지 올릴수 있도록 부탁합니다
Duc Minh Tran
Duc Minh Tran 답글 연결
When I use my phone from morning to evening and its still 100% (this is a true story)
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 답글 연결
When you take a picture of an Ufo in 144p in 2000.
When your sound turn to 0 but still have souns
Alucard 답글 연결
Esto me daba mucho miedo de pequeño, aun me da alto susto este tema
When you're home alone, go to the bathroom and the seat is warm
Laxum Menare
Laxum Menare 답글 연결
When there's no one in the comfort room, but there's shit in the toilet
ItzTy 답글 연결
X-FILES has 6 letters
Number 6 repeated three times is 666
666 divided by 6 is 111
111 divided by 6 is 18.5
18.5 without the decimals is 18
18 is the triple of which number?
6x3 = 18
18 plus 0.5 = 18.5
18.5 times 36 (6 times 6) IS 666!!!

Carlos Eduardo
Carlos Eduardo 답글 연결
eXAKR 답글 연결
When you close your eyes to nap on the bus and 5 minutes later you open your eyes and find yourselves in an unfamiliar part of town
Ali B
Ali B 2 답글 연결
How funny, they play this song when was i born
Andrew Vasirov
Andrew Vasirov 1 답글 연결
When your classmate's a Kiwi immigrant and the world map at school shows no landmass east of Australia.
LoveYourselfBTS Answer In ROBLOX
Threepeater has three heads, Triangle has three sides

KanIHabe DaPusiBaws
KanIHabe DaPusiBaws 2 답글 연결
Supernatural creatures and Alien/UFO's weaknesses is 1080p resolution

Since they can't appear in HD form whenever they are "caught in camera"
Andrew Vasirov
Andrew Vasirov 답글
This song plays when you and your friends take pictures with different cameras, one cheap old one and one with a high resolution and only the cheap one takes photos of strange phenomenons.
Aleksandra Radovic
Aleksandra Radovic 5 답글 연결
When you are in your grandmas house, but she doesnt aks you if you are hungry........
Vassiluz Alexandroz Cortez
I like it
Имя Фамилия
x0.25 that really skary
Sorry for mistakes i dont know english good
달빛꽁냥 답글 연결
진짜 이 브금찾아 하루를 헤맸다
Social Relativity
While your taking a shit with the doors open and you found out there was no more toilet paper in the bathroom but someone tosses toilet paper through the bathroom door but your the only one at home.
toxo 40
toxo 40 답글 연결
Cuando ves a un alien

Inserte vídeo

chin P
chin P 답글 연결
Aurelio Kshiouteriositeninem
GTA san andreas misterios en el bosque embrujado y el fantasma de la casade ryder con photos.
I like sweets
I like sweets 1 답글 연결
When you like watching anime but you don't jerk off to hentai.
田島賢司 답글 연결
Anh Minh Nguyễn
So creepy
Jakub Gurba
Jakub Gurba 답글 연결
When a theme of a show that has nothing to do with illuminati becomes it's theme.
TioFacu YT
TioFacu YT 답글 연결
Esta canción me da miedo,no se por que....
Admodum Rara
Admodum Rara 답글 연결
This music used to scare the shit out of me when I would wake up the middle of the night to piss. Used to BOOK IT back to my room.
CurtisIIIOfficial2019 ChannelForYOUTUBE
10% I like this song
1% me

アーフォ 답글 연결
William Davis
William Davis 5 답글 연결
When you turn on the x files but theres no theme
Heeyang Koh
Heeyang Koh 1 답글 연결
StarWars Catz
StarWars Catz 답글 연결
When you find your fridge open, empty, and with a note saying "Sorry Roommate!!!" But you live alone...
Thrash Sis
Thrash Sis 답글 연결
I came here because a meme
Lolipop salak
Lolipop salak 1 답글 연결
Amaan Feeroze
Amaan Feeroze 답글 연결
I am the only one who finds this music funny 🤔
Glitchy Demon Fairy
Glitchy Demon Fairy 1 답글 연결
I still remember how scared I was everything I heard this song.
Lmgamer mese
Lmgamer mese 8 답글 연결
When you have a Ultra 4K TV in the 1960s
ALIEN TV 답글 연결