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Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band - Heartaches and Pain
아티스트: Charles Bradley & the Menahan Street Band
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There a time in my life when it ran so cold can't find a friend anywhere at all so my brother said to me charles gotta stand tall because life is full of sorrow heartaches and pain get it again i woke up this morning my momma she was cryin so i looked out my window police lights was flashing people was screaming so i ran down to the street my friends grabbed my shoulder and he said these words to me life is full of sorrow so I have to tell you this your brother is gone heartaches and pain heartaches heartaches and pain ooooo ohhhhh ooooo ohhhh heartaches and pain

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mark Johnson
mark Johnson 답글 연결
R.I.P. Mr. Charles Bradley
moviemagic 답글 연결
Daptone still the funkiest record label
Python Snake
Python Snake 답글 연결
Best i have heard in a long time, i sat in the studio do nothing just laid back with a drink listen to it over and over, Talented singer I support you my brother it brings the pain out R.I.P to my cousin gone too soon, but they got what they deserve
Mitch Gawlik
Mitch Gawlik 답글 연결
Now this is true soul music. If Charles an evoke half the feeling that Otis Redding did in the '60s, especially on a recording
like Otis' "The Soul Album", he'll be with us for a long, long time.
Fallen Angella
Fallen Angella 2 답글 연결
Demolition brought me here!
Ernesto Benavides
Studying you in Choir ❤ I love you Charlesss❤
Mr. C. P. isLive
Mr. C. P. isLive 답글 연결
Never give up on your dreams...man i love his music!!!!
Portescue 답글 연결
Joe's Gaming Channel
Joe's Gaming Channel 답글
+Portescue say hi to zee
Portescue 답글
Hey Joe, yeah he's a cool dude
Joe's Gaming Channel
Joe's Gaming Channel 답글
+Joe's Gaming Channel also it says for joseph so that is cool
Joe's Gaming Channel
Joe's Gaming Channel 답글
hey uncs good song isnt it
Martin Cespedes
Martin Cespedes 답글 연결
Saw the documentary Soul of America. Powerful! You sing from a place of truth. Your brother is smiling.
Monsta Mak
Monsta Mak 답글 연결
Thomas Coe
Thomas Coe 답글 연결
I was sitting in my room yesterday when my girlfriend walked in smiling. She heard this song and instantly started to cry. I rushed over to her and asked what was wrong. She had just found out that her Grandmother was going to die.
Alice Noot
Alice Noot 답글 연결
wauwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that it the only thing i can write now.... what a voice... great!!
missw20 답글 연결
where ol Charlie been hiding?!! ha love him :)
Yeroen 답글 연결
He brings the sixties back! Gotta love this stuff!
Becky Green
Becky Green 답글 연결
disaudio243 답글 연결
the screamin' eagle of soul
LLBines05 답글 연결
Born in 87 but I feel like my soul is from 67!!!! I'm a fan in 2013 REAL "GOOD MUSIC"!!! - @KissyKeesh_6ft2
cummo666 답글 연결
Keep your chin up mate.
carmen lapin
carmen lapin 답글 연결
Taylor M
Taylor M 답글 연결
saw him live and I can't believe I didn't appreciate his performance as much as I should have. He is wonderful

gbarassi 답글 연결
you know what... I'm getting the cd...!
Matheus M
Matheus M 답글 연결
The one who knows, what good music means..
j Joseph
j Joseph 답글 연결
OMG! Charles Bradley where have you been? saw you on jools holland show I love your songs, so much meaning not like the music they play today, you and the band blend beautifully together thank you.
William Dunkel
William Dunkel 답글 연결
check out "summer jammin' with Ice cream man" by Charles Bradley... same song just live
Theman Klingshirn
Hey, Charles. YOU DA MAN.
Carlos Rey
Carlos Rey 답글 연결
Thank you sir for making this music.
Firefly071 답글 연결
@FIREFLY071 - we can listen to this song and relate to Mr. Bradley and know that he can relate to us....and work through what we feel. I absolutely love this song and Mr. Bradley. Blessings to you and bless the memory of your dear brother. Big hug~
Firefly071 답글 연결
@kidderminsterbro - love makes you hold on to the memory of your brother..... music like this helps you to work through the heartache and pain. My only sister died slowly before my eyes at the age of 31. If a person has not experienced something like this, I don't believe that they can't really understand our feelings but...
FunkSessions 답글 연결
Charles I love you, We love you please keep the faith and never leave us ... Huge Hug
BDS1244 답글 연결
Thank you for this beautiful album Charles. Please never stop making music.

J Scott
J Scott 답글 연결
Whoa! Man, you better sing dat!
John LaStrada
John LaStrada 답글 연결
Soul freaking lives!!!! This is great stuff. In the tradition of the 60's -- Otis, Wilson Pickett, Solomon, his scream is right up there with James Brown. The horns are perfect. Finally. A music I thought was neglected is starting to come to a simmer -- I hope it boils over.
Cem Midillili
Cem Midillili 답글 연결
Nice one..
mssummerrose1 답글 연결
@kidderminsterbro may i say, we all have our personal roads to walk down, your brother walked down his one. let him go, you're supposed to live in peace and happiness. i feel for you.
claudiu jicman
claudiu jicman 답글 연결
......formidabil ...!
Nir 답글 연결
first dislike :D
Pit Mac
Pit Mac 답글 연결
Une magnifique chanson , belle performance Charles !!
MexiMumbles 답글 연결
Love this song and the whole album. Amazing live performer too.
Jflux69 답글 연결
kidderminsterbro 답글 연결
dear charles bradley your performance has brought me to tears. at the age of four i saw my six year old brother drown and to this day there is heartache and pain. blessings of peace dear musical brother,rich