Wolf Suite Pt.1

Danny Elfman - Wolf Suite Pt.1
아티스트: Danny Elfman

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TheDymed 답글 연결
Has an ever so slight eldritch horror feel to it from 03:03 to the end.
Son of Israel
Son of Israel 1 답글 연결
I played it at my wedding.
Son of Israel
Son of Israel 2 답글
I'm not married... :-)
nasicornis27 답글
really? :)
Jon Jones
Jon Jones 2 답글 연결
this is such a great fucking song
Jacob Butler
Jacob Butler 답글 연결
The beginning gives me a Spider-Man 3 vibe because it reminds me of the symbiote.
Woody Hutton
Woody Hutton 11 답글 연결
Good date music. Well, if your dating in the Cold War era and you suspect your date of feeding information to the Kremlin, it is.
Woody Hutton
Woody Hutton 2 답글
+SiliconBong I like a light tinkling of the Platoon soundtrack filtered into my bedroom when I'm ready to get, A-hem, amorous!  
SiliconBong 1 답글
Play the JAWS theme first, just to get the right ambience :D
AdmiralMusic 2 답글 연결
These are violas, not violins.
Dulundu Murat
Dulundu Murat 6 답글 연결
its brilliant soundtrack!!!!
Movie Revisited
Movie Revisited 4 답글 연결
This track is from the Movie "Wolfman" with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins.
Fábio Dias
Fábio Dias 12 답글 연결
It's dark and badass. Awesome.
Grave Maiden
Grave Maiden 9 답글 연결
Danny Elfman is a legend! \(.\)
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker 답글
He's "Only a Lad" ;)
veda pierce
veda pierce 13 답글 연결
Very Dracula-esque :)
And Oldman was Dracula !!!!
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker 1 답글
Right at 0:32, yeah that's straight out of Dracula, and again at 0:52
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker 2 답글
Oldman is the BEST true ACTOR of our times... nobody comes close to his range except Daniel Day Lewis.
I like DeNiro and Al Pacino, but when people say they are the best, I chuckle... they were great in some roles, but there isn't an actor in the world that can touch Oldman's range.
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker 2 답글
Holy shit, you're right... From 'Bram Stoker's Dracula" with Oldman, good catch. :)
veda pierce
veda pierce 2 답글
+Lucretia Debrev :)
Lucretia Debrev
Lucretia Debrev 1 답글
Just what I was thinking! Sounds just like the Dracula soundtrack! :D
Skylar Seas
Skylar Seas 9 답글 연결
I swear they put part of this in the 12 years a slave trailer...
Antemurale Christianitatis
Karla don't love Like button...
pieroog 답글 연결
you got me there brotha! :)
Crazy Wolfgang
Crazy Wolfgang 12 답글 연결
we believe Moscow planted the dislike button
Joseph DeRose
Joseph DeRose 답글 연결
The XCOM declassified trailer music sounds very similar.
Pedro Amaya
Pedro Amaya 6 답글 연결
There's a dislike button, right at the top of the screen... It's been there for years...
Den Rainier
Den Rainier 답글 연결
Priority: Flash. Foreign Office recommendation that C apprise D Ops Neal Burnside on situation. Action Sandbagger 1 (Willie Caine) to dispatch mole with extreme prejudice.
nasicornis27 1 답글 연결
these are the soundtracks of TTSS, listed by imdb.com: 1.Edward Elgar - "Salut D'Amour" - 2.George Formby - "Mr Wu's A Window Cleaner Now" - 3.Alberto Iglesias - "La Mer" - 4.Sammy Davis Jr. - "The Second Best Secret Agent In The Whole Wide World" - good browsing on youtube :)
Mudder Fukker
Mudder Fukker 답글
The version of "La Mer" used at the end, right after Prideux tells the kid to 'Go and play, damn you', and there's an overview of the Christmas party, he kills the mole, Smiley returns, that's Julio Iglesias live in France at the Olympic, 1973
Jack Underwood
Jack Underwood 답글 연결
what was the jazz music by?

Gigi Geniveve
Gigi Geniveve 1 답글 연결
Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer would make the best soundtrack of all time
Eoin O'Kelly
Eoin O'Kelly 답글 연결
Sirius Black!
nasicornis27 답글 연결
Danny Elfman - Wolf Suite Pt. 1. - if you click on the "show more" button under this video, you will find the title of the music :)
Lisa F.
Lisa F. 답글 연결
That awkward moment when the two top comments are basically the same.
Mart Rootamm
Mart Rootamm 답글 연결
If anyone knows Star Trek's Klingon theme, then this would be the perfect Romulan theme, given that Romulans were expansionist, territorial, devious, backstabbing, and other not so nice descriptions.
R_A_K daMan
R_A_K daMan 답글 연결
There is a mole.....right at the top of dislikes.....it is one of 8 men.....its been there for years......
1ngjoxsh 2 답글 연결
I love Oldmans performance in Leon...still think he would have made a great Joker had he not signed up for the role of Gordon.
kungfooligan 답글 연결
He was also Sirius Black, Sid Vicious and Dracula! Gary Oldman has a reputation for being like a chameleon. I was a fan of his for years before I could actually recognize his face XD
Well actors do like pretending to be different people, its sort of their 'thing'.
SBE1231 답글 연결
Franc, where are you??

John Lannister
John Lannister 답글 연결
I still cant believe that The actor that plays george smiley (Gary Oldman) plays commisioner Gordon in the batman movies.
GamingAndStuff 답글 연결
sounds legit
John Lannister
John Lannister 답글 연결
Through his russian contacts :P
GamingAndStuff 답글 연결
i know, but how can the mole dislike it 8 times?? :/
John Lannister
John Lannister 답글 연결
Well actually the mole was one.
Dimitris Burton
Dimitris Burton 답글 연결
danny elfman always give chills!!! i love his music!!
kristine4242 답글 연결
at last...! I found it!
Carolina River
Carolina River 답글 연결
This sounds like Dracula
GamingAndStuff 답글 연결
the *moles disliked this ;D
BigChoppa3000 답글 연결
I knew I know it from somewhere else.