Become Ocean

John Luther Adams - Become Ocean
아티스트: John Luther Adams
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Erich Richter
Erich Richter 답글 연결
I really just kinda wanted to hear the music for myself. Talk talk talk blather.
cyberespace936 답글 연결
Shut up please :-)
Donald Parish
Donald Parish 답글 연결
UKL brought me here from p261 of No Time to Spare.
Nels Peterson
Nels Peterson 답글 연결
Minimalist contemporary composers brought me here. I'm not sure if John Luther Adams fits in that category, but he was definitely a good next step!
tynan groves
tynan groves 답글 연결
AltAnd07 9 답글 연결
The Revenant bought me here.
Lucas Saintier
Lucas Saintier 1 답글
+Andrew Heard Sold your soul to it? I'd too, such an amazing OST
Sargoss Golek
Sargoss Golek 2 답글 연결
Queen brought me here .nice, but i hoped i could hear the piece.
does somebody know where i could listen to it?
Christopher Springmann
Taylor Swift "brought" me here via her gracious donation to the Seattle Symphony as noted by the NYT. The video has a nice documentary touch. Very, very well done. Thank you, Taylor!
Jill Anderson
Jill Anderson 3 답글
+Christopher Springmann ,,,,, Taylor Swift brought me here as well :)
Sercan Yiğit
Sercan Yiğit 2 답글 연결
It was a lovely brainwasher of a video.
vincent stuart
vincent stuart 2 답글 연결
dreamy impressionism not a single bar of serial or atonality here beautiful music with melodic cells excellent
mckavitt13 1 답글 연결
It sounds as if some commentators in the film missed Adams's whole point here, as stated in the quote at the video's beginning.
lonelycubicle 답글 연결
I liked it.  Just curious, did any of it remind anyone of parts of the stargate sequence at the end of, "2001 - A Space Odyssey"?
oldwonderfulsounds 답글
+lonelycubicle yes- check out Ligeti's Atmospheres
Keith Otis Edwards
If all the ice in the Arctic Ocean were to melt, sea level would not rise one bit.

Why not?
Keith Otis Edwards
Keith Otis Edwards 답글
Good! Then we're in agreement!
GustavMahler74 답글
Dude, by now you have no point. You're just arguing for the sake of arguing. I literally JUST SAOD that other factors probably contribute more to sea level rise, and that none of the ice in the ocean above the 75th parallel would contribute to sea level rise. The ice on top of Greenland would though, and since its further south, it is more at risk of melting. When I say a few recent studies has SUGGESTED that sea level rise is accelerating, I mean by about 0.04 mm a year, so no real cause for panic unless projected across the next hundred years, and taking into account the major dip in sea level in 2011 after major flooding events in Australia and Japan. And there ARE a few studies, many of them conflicting, because sea level is a hard thing to measure when you take into account vertical land movement.
Keith Otis Edwards
Keith Otis Edwards 답글
What new research?  Look at the graphs at NOAA or Wikipedia.  Sea level increase remains steady at 3.1mm.yr. Let's remain honest, shall we? No making things up.
Did you ever obtain a map and see that almost everything above the 75th parallel is sea, not land? When may we expect this catastrophic  land-ice melt to occur? As of now, there is more coastal change due to plate tectonics than ice melt.
GustavMahler74 답글
Okay, you're right that there are many factors that are even more influential than the polar ice caps melting, and the acceleration I quoted is only the result of new research, and it's true that the ice in the Arctic Ocean would not make a difference if it melted. BUT!!!! That's not the ice that is at risk of melting. The ice in question is further south, on top of the landmasses of Greenland, northern Canada, Alaska, etc. as icebergs break off glaciers and fall into the ocean, where they displace the water.
Keith Otis Edwards
Keith Otis Edwards 답글
Where do you find the data that the rate of rise (3.1mm/yr.) is "are growing at an accelerating rate"?  That's simply not true.  You can't just make things up.

Furthermore, about 20% of the annual 3.1mm rise is not due to ice melt at all. It's caused by a much more serious problem, depletion (pumping) of ground water which, in some places, is causing land to sink, not in millimeters, but in feet.
William Perry
William Perry 답글 연결
Do classical music fans like this stuff now or still have to sit through it to get to their beloved Brahms?
Lily Wong
Lily Wong 3 답글 연결
The descriptions of the music reminds me of how we experience nature:  at times we are awed by its beauty, and at times we are terrified by its enormous force.
Bruce Walters
Bruce Walters 78 답글 연결
the video should be titled, 'People talking while I 'm trying to listen to the music." Like trying to listen to a symphony with the news on at the same time. 
Olaf Keller
Olaf Keller 답글
I would even say arse.
Nopopo Lasturber
Nopopo Lasturber 2 답글
@David Chamberlin: thank god your comment actually says exactly what it should, which is "I am a pompous ass."
David Chamberlin
David Chamberlin 12 답글
+Bruce Walters Your comment should actually say "I'm upset because I didn't get for free what most people pay for and I didnt get to scam the artists out of their well deserved pay.
sixkatz 답글
@Bruce Walters

Keep that in mind as you talk.
Bruce Walters
Bruce Walters 6 답글
Impressed with what I heard during the stretches when no one was talking
Keith Otis Edwards
As far as art goes, this is the musical equivalent of wallpaper.
(But it's nice wallpaper.)
I can't wait to hear the slow movement.
AscendedFish 답글 연결
That's weird, I thought ice took up more space than water. I guess that's not true, and when all the ice at the caps melts it will multiply tenfold as if it had never even been taking up space in the water to begin with and cover the earth.
Robert Baker
Robert Baker 4 답글
You are not mistaken about ice that is floating. You are mistaken about ice which is situated on land and melts to raise global water levels. For example the ice stacked up on Greenland which is melting.
Paul Kirby
Paul Kirby 4 답글 연결
I was able to meet John today while he was in residence at Michigan Tech University. He is an insightful and extraordinarily interesting person and I'm very honored to have been able to discuss music and science with him. He should win another award for being the most humble person to receive a Pulitzer! I'll have to ask him to discuss Become Ocean tomorrow :)
Scrayfish0 1 답글 연결
The world may be coming to an end, but it's not on account of the rising oceans but that people consider narcissistic trippiness music. Q: What does this work have in common with 400 years of timeless classical music? A: Nothing!
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 답글
Gayfish0 if that isn't baiting, nothing is
Lukas Donald
Lukas Donald 답글
Scrayfish0 Lose the hard on mate
whoitisnot 답글
+Scrayfish0 Narrative is passe in all the arts. Doesn't mean there isn't a place for it, just that it is not at all necessary. You are decades behind the times, at least.
Nikolai Valov
Nikolai Valov 답글
@Scrayfish0 Ligeti and Dutilleux have been and gone. Davidovsky is not exactly what I would call "new" either. What I meant is that the most recent piece to enter the repertoire would probably be the Vine. I hear that fairly often, more recent music, rarely ever.
Scrayfish0 답글
@GustavMahler74 With all due respect, I don't know any practicing musician who would ascribe to a definition of "content" so circumscribed as what you seem to be suggesting. Debussy's expressive intent is highly specific, the narration precise, the proportions and lengths perfect. It goes without saying that one may project onto any music; one may daydream...one may trip out...but the piece in no way "becomes" what the daydreamer decides it is that day. Debussy's incorporation of Gamelan music is merely traceable; among other reasons, the music is remarkable because his unique voice is always transcendent. In respect to the "ist" composers you mention (Reich, JAL, Spectralists) snip a minute or two here or there and the meaning is unchanged. Debussy will live on and they will die, simple as that...in my humble opinion, of course. Gotta' leave this discussion for good. Thanks.

Maarten Brandt
Maarten Brandt 답글 연결
Phenomenal! I can's hardly wait untill the recording is ready