Back in Black 가사

AC/DC - Back in Black
아티스트: AC/DC

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Back in black I hit the sack I been too long I'm glad to be back Yes I am Let loose from the noose That's kept me hanging about I keep looking at the sky cause it's gettin' me high Forget the hearse cause I'll never die I got nine lives cat's eyes Using every one of them and runnin' wild Cause I'm back Yes I'm back well I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm back back Well I'm back in black Yes I'm back in black Back in the back of a Cadillac Number one with a bullet I'm a power pack Yes I am In a bang with the gang They gotta catch me if they want me to hang Cause I'm back on the track and I'm beatin' the flack Nobody's gonna get me on another rap So look at me now I'm just makin' my play Don't try to push your luck just get out of my way Cause I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm back Yes I'm back Well I'm back back Well I'm back in black Yes I'm back in black Well I'm back yes I'm back Well I'm back yes I'm back Well I'm back back Well I'm back in black Yes I'm back in black Ho yeah Oh yeah Yes I am Oh yeah, yeah oh yeah Back in now Well I'm back, I'm back Back, (I'm back) Back, (I'm back) Back, (I'm back) Back, (I'm back) Back Back in black Yes I'm back in black Outta sight

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Lucas Gamer
Lucas Gamer 답글 연결
Jorge Ivan Barco Castaño
Que bacaneria
Patti Strother
Patti Strother 답글 연결
I’m sorry about your brother, Angus. RIP Malcolm Young.
Joao Pedro
Joao Pedro 답글 연결
quero beber refrigerante
yeison ignacio calderon organista
esto si es musica y de la vieja escuela
Jøsefina Pølimeni
Jøsefina Pølimeni 1 답글 연결
Gracias por esta buena música Malcom!! SOS LO MÁS! R.I.P
luis segovia vargas
Algun dia el guitarrista se quedara quieto :(
Joey Shiflett
Joey Shiflett 답글 연결
I need this at my funeral and write Rip Malcom Young and Joseph Shfilett
Toma Mi Energia
Toma Mi Energia 답글 연결
Anik Biswas
Anik Biswas 답글 연결
RIP Malcolm young. Love from India..
sebasbot botia cordoba
like si escuchaste esto en alguna propaganda de gillete
Powerpuff Connor 2001
Thanks for all of your support for the Country, Malcom.
You did so well.
1953 - 2017 (64 years of support)
Blubear156 답글 연결
Um.... Hate to be this guy but who's Malcom?

im sorry rock fans.
Enzo Ferreira De Souza Souza
Quem não curti é besta por que é uma otima música
Red Beard
Red Beard 답글 연결
I got to see them in Atlanta in 2008. It was the best concert that I have ever been too, my ears have never been the same. R.I.P Malcolm Young.
felipe jatobá
felipe jatobá 1 답글 연결
Iron mam MK3!!!!
Emmanuel Falcon
Emmanuel Falcon 답글 연결
ac/dc for ever
The Elfoon
The Elfoon 답글 연결
Spn <3

Luiz Henrique Kohler
Guitar Flash
Shadow The HDTV
Shadow The HDTV 답글 연결
R.I.P Malcolm
SALMA * 1 답글 연결

Grupo De Todo Tipo De Rock!!,Únete YA
บัง ซัน
Rock Forever AC / DC.💕
manu silva
manu silva 답글 연결
Myllena Santos
Myllena Santos 1 답글 연결
❤ isso que é música
AC/DC total legends, Australia's greatest band but roots definitely British as that's one thing the U.K. Excels at is creating mind blowing bands over the decades to inspire others!! Malcom Young, R.I.P you legend.
Tomek Kogielmogiel
Is there Bon Scott or Brian Johnson?
Antonio Apostolico
Grazie di esistere
Lía 답글 연결
Yo no se !?

itz Ryn
itz Ryn 답글 연결
R. I. P Malcom young :(
Shellraiser 답글 연결
No Gimmicks Needed
Junior Weehaa
Junior Weehaa 답글 연결
old guy
old guy 답글 연결
The day the music died RIP Malcolm
Армен Товмасян
Здоровья тебе, Брайн!!! Ты мой брат!!!!
Sueli Lourdes Garcia Fernandes
Está música. Daora
fisico fisico
fisico fisico 답글 연결
Buthead isn´t boring.
o youtube e nosso
I love AC/dc
Good music 😆
Ace bebo
Ace bebo 1 답글 연결
Greatest rock song OF ALL TIME