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Jump, Bounce, Down, Up I went out on a date, With a girl, a bit late, She had so many friends, Gliding through many hands. I brought my pogo stick, Just to show her a trick, She had so many friends, Gliding through many hands. Jump Pogo?.. Bounce Pogo, Down Pogo, Up Pogo Unannounced twister games, All players with no names, They lined up double quick, But just one pogo stick, Everyone gets to play, Runaway, expose', It was so exotic, But just one pogo stick. Jump Pogo?.. Bounce Pogo, Down Pogo, Up Pogo Oh, I like to spread you out, Touching whoever's behind Jump Pogo?.. Bounce Pogo, Down Pogo, Up Pogo

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Bruhtrain 2 답글 연결
I still to this day wonder what the pogo stick trick was 0:27
Johto 답글 연결
when im on a trampoline i sing this in my head
imwatchingvideoz 답글 연결
Down up down up lol
The Cure
The Cure 답글 연결
The Sun
Aurora Wolfe
Aurora Wolfe 1 답글 연결
But just one pogo stick :/
Dis extreme coolness 1264
When u drink energy drink at age 14 0:00
Alaa Al Dafrawy
Alaa Al Dafrawy 답글 연결
I always wondered what this song is about
Droogie Mustaine
Droogie Mustaine 답글 연결
Play this at 2x speed 😂😂
Metal Attacker
Metal Attacker 답글 연결
"Be a good boy, Leonard!!!"
New Draxler
New Draxler 1 답글 연결
When you get out of bed and you go to the living room and your neighbor is here and suddently starts playing this music
Gaige Rickenbacker
Gaige Rickenbacker 2 답글 연결
My dad has the disk to this album so I know all the song in it we listen to it all the time in his car
imwatchingvideoz 답글
That's nice
pr0ns 1 답글 연결
I subbed
Mesousa Gaby
Mesousa Gaby 답글 연결
You guys heard it on Secret Life Of Pets, but real people heard this on that one vh1 special about celebrities talking about their favourite toys. Like me.
Dawn Lydon
Dawn Lydon 답글 연결
jump bounce up down
Yago Lima
Yago Lima 답글 연결
99488 44345
99488 44345 답글 연결
Reed Hubbard
Reed Hubbard 답글 연결
Yo lets not forget this song has one of SOADs beefiest, most TOUGH breakdowns.
John Bendy Demon
John Bendy Demon 답글 연결
That damn poodle
Logan Field
Logan Field 1 답글 연결
Why’d you have to stop making music? COME BACK TO US PLEASE!!!
Brian 답글 연결
What does he say at about 1:50?

Solenya 1 답글 연결
Me: Trying to sleep
Spicy Water
Spicy Water 답글 연결
0:12 PAC MAN
Ikaro Marone
Ikaro Marone 1 답글 연결
ItsDoug 답글 연결
Secret life of pets gang where you at
Jay draws
Jay draws 답글 연결
I'm pretty sure, the poodle didn't even care if this song wasn't meant for kids.
Kyle Severe
Kyle Severe 답글 연결
Eustaces favorite song
Xx Song Bird xX
Xx Song Bird xX 답글 연결
I be probably made 100 views just watching this video by myself
SaLiiM 06
SaLiiM 06 1 답글 연결
Picapau da Silva
Picapau da Silva 2 답글 연결
Éo Bruninho
Éo Bruninho 답글 연결
Graça ao pets conhecir esse metal lesado 😅😅😅😅😅

Terry 답글 연결
parental warning: explicit lyrics
Jesse 7797
Jesse 7797 답글 연결
Yay let’s all bounce
I_am_dead_ inside
This song was in the secret life of pets lol!
lausenteternidad 3 답글 연결
Serj is sexually frustrated for not having enough pogo sticks in an orgy
EricALionsFan 2 답글 연결
Secret Life of Pets brought me here.
Mugiwara Darwin
Mugiwara Darwin 2 답글 연결
A Halo teabagging montage brought me here.
BODI El FURRO 2 답글 연결
I love 🤘😍🤘
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez 1 답글 연결
up down
John Bendy Demon
John Bendy Demon 2 답글 연결
That damn poodle
April Romero
April Romero 답글 연결
When a kids movie brings you to a song about sex lmao wtf