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Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing
아티스트: Basement Jaxx
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I don't need no tv, I don't need no news All I need is a bumpin beat to bump away my blues I don't give a damn what the people say I'm gonna do it, gonna do it my way Gonna let it all out an do my thing Boom boom boom an a bang bang bang Oooh-do your thing Do your thing, make my body sing Do your thing, your thing, my thing, oh oh oh oh Say shut your mouth you're in a fatal tiz Free the mayhem in your mind, release the need inside of you You're gonna suffer Do your thing, do you Boom boom boom an a Oooh-Do your thing Do your thing, make Do your thing, your Give me ying-yang Do your thing, make Do do do

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NonExsist 답글 연결
someone remix this
Manuel Silva
Manuel Silva 답글 연결
Alguém se lembra das primeiras aberturas do esquadrão da moda?
Robert Turner
Robert Turner 답글 연결
This song is catchy as hell and Chase Bank brought me here. Their dang commercial got this song stuck in my head.
canal nada pra fazer
50% Veio Por Pets
45% Veio Por Ssx3
5% Veio Pelo Esquadrão da Moda do SBT
Obs Algum Br?
Vana Phill
Vana Phill 답글 연결
Two commercials use this song. Make that money
gerry 답글 연결
Great tune !
Haddon lei
Haddon lei 답글 연결
Clap ya hands is me lol
Buried Axblade
Buried Axblade 답글 연결
this is super fun!
xvideos .d0990
xvideos .d0990 답글 연결
They should make all these t shirts I would by, also wasn’t this in ssx ? The GameCube version
Annie Staňková
Annie Staňková 답글 연결
První krok a hotovo! :D :)
dicktracyjr 답글 연결
It's an overrated, overused plague of a song. The only positive thing about it is how perfectly it encapsulates such an obnoxious period in music. House music for dummies smh. Nod your head and dance if you're still bringing down music and society as a whole by liking such a lazy, basic song.
dicktracyjr 답글 연결
Are there no ad majors with decent music taste? Awful song. Awful vocals. To describe it as "dated" is a generous understatement. Please stop using it in commercials.
Áliphe Cardozo Vaz
Áliphe Cardozo Vaz 1 답글 연결
Vim pelo jogo SSX3, saudades de jogá-lo!
canal nada pra fazer
canal nada pra fazer 답글
Eu Tbm Quase Zerei esse jogo SÓ que ele quebrou E Nunca mais Consegui Achar Ele de Novo 😢😢
Jelly Fish
Jelly Fish 답글 연결
Sien v Selling. Iemand. Kom op er moeten Nederlanders zijn
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye 1 답글 연결
Directed by Kim Gehrig in 2001....gee, I wonder how her advertising career worked out?
felipe torres
felipe torres 2 답글 연결
CaffeBoy 1 답글 연결
1:05 my favorite
Yogebair3:16 1 답글 연결
here because chase Commercial2019
Beth Hill
Beth Hill 1 답글 연결
I just want to see the band perform...
1-800-555- SMILE
1-800-555- SMILE 답글 연결
i just want the trumpet and do your thing burger t-shirt.....please!!!!
and the clap your hands one

Noura Al-Salman
Noura Al-Salman 답글 연결
The voice kids 😍
Victor 답글 연결
I don't need no MTV Brasil 🤣
Vault Tec
Vault Tec 답글 연결
Does anyone know the genre for the piano? It sound's so fun and smooth!
Pea 답글 연결
This song is extremely catchy
Il Pelo sullo schermo
SSX 3!
Vintage Honey
Vintage Honey 1 답글 연결
All these bloody people commenting the pets movie and shit. Jesus did anyone just grown up with this good shit?
Esmee Errington-Smedley
2019 anyone?
jandolunna 답글 연결
Martha debayle me trajo hasta aquí
Robert 답글 연결
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson 1 답글 연결
Its rare to see such a mismatch between music and visuals
Music brilliant
Visuals meh
H T 답글
Peter Anderson I think the visuals to the music are just fine. What have you had done with the visuals given a chance? This fun song came out in 2001 or so, and at that time those visuals were right on time. Mismatch? Nah ..... right on time, yes.
Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson 답글
I doubt i am unique
It is dull and does not have the energy of the music
As for groundbreaking George Melies could have done it better
U_U 답글
Peter Anderson nah that’s just you man. This is pretty creative. Especially at the time it was made

Maria barsukoff
Maria barsukoff 답글 연결
wheres the good one?
Moose Kid
Moose Kid 답글 연결
Thats so creative
Barbara Bardouniotis
Malcom in the middle brought me here.
Bubbles DeVille
Bubbles DeVille 답글 연결
I needed this today. Thank you Basement Jaxx xx
Nyiddle 1 답글 연결
I think this is one of the most licensed songs of all time, it's in commercials, movie trailers, used at sporting events, it's absurd how it's actually hard to go a day without hearing at least a few seconds of this song in an advertisement or in the background of something.
H T 답글
Nyiddle, you and dicktracyjr are simply everyday haters, thats all. The song is catchy, entertaining and fun. You two guys sound sad and bitter, almost as if you are jealous of the talent behind the music. So the song is used in commercials? So what? Why does sampling a good song in a commercial now becomes reason to disparage the song? You two guys dont like it? Move on. Just saying.
dicktracyjr 답글
It's an overrated, overused plague of a song. The only positive thing about it is how perfectly it encapsulates such an obnoxious period in music. House music for dummies smh
Batcavesales Batman
Batcavesales Batman 5 답글 연결
2019 still doin my thang
Adauto Junior
Adauto Junior 3 답글 연결
gerry 답글 연결
This song is like vitamins.
Soperdoge 답글 연결
These guy’s songs exist everywhere on tv
CosmicPentastar 1 답글 연결
I wonder if any of those t shirts ever crop up on Ebay for like $200...