Shepherd (Extended)

Confidential Music - Shepherd (Extended)
아티스트: Confidential Music

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TheMatrix455 1 답글 연결
I came here from UltraSargent’s MARVEL/DC: UNITY crossover
Navid Kibria
Navid Kibria 답글 연결
get yourself on to spotify!
Erykus 1234
Erykus 1234 답글 연결
2:11 - 2:45 epic
Januar Susilo Purnomo
Iam NoOne
Iam NoOne 1 답글 연결
W3 A6E 9NE.
tirannnus 3 답글 연결
Please upload this to spotify! Its epic!
Jess Chrystal
Jess Chrystal 답글 연결
Like 307 and Love number 2 for me !
I am just Human
I am just Human 답글 연결
Loved this. how I can use it in my video, do I have to pay or I can give credits in my video, description. please reply
JloCoCb 답글
Тhis mоvie is nоw аvаilаblе tо wаtсh hеrе => https://twitter.com/7aef42b2f50531def/status/795841937601216512 Shерhеrd Ехtеndеd Vеrtigо CМХХХХ
Firstly, if he doesn't have permission from the author, he is actually breaking the DMCA. Whether CMX as a company (consists of at least two people) has chosen to enable YouTube takedowns for this content, however, is in their court. As is the option to just let people use it without contacting them.

It is also possible that he is using the YouTube deadlock to avoid the problem of YouTube ContentID kicking up - look up Jim Sterling YouTube Deadlock for explanation. He may not even be aware this is a thing, and been getting by through sheer luck.

ContentID is one way creators can get paid for their work - if a video you upload contains this music and it gets flagged, at the very least you're technically in the clear, though legally you're still not and you cannot claim any revenue from the video (all ads run on such videos send money to the rights holder, which is not the video author in this case).

If he was to do it fully legally, he'd have to get in touch with CMX through their web page (or most likely the BMI through the BMI web page) to license the clips.

Confidential Music (CMX) has a Client page which makes it quite obvious that they wish to have their work licensed. http://confidentialmusic.com/cmx/client.html - if people are using it and getting away with it, then they are either being very lenient on smaller creators, or ContentID is in play somewhere.

Also most if not all of these songs are contracted by media companies of various forms, so they also have a say in the use of them, depending on the contract signed between them and CMX.

Of course I do not speak for CMX, can only comment on what is legally correct.
DOA Dawnbreaker
DOA Dawnbreaker 답글
+TETRINO very well known YouTuber FrankieonPCin1080p uses a lot of this guys music. only in small bits tho. yet he doesn't even credit the original owner of the soundtrack. how has he been getting away with it?
I am just Human
I am just Human 답글
+TETRINO it means I can't use it .. too bad for me. I will find another way
This is a myth perpetuated by the internet. Fair use law does not work like that, giving a credit does not nullify copyright and never has done. It does not give you right to use anything. I say this as someone who's worked in it for years.

I'm not meaning to sound rude, just have to correct this as it can hurt artists.
nonesta13 4 답글 연결
As the world fell apart...
吉大森 답글 연결
can not replay enough...will murder repeat icon eventually....
SITRUCskillz 11 답글 연결
Also in Mad Max Fury Road trailer. So epic
Adam Ošťádal
Adam Ošťádal 답글 연결
Ok whats next...Warcraft teaser?
Manuel David Rendon Acevedo
Then X-Men: Apocalypse teaser too
spyderken 4 답글 연결
Definitely needs a download link
David Warner Henderson
spyderken type in Google the song name 'download mp3 free' and hope your antivirus software is working
Cripion101 8 답글 연결
Literally the best music for The Martian trailer. Good job.
뽀요뽀요 답글 연결
The Martian
Tony Haze
Tony Haze 답글 연결
Thank you so much!
terences 답글 연결
Alessandro Sonic
Alessandro Sonic 답글 연결
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mirko D'Alessio
Mirko D'Alessio 답글 연결
VT Vasiliev
VT Vasiliev 답글 연결

Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 답글 연결
Sounds like something that would used in attack on Titan
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 2 답글 연결