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Swans - Lunacy
아티스트: Swans
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In the mind Of no one Forming sun Forming love Break the chain Hide within Innocence Not innocent Innocent In the sense Eat the beast Keep him in Take the blame Speak the name Lunacy [x4] Hide beneath Your monkey skin Feel his love Nurture him Kill the truth Or speak the name Lunacy [x30] Your childhood is over

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Larens Golic
Larens Golic 답글 연결
come to Chile plisss!!!
Un peu diabolique la chanson, non ??
Ethan Childress
Ethan Childress 답글 연결
This song actually terrifies me. Like I feel nothing but pure dread when I listen to it.

Nishana 답글 연결
Love you, Gira. Love you, Swans. ^^
Jake Green
Jake Green 답글 연결
Hail Macbeth !
EvilWaffleThing 답글 연결
In ̸t͜h͞e ͜ḿi̡n̴d ͟
̴O̡f ̀nǫ ̛on̸e̷
͘F͠all͏en͡ soņ ͢
Fal̕l ̢i̢n͜ lo̡ve҉ ̀
Breaķ ̨th͘e ch͜ain
Hi̡d̕e͏ ̷w͏ith̵in
Nơt in̵n̛oce̢nt
̀In̛n̸óc̶ent ̶
̕I̡n̢ ́t͜he ̶se̢n̡se ͞
̡E͢at ̨t҉he b҉east
̀K̴ee͢p hi̸m i̕n ͠
̕Ta̴kę the ̶bl̵am͝e
̴Speak t͡h͡ȩ n̨am̵e̡ ҉
L͏un͟a͢cy͢,́ ͘l̴unacy, ̨luna͏cy̶, l͘u͢na̛cy̶.͡..͜.̶
͜H҉id͜e̛ ̸be̶ne͢ath͏
Yơưr̕ m͠o͡nke̢y̶ s͠k͞in̶
F͢e͞ęl hi͘ś lo̸ve
͞N͜ur͢ture ҉him̶ ̷
͝Kilļ ̨th̢e̷ ͟tr͏u̡t̷h ̢
O҉r s͝p͟eaḱ th̡e͝ nam͏e
Your ch҉i̕ĺd̛h͢o҉o͘d ́is ove҉r͠
vasu nair
vasu nair 1 답글 연결
Just discovered the absolutely brilliant "artwork" (the whole album) - music expressing all kinds of emotions of human experience!
Antwan Adams
Antwan Adams 답글 연결
Here from Chambers
Means Of Egress
Means Of Egress 답글 연결
Found them through my favorite band tool. The vocalist of tool states that this is one of the bands that influenced him many years before their band was created. Can see many parallels and influences from them.
SpeedJoestar L
SpeedJoestar L 답글 연결
Ale Gimenez
Ale Gimenez 3 답글 연결
Who's here from Chambers?
Snugins KOKOS
Snugins KOKOS 답글 연결
Farrah Awry Iirises
Where can I just donate to yall? I dont think I need a physical copy but I love your music so so much. <3
turn off
turn off 답글
Piotr Sasor
Piotr Sasor 답글 연결
funny dog
Vergil W
Vergil W 1 답글 연결
Is this beautiful? Then let’s have this album. This is the way of answering for this kind of aesthetics. Of course I’ll buy too lol.
Henry Shields
Henry Shields 답글 연결
1.25 speed
shane lauer
shane lauer 답글 연결
I’m watching the BTK documentary (Bind, Tie, Kill) and the Happy Death Day commercial came on while playing goth music.
ToastyToads 1 답글 연결
i came here because of greentext to hear what this sounds like and now i wish i didnt and i want to delete music now.
LeRaptorFrançais 1 답글 연결
>hang around on 4chan
>see anon talking about putting The Seer on a overcrowded bar jukebox
>know nothing about The Seer so go listen on youtube
>comment section is talking about McBeth and childhood being over
>I don't get the joke
>I listenned to something totally new and I still don't know what to think of it
Jamie 답글
>hang around on 4chan

that's where you messed up, bud

stephanie mancip
stephanie mancip 1 답글 연결
Découvert dans l'excellente série "Il miraculo"... hypnotique!
Mood-EBlueWolf 2 답글 연결
I just noticed the picture slowly zooms out...
Sloop J Bingorino
Sloop J Bingorino 1 답글 연결
I like the bit where there's music playing and michael gira is making vocal noises. Am I the only one?
Roman Newaza
Roman Newaza 답글 연결
Comple shit
animal212 답글 연결
Just made a tribute video with this song.
Kylo Ren - Lunacy
Minlo Wry
Minlo Wry 답글 연결
Came here thanks to Johnkennmortensen
Diana Laurencich
Diana Laurencich 답글 연결
Es parte de la Serie El milagro.
Do people who listen to swans unironically hate themselves or what?
Khang Lê
Khang Lê 2 답글 연결
Hail Macbeth!
Moffstang 1 답글 연결
Just heard this song the other night in the Australian movie, 1%. Great movie

Jason Krug
Jason Krug 답글 연결
After devouring Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca, & Rhys Chatham for years, I can't believe it took this long to finally check out Swans. Very good stuff
William King
William King 답글
I love Swans and Sonic Youth, never listened to Glenn or Rhys before, will check out soon, thanks!
Hanzarius 1 답글 연결
I feel deeply intrigued by this music. Can someone explain why?
Kool Legged
Kool Legged 2 답글
Just go with it. Keep listening.
D Wood
D Wood 1 답글 연결
Bring Jarboe back!
slejdo1 답글 연결
Gonzelletto 2 답글 연결
the miracle.
Mal Smith
Mal Smith 7 답글 연결
this track sort of pisses the wife off ,dunno why
feroui hamza
feroui hamza 11 답글 연결
man this is the nicest description i've ever read
i really wish i had enough money to buy the album and support the band
Jamie 답글
it's sort of nice but also sort of terrifying
Dead Children Playing
Dead Children Playing 답글
absolutely! you are a young god as well!
Alessandro M
Alessandro M 2 답글 연결
Il Miracolo.
Michele Bertoni
Michele Bertoni 5 답글 연결
This tune’s at the end of episode 3 of “Il Miracolo” by Niccolò Ammaniti. Awesome & creepy tv series!
Maracachucho 답글 연결
A circle of turkeys brought me here...