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Rick Ross - The Devil Is a Lie
아티스트: Rick Ross

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[Intro: Rick Ross] Masterminds! We gon' get this forever You know whenever we link up, my nigga They think this shit comes from outer space or something, haha Nigga, let’s get this money nigga, whoo, whoo Masterminds, R-O-C, double M-G! Jay, I got it, I got it [Verse 1: Rick Ross] Four stacks for the heels on my bitch feet Car seats still smelling like 10 ki's Tell the plug that I'm lookin' for an increase Wingstop, fat boy need a 10 piece Say a nigga name and the car start Nigga switching lane to lane like Wal-Mart Sippin' Bordeaux out in Bordeaux Hazard lights flashing on the four-door Switch the Benzo for the Enzo Back to the Benzo when the ends low Switch my old bitch for my new bitch Cause my new bitch something like a nympho Fuck the game raw when I came in it Getting money ever since I came in it You couldn't stop me if you tried Motherfucker cause the devil is a lie [Pre-Hook: Rick Ross] Big guns and big whips Rich nigga talkin' big shit Double cup, gold wrist Double up on that blow, bitch! Two mil on that I-95 Bow your head cuz it's time to pay tithes Opposition want me dead or alive Motherfucker but the devil is a lie The devil is a lie, bitch I'm the truth The devil is a lie, bitch I'm the proof The devil is a lie, the devil is a lie Bitch I'm alive, the devil is a lie [Verse 2: Rick Ross] Two kings on the big screen Niggas seen a 36 at 16 100K for the 16 Nigga's stick dirty but his dick clean My money goin' on the deep end Talkin' half a milli for the weekend Contract like a nigga play defense Curtains in the Maybach bitch peek in Now the bitches wanna car hop 6 cribs for the cars in the car lot Dope boys on the goal nigga Went gold 6 times for a gold digger Black bottle and a bad bitch Club Armani where the cash is Dubai I can do it like a sheikh Top floor nigga, Burj Khalifa! [Hook] [Verse 3: Jay Z] I got 'em Ricky Is it truth or it's fiction, is it truth or it's fiction? Is Hova atheist? I never fuck with True Religion Am I down with the devil cuz my roof come up missin'? Is that Lucifer juice in that two cup he sippin'? That's D'usse baby welcome to the dark side Coulda got black list for the crack shit White Jesus in my crock pot I mix the shit with some soda Now I'm black Jesus turn water to wine And all I had to do was turn the stove up Beast Coast, winnin' at life, nigga, cheat code The hatin' is flagrant, hit your free throws The devil try to hit me with the RICO, them black people Devil want these niggas hate they own kind Gotta be Illuminati if a nigga shine Oh we can't be a nigga if a nigga rich? Oh we gotta be the devil that's some nigga shit You seen what I did to the stop and frisk Brooklyn on the Barney's like we own the bitch Give the money to the hood, now we all win Got that Barney's floor lookin' like a VIM Black hoodie, black skully Bravado like Mavado, boy I'm that gully Gettin white money but I'm still black All these niggas claiming king but I'm still that King Hova, Mansa Musa From a lie, the devil is a lie, I'm the truth, yeah [Hook]

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Ottalauss 1 답글 연결
Just found this song a week ago and I can't stop listening to it.
Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas 답글 연결
My Boy !
Future NFL
Future NFL 답글 연결
My favorite football pump up song
Rooldy Toussaint
Rooldy Toussaint 1 답글 연결
Nicoarã ø Marcel
2018 is at the corner.
The greatest year of my life.
Rosié . B
Rosié . B 답글 연결
Diet or not shits 🔥🔥🔥
Nathan Chesworth
Nathan Chesworth 1 답글 연결
All i see is people saying diet is a lie yeah he maybe be a big lad but what give you the right to take the mick out off him how many off you can actually stand up and say yeah im fat or big none off you's so dont take the piss you idiots
Adrian dash
Adrian dash 답글 연결
Jays verse 🔥🔥
mouha nassim
mouha nassim 답글 연결
dont think so
tyrone biggums
tyrone biggums 답글 연결
12 days till 4 years ago wooh!
Quynton Martin
Quynton Martin 답글 연결
"Two number 9s on that i9five"
JY young rich nigga
Rodrigo Rodríguez
The best song of rick ft jay
Rico Swavey
Rico Swavey 답글 연결
Rico Swavey
Rico Swavey 답글 연결
Beff Jaker
Beff Jaker 답글 연결
Jay's spit in this tune is very good!
ethan melas
ethan melas 1 답글 연결
If only the 9m plus ppl caught this....
Pharow Smith
Pharow Smith 답글 연결
Jay Cashtro
Jay Cashtro 1 답글 연결
forgot about this shit
Nyza _da_girlgamer
The ending beat was fire

isaacTGOD44 답글 연결
Yall niggas really lame af talkin bout another man weight like its really a problem for you. Get yo money up
jonyskinz philly
jonyskinz philly 1 답글 연결
Jay fuckin killed it..I still get chills hearin this ...🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 답글 연결
Bitch I'm the truth
Anthony Santana
Anthony Santana 1 답글 연결
jayz verse was so hard
DH The Unknown
DH The Unknown 답글 연결
im here fir jiggas verse
Dylan Man
Dylan Man 답글 연결
He got millions of dollars he got millions of calories
YouTube Account
YouTube Account 1 답글 연결
Exploring With Cam
Love this got me like hands up bout to get high definition 4k on that drive I use as my theme
trieste playa
trieste playa 답글 연결
The devil is alive
C_Low Pope
C_Low Pope 답글 연결
one of my favorites from RR

- via YTPak(.com)

Anonymous 답글 연결
Jeandigord Dagrin
Harjot Sandhu
Harjot Sandhu 답글 연결
Diet is a lie🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr Edwards tv
Mr Edwards tv 답글 연결
Top floor like bird and khalif
Sean Fulgham
Sean Fulgham 답글 연결
Bitch im tha truth
Amberoftheashes 1 답글 연결
Jay Z said King Musa 3:58. Respect.
Malcolm Johnson
Malcolm Johnson 답글 연결
kakarot gaming lmdao
YUH8 SpartaN
YUH8 SpartaN 답글 연결
I found this looking Rick and Morty up
Kid Diablo
Kid Diablo 답글 연결
trumps hair is a lie!
Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez 답글 연결
The devil is Really a Lie.