Law & Order Opening Theme

Mike Post - Law & Order Opening Theme
아티스트: Mike Post
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Messorem Mortis
Messorem Mortis 답글 연결
Makes me want to walk through every doorway with a black suit on and carry a briefcase.
Rosalinda Garza
Rosalinda Garza 답글 연결
NOW we are year 2018......Still loved this Show......at my age I know why!!.....We need to protect our courthouses from a lot of different people walking in and just snapping a photo with there telephones........Just one way we may value our own community judicial systems!...
Luis Llamas
Luis Llamas 답글 연결
Jack Newsome
Jack Newsome 답글
fuk up
Luis Llamas
Luis Llamas 답글
Teemo 답글 연결
whenever RIOT games look over the reports they receive daily.
Molly Jayn
Molly Jayn 답글 연결
I just made this my ringtone. I literally can't take how cool I am sometimes.
sl1nNn 답글 연결
Boo from Orange is the New Black brought me here
/ThxtDemøn xx
/ThxtDemøn xx 답글 연결
Anyone here from the seal vine?
Kenny Gorehound
Kenny Gorehound 답글 연결
Delete this hahaha
wendy 답글 연결
Spicyboyivy anyone?
Chris Hodges
Chris Hodges 답글 연결
Law and Order
Resurrect The Night
sixyears 답글 연결
I play this song and pose in black and white on the streets of New York.
asampes 답글 연결
wait do you mean the theme song of content cop?
Sanguchito :D
Sanguchito :D 답글 연결
camrens babe
camrens babe 답글 연결
I play this to sleep at night
AmtrakChaser7 답글 연결
i couldnt find the law and order part in this song
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon 답글 연결
Mike Portnoy Esq.
Bryce Allen
Bryce Allen 답글 연결
When you see a cop...anytime ever
Zachary Galindo
Zachary Galindo 답글 연결
How do I put this on repeat?
Maurita George
Maurita George 답글 연결
This is the only thing that soothes my teething baby.

Faith Fear Ragnarsson
My theme song for being badass😏
Michael Mamone
Michael Mamone 답글 연결
Who clicks on a video of the law and order theme song and then dislikes it
Taj L
Taj L 답글 연결
I dance to this every time I hear it
Lare Mare
Lare Mare 답글 연결
Remember when I was like 4 my dad used to watch this and I got this theme stuck in my head.
Good times.
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez 답글 연결
This reminds me of "contra"
chrietopher caldwell
I have a 7 month old son and no matter what we are doing if this show comes on, he stops and stares. With that being said, when he's fussy and fights sleep I put this on and it knocks him out. Beat lullaby ever lol
chrietopher caldwell
chrietopher caldwell 답글
And I'm not my ex Chris Caldwell wht is that about
Carton-Sama 답글 연결
Lik if u cry everytim
Cheese 답글 연결
The beginning reminds me of the gorons in the legend of zelda
Isthe third
Isthe third 답글 연결
I did not know there was more to this theme song
cluster c
cluster c 답글 연결
this garbage compared to the svu version lmao

Ish Kibble
Ish Kibble 답글 연결
Elevator music with a kick is what i call this.
sharon davis
sharon davis 답글 연결
what is the name of the song? Just Law and Order?
SDFWorkerJD 8rt
SDFWorkerJD 8rt 답글 연결
Lennie Briscoe 💓
Gorilla Expressions
This is my ringtone. I bet you can guess my text tone.
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace 답글 연결
When I get drunk beyond napping I play this song and rock.
Jay McD
Jay McD 답글 연결
the original and best
xX_Dank- Boi_Xx
xX_Dank- Boi_Xx 답글 연결
Dun don
freek sh0
freek sh0 답글 연결
Name a more comfier song to hear at midnight echoing thru the house
Tinasha Smith
Tinasha Smith 답글 연결
sound like rape
Diego ME
Diego ME 답글 연결
Like si vinieron por ted 2