Wanna Fight

Cliff Martinez - Wanna Fight
아티스트: Cliff Martinez
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Tyler's Headmeat
Tyler's Headmeat 답글 연결
Damn didn't know stranger things got it from here
Poison 답글 연결
0.5 = Stranger Thing Theme
Danilo Henrique
Danilo Henrique 답글 연결
can someone explain to me what kind of music style is this?

Caniel 답글
Danilo Henrique its electronic genre
King Steve
King Steve 답글 연결
Wanna kick my ass - Jules.
Julio Isaac Splinker
Freaking stranger Things copying everything
Alice Tibbetts
Alice Tibbetts 답글 연결
Sound eerily like Stranger Things
Mateus Leal
Mateus Leal 답글 연결
Listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDvKwSVuUGA
Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance
kim rasmussen
kim rasmussen 답글 연결
genial film, vild fed musik
Abhishek Nayr
Abhishek Nayr 답글 연결
Stranger things theme song .hmm?
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko 답글 연결
Martinez should do Tron 3
Darlingchuuu 2 답글 연결
This movie is a f*ing masterpiece. And Nicolas Winding Refn is a genius. Such as Cliff Martinez. These men are pure artists.
yunikage 답글 연결
Easily Refn's best film.
Ed Garazaky
Ed Garazaky 답글 연결
I didin't know ryan gosling was in stranger thi.....
wait what??
lz llipskey
lz llipskey 답글 연결
daft punk tron mode song
Lenny Lorm
Lenny Lorm 답글 연결
kleinkariert 답글 연결
Kiko Dantes
Kiko Dantes 답글 연결
one big GARGANTUAN wave of genius sent to us from beyond our Oort cloud...GENIUS😉🍀🙏🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
Daniel Hentschel
Daniel Hentschel 1 답글 연결
Everyone saying Stranger Things is a rip-off of this song: hello and welcome to the wonderful world of vintage arpeggiators. Please turn in your text to Chapter 1, page 13
jdjd432 답글 연결
S U R V I V E has some explaining to do
MRKchallenger 답글 연결
How does it possible, that the shittest movie (booed at Cannes) owns the most magnificient music?!

Don't mess with Asians, or we'll chop your hands off.
Ricky Cross
Ricky Cross 답글 연결
Why are you all arguing over Stranger Things and this ? Mass effect did it the best
Raynaldo Rusi
Raynaldo Rusi 답글 연결
this did not cure my crippling depression 10/10
Kristoffer Infante
I could do without looking at Ryan Gosling's ugly mug, though.
Harrison Capps
Harrison Capps 답글 연결
If you like this stuff and Stranger Things go find S U R V I V E. Its the label the 2 guys that made the Stranger Things soundtrack release music under
Deejaykozee 답글 연결
he is amazing
Eternal Light Pictures
Saying this song and the Stranger things theme are identical is technically correct. But then again so are many songs from the past. Being that arpeggio is common among those who create music.
Eagle0ne96 답글 연결
It reminds me of Stranger Things theme (obviously) and Portal.
Matìas Balmeida cine
cool_haxxor 답글 연결
Sounds like Kavinsky - 1986 a bit too.

7-Inch 3 답글 연결
makes me wanna fight someone
Lekteris 57 답글 연결
Nicolas Winding Refn movies soundtracks are the best
María de Jesús Bárcenas Ochoa
Lekteris de
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 1 답글 연결
Very "Carpenter-ish" XD
Big Sexy.
Big Sexy. 1 답글 연결
Wanna fight?
Chris Nagy
Chris Nagy 답글 연결
Stranger Things ???
Eternal Light Pictures
Eternal Light Pictures 1 답글
cant copy arpeggio.
No 'Only God Forgives' , Stranger Things copied this
flippert0 4 답글 연결
Runs on rotation. I can't stop listening to this.
Pardock 6 답글 연결
Okay, so to anyone that keeps saying Stranger Things stole this song,
let me tell you that you have no idea what stealing music is.
-Not the same chords
-Not the same time signature (I think)
-Not the same vibe
And most importantly and I think this one should be pretty obvious but apparently it's not.
They are not even the same notes. Yeah both start (if my ear tells correctly) with B, but Stranger Things one does
B E G B C B G E B (On a loop)
And this one does:
B D F# B D F# G F# D B F# D B (On a loop)
I mean do you even realise there are almost twice as many notes
Like, maybe if you say "Oh but this one has the same notes there is only one different note" or "Oh but this one has the arrangement of notes the same, it's just on a different scale". But no, they just are different. I mean like really different. When you hear one of them you remember the other one, I give you that, but STEALING? If you are gonna accuse someone like that at least make sense. And it's not like I hate this one, I love both songs it's just tiring seeing people talk shit when they don't know what they say.
giomakyo 답글
Any synth with an arpeggiator will give you this scale up-down effect, quite common, the trick lies in how you use it...
Pardock 답글
+Clee Van Leaf"Plus as I stated it's NOT just the notes that are different" I don't keep mentioning notes like they are all that matters. Anyway you can clearly see that if you read my comment.
Plus I complain about the people who attack stranger thing's opening saying they stole it.
VALIS Machine
VALIS Machine 답글
+Pardock You keep mentioning notes like they are all that matters. I didn't say it was a cover, I said they ripped it off.
Pardock 답글
+Clee Van Leaf It's too different to be a copy. It doesn't even sound alike. It sounds kinda like it, kindish. Plus as I stated it's not just the notes that are different.
VALIS Machine
VALIS Machine 답글
Yeah because you can't rip off a song without using the exact same notes..
Give over man.
I'd hazard a guess that the stranger things composers heard this and made it themselves, just not note for note but in their image. It's still ripping it off.
I could rip off the essence of House of the rising sun in F rather than Am, I'm still ripping it off.
8MMMedia 3 답글 연결
not the best movie, damn good song
SuperHDJ 11 답글 연결
I like this movie , its no Drive but its still Art
Mark Ramirez
Mark Ramirez 5 답글 연결
What a powerful piece of music.