Porter Robinson - Spitfire
아티스트: Porter Robinson

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stuart little
stuart little 답글 연결
Influenced by jmj?
The Twilight Ocarina
boy this was really 8 years ago
Wow Amazing music, its drops make my head dizzy @.@
AzureB1te Music
AzureB1te Music 답글 연결
Look at this uglyness, repulsiveness.... Cruelty
Dominick Jaramillo
Pacific crest 2019!
chrislee671 답글 연결
f oof X_X
The Mansave
The Mansave 답글 연결
Geometry Dash
CDJWmusic 답글 연결
Porter is a fucking beast now, but his concerts back in the day where just OUT OF THIS WORLD (no pun intended)
Coby Brown
Coby Brown 답글 연결
2019 vibes ?
Rifqi Ramadhan
Rifqi Ramadhan 답글 연결
didn't know porter make this.. so good.
Benjamin Chen
Benjamin Chen 3 답글 연결
Dang I gotta say I appreciate Porter's new style better but this is pretty fire too
Jake M
Jake M 답글 연결
this song came on while i was biking. right before the first drop, i suddenly had the urge to turn my earbuds on full volume and go into the highest possible gear and just fucking speed. like it was like maximum overdrive was activated, omg
RITCHI3 1 답글 연결
[ ★_★ ]
Apostrophe FiveFiveThree
Me on 7 Mar 2019, finding something to listen to
Marshmello vs David Guetta❌
Ummet Ozcan❌
Lucas & Steve, Curbi, Mike Williams (among my favourites)❌
Porter Robinson✔️
Lynn Avendano
Lynn Avendano 답글 연결
Why this reminds me or makes me imagine this in a tim burton batman soundtrack is amazing that twinkle sound....
EggShells 01
EggShells 01 1 답글 연결
This song is soo good
ratsandrodents 1 답글 연결
ebic portal vibes
Laev 답글 연결
popo robobo
Anfernee Hernandez
The ADENIUM 1 답글 연결

EB Snowstar
EB Snowstar 답글 연결
I still cannot believe this was made in 2011... The sounds are SO ahead of it’s time!
Cl Vsr
Cl Vsr 답글 연결
really nice!
kamluk 1 답글 연결
Od 2:45 rewelacja
Lukasz Stanczyk
Lukasz Stanczyk 답글
Wiesz moze co to jest za melodia co sie zaczyna 2:45?
kamluk 1 답글 연결
erxse 답글 연결
Nel Labirinto
Nel Labirinto 답글 연결
fz zf zf fz
fz zf zf fz 답글 연결
Only the beginning is nice.
Jack Byers
Jack Byers 답글 연결
I remember wayyy back when this came out. Still legendary.
Vortex 1 답글 연결
this is amazing
Briggs Hightower
Briggs Hightower 답글 연결
A lot of ppl here are forgetting how eons ahead of its time this EP was. So many ppl after this used these same samples and packs it's mind blowing. This music should be appreciated for its place in time just as Worlds should. They are both groundbreaking.

Cody Baker
Cody Baker 답글 연결
Still listening in 2017
Jonathan Dahlin
Jonathan Dahlin 답글 연결
The only reason I don't like this is because it's all dubstep, and, for too much part downtempo. Am I the only one who dislikes dubstep for its downtempo?I prefer uptempo(like 138bpm, or even 146bpm). Actually, I like a combination of uptempo and dubstep downtempo ok.At a shift(or whatever you call it), like 5:16, I expected it to change from dubstep downtempo to uptempo. But it stayed downtempo.What do you think? Tell me in your comments.
Redskin Fan
Redskin Fan 답글 연결
What game is this song from again?
Jack Byers
Jack Byers 답글
IamNotKrazyBuffoon a hell of a lot of them, I would expect.
Jadovran 1 답글 연결
Nandhan Natarajan
To all people saying this isnt dubstep, yes it is.
Dwight Sanson
Dwight Sanson 답글 연결
4:20 wow that part reminds me of JOHN WICK killing bad guys at the bar.
Chelsea Goring
Chelsea Goring 답글 연결
just amazing
Chelsea Goring
Chelsea Goring 답글 연결
kibumkeysoo 답글 연결
Porter used to make the most emotionally compelling edm music.
The Melancoholic
The Melancoholic 답글 연결
Toxic EDM