Across the Horizon

Audiomachine - Across the Horizon
아티스트: Audiomachine

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Hola, como hago para poder usar esta canción en un video que quiero hacer, sin que tenga problemas de derecho de autor.
Lps Brooke Hayes
Lps Brooke Hayes 답글 연결
Oops wrong YouTuber sorry
Lps Brooke Hayes
Lps Brooke Hayes 답글 연결
I mean just a question
Lps Brooke Hayes
Lps Brooke Hayes 답글 연결
Hey pirate 101 I just wanted to ask you a question...... Ok well you asked me a question on ask lolbit foxy and mangle well you asked how old are you so are you talking to me or the charachter shuts a question
Mike Hubie
Mike Hubie 1 답글 연결
This sounds like an upbeat "Feast of Starlight" by Howard Shore.
Zefren01 답글 연결
Close your eyes and wait on that, what your fantasy is holding ready for you :)
Sargolan 2 답글 연결
a walk into paradise
siloechase 답글 연결
Listen to this while you're on a boat: you'll become Jack Sparrow..!
Danny Box
Danny Box 답글 연결
Conversations with lol's are very lol... you know ;)
I would say, start a campaign against it!
Sorry mate, but I advice you to live with that, there a lot of 'lol' using people out there, using it in every sentence!
I'm happy with the music and I'm smiling to it with a simple lol ;)
Edric L.
Edric L. 답글 연결
Horizons cross that felt the breeze, Above and below the midnight freeze. Its hearten world be cradle in fleece, For it slept in warmth by beauty peace. It holds your heart like gentle born, With smile and glee of evil's torn. The sight anew of a worldly soul, Who filled the joys of boundless goals.
Dario Castro
Dario Castro 1 답글 연결
hermoso,la vida es bella, gracias AUDIOMACHINE
Servant of The Most High
Joseph Nanoski
Joseph Nanoski 답글 연결
Simply awesome!!
American Made
American Made 답글 연결
You mind if I sing to a few of your sound
love it "_"
Philina Katst
Philina Katst 답글 연결
yeah new songs!!! yeah!!!
Lars Donders
Lars Donders 답글 연결

I love your music :)
That videos just keep coming! It doesn't stop! Lol great music as usual ;)
minecrafter0505 답글 연결
nice work, as usual ;) please never stop making so awesome music