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Nine Inch Nails - Love Is Not Enough
아티스트: Nine Inch Nails

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The more that we take The paler we get I can't remember what it is We try to forget The tile on the floor So cold it can sting In your eyes is a place Worth remembering For you to go and take this, to smash it apart I've gone all this fucking way To wind up back at Back at the start [Chorus:] Hey, the closer we think we are Well it only got us so far Now you got anything left to show No no I didn't think so Hey, the sooner we realize We cover ourselves with lies But underneath we're not so tough And love is not enough Well it hides in the dark Like the withering vein We didn't give it a mouth So it cannot complain It never really had a chance We'd never really make it through I never think I'd believed I believed I could get better with you [Chorus]

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Psychoprism 5 답글 연결
John Lennon said that love is all you need. But love is not enough.
Trae  Austin
Trae Austin 답글 연결
WTF is this shit...I'm looking for Yelawolf... never heard of this guy until now SMH. #musicstraighttrash
Tyler Sheets
Tyler Sheets 답글
millennial ? relax with the labels bro.
Asena K
Asena K 3 답글
successful trolling attempt
DubTribe1 6 답글
lmao kill yourself you tone deaf millenial faggot
Cooper Tweedie
Cooper Tweedie 7 답글 연결
Anakin skywalker would listen to Nine Inch Nails tbh Especially after he threw everything away, killed his pregnant wife, became a disfigured monster, and fell to the dark side
Matt Brine
Matt Brine 2 답글 연결
This is the song that started it all for me, and now that I'm going back to school and looking for work, I have a reason to get all my NIN (and other music) on my Mp3 player again for those long bus rides.
GaNNeR TM 1 답글 연결
wow ...2009 :()
luv2eatpuss79 2 답글 연결
So much better live
JD Blatz
JD Blatz 답글
luv2eatpuss79 Agree!!!
Billy Wells
Billy Wells 11 답글 연결
The sooner we realize we cover ourselves with lies, but underneath we're not that tough, and love is not enough.
Lmirl Chino
Lmirl Chino 1 답글 연결
Now you got anything left to show......no.no.....I didn't think so ....you fucker
Brittany Patton
Brittany Patton 14 답글 연결
Okay, more importantly, who the fuck gives this song a thumbs down?! Seriously? To each their own I guess. I fucking love it.
Connor and the cat
Connor and the cat 답글
Brittany Patton the people who still believe in an imaginary friend also called god.
Adrian Fayrce
Adrian Fayrce 1 답글
YOU just got a thumbs down.  Suck on that.
Seraph O. Storms
Seraph O. Storms 1 답글
Loving this song is not enough.
Raul Cortes-Monroy
This is an excellent song to be played during Shark Week
jerome mcgeee
jerome mcgeee 14 답글 연결
when I have bad day or normal for me Trent is one that gets me through not the girly pop Taylor swift crap peace out bitches
Johnny Munz the moistman
Itzel Ordoñez
Itzel Ordoñez 1 답글 연결
It's f*cking right now....................
Bandaid Bois
Bandaid Bois 2 답글 연결
This should be the opening theme for Supernatural.
quuanngg 23 답글 연결
Just realized even Trent Reznor had to go through all them stupidly romantic bullshit in his life. The guy is a fucking poet. Thank  you NIN for all the wonderful brutal melodies that cut deeply into the cracks and tears inside my heart as well as millions of other idiots out there, so deeply and so sweetly clean that it doesnt even feel like pain but rather euphoric, sweet intense sensation that fuel us, set us free on the path to our ultimate goals in this fucking mundane life. For fucks sake, growing up in a tough neighbor in a third world country far away, pain is always the fuel we have to take in and translate into energy to get is going onward. Now Im closer to my dream, and all that fucking pain, both physically and psychologically, the fair share of scars both on the skin and inside these flesh help me appreciate what I have and what Im about to possess. Fuck yeah NIN, you guys rock
big guy
big guy 1 답글
+quuanngg This entire album is a confession of his alcohol and cocaine addictions. And Nine Inch Nails is just Reznor. Everyone else is hired to play.
Will 1 답글
+quuanngg I also appreciate Trent's music and how it makes me feel and stuff
emeff 1 답글
+quuanngg This has to be the cringiest shit I've ever read. I'm amazed.
SlamifiedBuddafied 27 답글 연결
Not sure what it is, but [WITH_TEETH] is one of those albums which feels like your going on a trip somewhere. The sound brings images which may blur past or stand still in repose; as if one were skimming their own memories for something they hadn't seen before. One finds ups and downs, changes in perspective or even the simple touch of ones hands clasped together in a calming madness; but in the end, one feels a lullaby of sorrow in question lull their eyes shut as the car comes to a halt as the final note plays.

Where have you arrived once the final beat plays out in blood swollen eardrums?
adamgw187 답글
My goodness, I'd not realised it but you're right. Maybe explained why I like listening to it while driving so much.
SkyrimCat613 Caterson
SkyrimCat613 Caterson 답글
What´s weird is that... It seams so, real.
Billy Hughes
Billy Hughes 7 답글 연결
Such a sick song,....
Nihhilo 1 답글 연결
my name is peter quill
jasmine elaya
jasmine elaya 21 답글 연결
Love just makes it hurt more.
Jesus Marie
Jesus Marie 답글
yea exactly, attachement suck
LeHoink 1 답글
Love is a burning fire, but the need to crap is still stronger.
Miff Morris
Miff Morris 답글
Amen ~X~
Adrian Fayrce
Adrian Fayrce 답글
+jasmine elaya Chris -- kind of still want to call him an idiot -- but, yeah.  Infatuation and obsession are not love... but how can you not get attached?  Hurt you?  Go hurt another... it'll all balance out.  Or not.
Siric Source
Siric Source 20 답글
Attachment, not love, makes it hurt. Just love and let go, then love some more.
Jason 답글 연결
1:00 GoTg
sideways696 3 답글 연결
Guardianes de la Galaxia :D 

carolina valentine
carolina valentine 43 답글 연결
Guardians of the Galaxy <3 :3
Dick Joshua
Dick Joshua 2 답글
we aressted this 5 on xandar 
Zolbek 답글
+MrLazynko It's Darude - Sandstorm
MrLazynko 1 답글
Blue swede - Hooked on a feeling
kundun5 답글 연결
Get back on drugs Trent, you suck immensely!
bulinho05 3 답글 연결
Holy shit you uploaded every NIN song to youtube? Thank you so very very much.
Steve Tow
Steve Tow 1 답글 연결
I have seen NIN ten times since 1994...I love Trent but, I`m starting to hear so many similar trends in his songs. It reminds me of the Deftones or that D-bag Dave Grohl. They have a certain profile and don`t do much outside of that familiar envelope. Nothing since the Downward Spiral or Fragile has been better or more creative. The same pitch, high and low points. I want to hear this music evolve.....the songs are just new lyrics mixed with the old familiar style. Trent used to do it all!!!!!!
Ive gone all this fucking way , to wind up back at the start??? Groundhog day! Or is that every day is exactly the same,, FAAAAAAAAAArk ..
Ronin Skydancer
Ronin Skydancer 답글 연결
@xXSilentHillerXx arent you fancy with your backwards N's
Thepic 1 답글 연결
just listen to the dam music... u dont have to ramble on about wat u interpit from it... there is a reason for alll, weither it be action or influence
Yevgeniy B
Yevgeniy B 답글 연결
Is it just me or does the drum beat of this song sound exactly the same as the intro to Mad World by Tears for Fears? Check out XDBA3jtJ-EA for comparison.
chris cobain
chris cobain 답글 연결
@andypmz07 thank you bro.
Andy Poxon
Andy Poxon 답글 연결
@NineInchNails25 Thank you ! Its so nice to have atleast one person aware of this. There is only 2 things I can be sure of, I know I exist and I don't have a clue where I am... But like everyone I'm force to except it, because this is all I've ever known.

Ender Garcia
Ender Garcia 답글 연결
@gexay They're both great artists. They can go in the same paragraph, I guess.
chris cobain
chris cobain 6 답글 연결
"the sooner we realize, we cover ourself with lies" We lie to ourselves to cover ourselves with security blanket of illusion, whether it be religion or football to hide the fear of this confusion in this world. Nobody knows where we are, but people like to act like they got all the answers. We didnt give it a mouth, so it could not complain, meaning society's distractions keeps people in a closed bubble of brainwash that isn';t the truth.. distractions keep the mouth from forming.
Geks YT
Geks YT 답글 연결
@proender Soooo they do belong in the same paragraph?
Corinna Kaulitz
Corinna Kaulitz 답글 연결
@Johnnys1700 I gotta say, I kinda agree. :/
Ender Garcia
Ender Garcia 답글 연결
@ganondorf59 You realize you just put Manson and Reznor in the same paragraph. Logic fails. Look, they're both very experimental artists, always reaching for new sounds and new styles. They're both pioneers in their own ways, whether you like it or not.
PedXing0023 답글 연결
@Mafila whatever, i love the new stuff all of it, i hear alot of fans bitching, i dont know what the deal is, he is a different person and artist
Yevgeniy B
Yevgeniy B 답글 연결
@OMundoNumEspeto I have nothing against Manson, I just wish he would focus more on making good music and less on dressing like a dead woman and putting pounds of make-up all over his face. I liked Mansons earlier stuff a lot, but in musical terms I think he went down hill pretty badly during the 21st century.
Patricia 답글 연결
This man is a genius and a hottie~!!! ;) ;)
Trent Stamm
Trent Stamm 답글 연결
@piknictable You have to say that at Home