Sun and Steel

Audiomachine - Sun and Steel
아티스트: Audiomachine

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Clo Ocelot
Clo Ocelot 답글 연결
This would have been perfect for Pacific Rim
Tammie 2 답글 연결
EPIC, I always need audiomachine in my life
Callum Maclean
Callum Maclean 2 답글 연결
frick'in fantastic
DesT RoyeR
DesT RoyeR 4 답글 연결
Aleve Otis
Aleve Otis 2 답글 연결
super duper incredibly too amazingly awesomely super crazy cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cosimo Buccoliero
La migliore.
ooora! audiomachine is back!!!
bnarvaez1999 답글 연결
This is Awesome. Love it.
Tiago Jesus
Tiago Jesus 2 답글 연결
Question: why is there not a longer version of this soundtrack?
Lucas Kussowski
Lucas Kussowski 4 답글 연결
The 21st century medieval sound I've been looking for - EPIC!!! :)
6320mOvierObOt 1 답글 연결
someone please tell me why I can't find this on iTunes! I need to buy this!!!
Adrian Castelli
Adrian Castelli 2 답글 연결
Has a bit of a Requiem for a Dream flavor to it
wwdthree 4 답글 연결
I love a good killer song in the morning. :)
Water 2 답글 연결
i only lissn to his music because it helps me in video games for the courge and i am more fears and i fight tell  the end with music like this
MessirVoland1 답글 연결
When I first heard AETHOS, I thought that he would become one of my favorite tracks ... and this is true, but SUN & STEEL has proved even more powerful! As always great job from Kevin! Keep up the good work and thank you so much!
TuomasCZ 답글 연결
Wow...Kevin did really great work again!
Tomáš Knytl
Tomáš Knytl 답글 연결
woaaa...good job
Tarkus128 Manticore
Oli Murugavel
Oli Murugavel 답글 연결
Pumps the blood!
Alex Alba
Alex Alba 9 답글 연결


Monkeylover 2 답글 연결
wow, goes to show when your bored click on an Audiomachine song, that you've never heard of, and be amazed.
robyn van horn
robyn van horn 답글 연결
awesome !!!
Biglover29 답글 연결
Whoa anyone catch the plates on that sound wave?! This reminds me of a movie, but I'm not sure which one? I can see the next Avengers movie trailer playing with this. :-)
Sae Lind
Sae Lind 답글 연결
After you listen to this phenomenal masterpiece (well, after every time you listen to every masterpiece that every Audiomachine's tune is, actually) you do not want to listen to anything else -- everything fades in comparison to their music.
Ryan Sprenkels
Ryan Sprenkels 답글
O M 답글 연결
I really wish this was available commercially!
Flykz 7 답글 연결
kevin is so good :)
jake yocho
jake yocho 답글 연결
I like the new intro, after listening to audiomachine basically constantly for the last year their patterns started becoming predictable. But right when i think i know whats next they change it up. love it
Chad Eichhorn
Chad Eichhorn 10 답글 연결
All your songs are these deeply awesome blasts of epic, but this was the best since gaurdians at the gate.
Sarge Trubix
Sarge Trubix 답글 연결
Listening to this whole day. It feels, like it forces to continue the time itself.
El Retorno de la Diosa
Felicidades por tan bella composición musical. Saludos desde Inglaterra.

Noctumus 2 답글 연결
Sounds amazing!! I love the way the whole song builds up around a simple synth riff ^_^ Brilliant!
STIdas 답글 연결
Yeah !!! A new Song what best to be Happy !!^^
Andrea Di Giuseppe
Andrea Di Giuseppe 18 답글 연결
Powerful and epic, Audiomachine never fails.
Tammie 답글
+Andrea Di Giuseppe if audiomachine ever did, the world would end in misery cause they rock :)
TheIrishDragon 21 답글 연결
That was amazing.
When are your tracks NOT impressive :D
HalaMadridGoals2 26 답글
When the volume is off! D:
Genmukan 답글 연결
Rackmoon 답글 연결
Danny Box
Danny Box 답글 연결
\(O.O)/ damn from start to end!!!
Laflame 답글 연결
You are cool audiomachine :)
1996rosafermu 답글 연결
Me entusasma vuestra música. Gracs, gacias, gracias
Pladin B
Pladin B 답글 연결
Perfect begin