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Imagine Dragons - Rocks
아티스트: Imagine Dragons

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Where do we go from here? Where do we go from here? I threw some rocks up at your window I broke some rocks right through your window Timber, timber We're falling down Let the forest hear our sound Boom ba boom ba boom Ah ooo ah ooo Boom ba boom ba boom Ah ooo ah ooo Why can't I see What's right in front of me? We fall We fall apart We fall We fall apart We fall We fall apart We fall We fall apart

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Epiphany 답글 연결
To this day I don’t know why they never made this a single song BECAUSE IT IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE
willa the clear
willa the clear 답글 연결
my favorite is the "timber timber" part to the "why cant i see" part. I love it!
Ian Jia
Ian Jia 답글 연결
Who sings about rocks here?
Griffin Lynn GL Racing
This song does not get as much love because of nothing left to say it should be its own song
Carys Bisseker
Carys Bisseker 답글 연결
Why isn't this on Spotify, there's only a nothing left to say/rocks medley
nikoletta papaxatzi
nikoletta papaxatzi 1 답글 연결
My butt is dancing so I guess I love it
Lucky Llama
Lucky Llama 답글 연결
I LOVE this song ❤
Jacob Cretzman
Jacob Cretzman 답글 연결
Who else hears Bollywood influence
꧁Spice Princess Art꧂
This has always been my favorite Imagine Dragons song and it still is 5 years later.
Nanzzy 1 답글 연결
0:28 dora it's been so long
NylaTheWolf 답글 연결
"I threw some rocks up at your window / I broke some rocks right through your window"

That reminds me of this vine: https://vine.co/v/O0um1pe9hpD
Icefeather112 답글 연결
Oof... Someone please get this on Spotify ;_;
Mr. Artist
Mr. Artist 3 답글 연결
This band “rocks”
Kenzie TheEmoTrash
Kenzie TheEmoTrash 36 답글 연결
I threw some rocks up at your window
Dont throw stones at me
AaBii Studios
AaBii Studios 답글
And I shot, shot, shot a hole through everything I loved
We fall, we fall apart
Maycy 답글
Jorge Delgado
Jorge Delgado 답글
Exactly! Nice Ears
Kenzie TheEmoTrash
Kenzie TheEmoTrash 답글
Fluffy Unicorn lol
Fluffy Unicorn
Fluffy Unicorn 1 답글
Oh my God I never noticed that lol
Astrid Hofferson
Astrid Hofferson 1 답글 연결
Farid Peña
Farid Peña 3 답글 연결
Imagine Dragons rocks!
Stacia Spaulding
Stacia Spaulding 1 답글 연결
this song is so underrated.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 1 답글 연결
VALVe: I threw CSGO at your window

Me: I threw Half Life 3 at your window~
Wintersebb 답글
Air soft Lover 7.62 XD
Bright Fire
Bright Fire 4 답글 연결
1,658 people made "this song rocks" puns. 9 people got sick of the "this song rocks" puns.
Silvonix 8 답글 연결
why are you throwing rocks at my window
why not pebbles?

Mom's Spaghetti
Mom's Spaghetti 답글 연결
boom Ba boom Ba boom Ba
The Ronaler
The Ronaler 2 답글 연결
This song is the Bees Knees.
Panda Parade
Panda Parade 답글
i dont think that bees have knees .-.

strawberry jesus
strawberry jesus 132 답글 연결
probably the most underrated imagine dragons song by far.
Han Solo
Han Solo 1 답글
February is the most underrated
IKR it’s actually one of my favorites of theirs
The Extra Crispy Colonel
Colby Woo
Colby Woo 1 답글
strawberry jesus that is so true. This is really good music
Adam Wital
Adam Wital 22 답글 연결
This song is Truly awesome,
Most of people mightn't realize it But the more you listen nothing left to say now. You will get to it.

I really need it to be long. SO i am thinking to extended in professional way (No remix),
Thumps up if you want me to try, So that i can know, I will try to extract all the things and try to make it better and then post link to video down here.
Han Solo
Han Solo 답글
Post the link when ur done
The Extra Crispy Colonel
Suppose he didn't
Aaron Murff
Aaron Murff 답글
ya, I'm wondering the same thing haha
Melody Nowlan
Melody Nowlan 답글
so did you do it
Mountain Marker
Mountain Marker 7 답글 연결
The boom da boom da boom part is the best imo
Kaizer Allen
Kaizer Allen 답글 연결
American Authors' "Go Big or Go Home" sounds exactly like this one.
Chubby Coon
Chubby Coon 9 답글 연결
1:37 Why am I hearing Skype? 😕
Ankita Hooda
Ankita Hooda 15 답글 연결
"don't throw stones at me" -"roots" by Imagine Dragons LOL
Daxius 3 답글
Ankita Hooda proceeds to throw rocks through a window. #WindowLivesMatter
NylaTheWolf 9 답글 연결
I honestly like this song better than Nothing Left to Say
eddda 답글
+NylaTheWolf Yeah. It would be nice if this song was in Spotify as one song, not with nlts
Louis Lopez
Louis Lopez 6 답글 연결
who agrees that all of imagine dragons bestest songs are to short! like this one and warriors and ETC
The Firebreather
The Firebreather 답글
Louis Lopez
Louis Lopez 1 답글
@coolguy5340 Very funny, haha....I know my English though

RikkiTikkiJenni 18 답글 연결
Seven people are actually windows
Victim to rocks being thrown through them
Very tragic
Nick Morilland
Nick Morilland 50 답글 연결
7 people were holding their monitors upside down
maecy 답글
11 now, why are people doing that?! lel xD
Ali 답글
5 months later and no new dislikes.. Lol.
ILoveYoUniverse 1 답글
It was so they could like it, they thought it meant dis I like
Lizz Verhaeghe
Lizz Verhaeghe 답글
+Nick Morilland YES.
Robert Nuñez
Robert Nuñez 12 답글 연결
Why isn't this longer
Fiesta Keys Calibrary Cuff Conroy
This song is basically a relationship going down (timber, timber) because Dan got too invasive on his part (breaking rocks through her window).
Ciara 81 답글 연결
This song rocks. ;D
Daxius 답글
For the puns
Amanda Cahill
Amanda Cahill 답글
Ciara I GET IT 😁
Ryan Frere
Ryan Frere 1 답글
Pun intended?
The Orwell
The Orwell 답글
+Ciaraaa I just wish it was longer... :/
fredytray77139 1 답글 연결
running on my head this sathurday morning :-)
Maria D
Maria D 24 답글 연결
this is them. this is what they should do.
i love this.
nutrinogirl456 답글 연결
idk why but i feel like I should listen to this on a hike or something lol 
JoeDotPHP 2 답글 연결
This is the most overlooked song they have because it's mixed in with one loong 'Nothing Left To Say.'  But it's my personal favorite.  
haseothepkker 12 답글 연결
i SWEAR at 1:37 i hear a fucking skype sound. repeated several times to prove its not my own skype. it's definitely there.
jory clark
jory clark 답글
@Swiss cheese6000 Correction: Dan reynolds going "oooOOp" c:
Vix 답글
I listened to other videos of the same song and it sounded similar. I think it's just some sort of sound effect or instrument in the song, or we all just hear it cause we're crazy XD
Swiss cheese6000
Swiss cheese6000 4 답글
that's the singer going ¨oooOOp¨
iamdivergent 답글
I heard it too! Thats weird :3
haseothepkker 답글
just retested it at .5 speed. its definitely there. its right before it starts to sing "we".