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Lisa Hannigan - Song of the Sea
아티스트: Lisa Hannigan

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Between the here, between the now Between the North, between the South Between the West, between the East Between the time, between the place From the shell The song of the sea Neither quiet nor calm Searching for love again Mo ghrá Between the winds, between the waves Between the sands, between the shores From the shell The song of the sea Neither quiet nor calm Searching for love again Between the stones, between the storms Between belief, between the seas Tá mé i dtiúin

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pau bunnyloves gamerpro
The sealls is a cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute
Cassie Solorzano
Cassie Solorzano 답글 연결
Potato Luna
Potato Luna 답글 연결
I just watched the movie and I have no idea why I am crying! It was such beautiful movie! The art work, the songs, the story. It was all just so beautiful.
Alvaro Perez
Alvaro Perez 답글 연결
50% seal puns
25% people saying this was overshadowed by Big Hero 6
25% Blue Diamonds VA sings this
This comment section in a nutshell
sushi gamer
sushi gamer 답글 연결
I am singing the song of the sea in Voz Kids
sushi gamer
sushi gamer 답글 연결
I am a slefkey too
x_ mahaneshka
x_ mahaneshka 답글 연결
A Person
A Person 답글 연결
This movie made me cry-
Garegin Gareginyan
Who can send me this song's - version that is to say the melody only,please let me know!
Catherine Ariel Sebayang
Blue Diamond!
Arife Uşaklı
Arife Uşaklı 답글 연결
Terapi gibi
Tony Ayala
Tony Ayala 답글 연결
🎶From the shell the song of the sea,neither quiet nor calm,Searching for love again🎶
someone someone
someone someone 답글 연결
Only one vid and so much subs
tien hoang
tien hoang 답글 연결
salty cactus
salty cactus 답글 연결
I live this song it's so beautiful
Theo Gsomething
Theo Gsomething 답글 연결
Haha in the beginning of the movie I was like "hey that sounds like blue diamond" so I looked it up to see if it was and what do ya know it was her
Syasya Qistina
Syasya Qistina 답글 연결
I've watch the movie at 2015 for 1st time .. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS MOVIE😭😭😭 and now 2018 , its still my fav movie . Its touching my heart a lottttttt 😭 and when i heard the song its remind me about my childhood😭❤.. im sorry if my english language was wrong huhuu
• SuperWhøLøck •
What a movie....
Mamta Rajput
Mamta Rajput 답글 연결
This song gives me goosebumps...
The last line is actually “ta me idir grha” or however u spell that, meaning “I am between love”

Jaq Alcazar
Jaq Alcazar 답글 연결
This is amazing.
Pokeclip Tale
Pokeclip Tale 답글 연결
who knew blue diamond was irish
amanda saldana
amanda saldana 답글 연결
This movie makes me cry but I like to cry
salty cactus
salty cactus 답글 연결
I love it makes me feel curious and think about the sea it us so beautiful
McKenzie Eby
McKenzie Eby 답글 연결
Favi Gutier
Favi Gutier 답글 연결
OMG my nephew sings this song till he falls asleep.
jamal abdul
jamal abdul 답글 연결
the song of the sea is nice i like the lil sis her name is Sirsha i love the movie 😭
Jacob Schmitt
Jacob Schmitt 답글 연결
Song of the sea is on Netflix
elmer ruiz
elmer ruiz 답글 연결
At the end i cried so hard because the boy told his mom not to go
this is one of the most calming songs ive ever heard.

Rosalva Torres
Rosalva Torres 답글 연결
I looooooooooove this song I saw the movie
KairaB 1 답글 연결
At 2:31 she's actually saying "Tá mé idir ghrá " which roughly translates to "I am between love", "I am in love" or "I love you".
Best movie ever..suffering loss the ability to love again...and how we all try to go numb just to survive
Love it!
77jedi77 jedi is cool
i messed with the song and it didn't sound well
77jedi77 jedi is cool
77jedi77 jedi is cool 답글
i did something wrong...
Jazlyn Torres
Jazlyn Torres 답글 연결
Amooooo esa cancion
林思雨 답글 연결
I watched the movie and I loved the song thank you soooo much bliss you🙂
Soinme Productions
The mom sounds like blue diamond
Soinme Productions
Soinme Productions 2 답글
I just noticed.. she IS blue diamond
Shino and Andromeda
O O o o o
T H e
O o O o O
mousey mackenzie
mousey mackenzie 1 답글 연결
i love this movie