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Future Heroes - Natus Vincere
아티스트: Future Heroes

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Harvey 답글 연결
Heroes United fan trailer brought me here
Reformer 답글 연결
I thinks this needs a more epic pic. But nice upload!
Abok B
Abok B 답글 연결
I like this music, but WHY does it have to sound like 'skyfall' by Adele? I can not listen to this without singing the lyrics
TheGtaIndustries 1 답글 연결
Jupiter Ascending ♥
Sara Ann Ellis
Sara Ann Ellis 4 답글 연결
  "I will never let you defeat me!" I screamed.  Behind my back, my fingers clutched my load revolver.
  "Oh? Really?" the man whispered.
  "My name is Aelwen Isgorn.  In my hands is your death."
  "No it isn't! You're bluffing!"
  The gunshot rang in my ears as my enemy's blood spattered me.  His chest opened as the bullet met him.  I lowered the gun, feeling smug.  I stepped up to his corpse, my long white, blond hair cutting my vision.  My icy blue eyes eyed him with satisfaction.  My man ran over to me, drawn by the gunshot.  Liam covered his eyes.
  "Aelwen! What did you do?"
  "He was bluffing."

          Small excerpt from "The Countdown"
          Find it on wattpad.com and type in SaraEllis14
          Coming soon.  Rated PG-13
Sara Ann Ellis
Sara Ann Ellis 답글
it was supposed to be loaded, but my fingers were going to fast.  Sorry about that
Invictus 2 답글 연결
Sounds like the Man of Steel soundtrack
Sara Ann Ellis
Sara Ann Ellis 1 답글
little bit, yeah.  good ear
TheGeek41 답글 연결
A new hope rises
Mjaocha 답글 연결
That's James Cameron, not Max Cameron.
Rafael Mertin
Rafael Mertin 답글
Mike Vasconcelos
Mike Vasconcelos 답글 연결
kira the wizard
kira the wizard 답글 연결
Epic Heaven Music
Epic Heaven Music 1 답글 연결
I'll share here my new uploads from YouTube aswell , enjoy :)