Star Wars Main Theme

John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme
아티스트: John Williams

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Doug Wildt
Doug Wildt 답글 연결
Not a star wars fanatic but hands down the best theme song to any movie ever
Taewoong Park
Taewoong Park 답글 연결
4:25 나만 이상하게 들리나요..
Dale Torrisi
Dale Torrisi 답글 연결
what i find funny is the amount of butt hert on the new lot of films even tho george lucas literaly wrote them 40 years ago along with the first 3 episods this was always a 9 episode saga , he my have sold it to dysney but honestly the movies would be no different if he didnt
Pokerface ™
Pokerface ™ 답글
Ep7-9 would be about Lukes son , not some random girl from disney.
Ryan Lbronze
Ryan Lbronze 답글 연결
Feels weird hearing this after growing up with the clone wars
adomcool1232 답글 연결
when you put this on loop
Bernie Bananie
Bernie Bananie 답글 연결
Irgendwie sind alle Soundtracks von John Williams gleich (aufgebaut), aber ebenso genial
Miguel Dias
Miguel Dias 답글 연결
I listen this many hours
C-Gaming Studios
C-Gaming Studios 답글 연결
I love Star Wars
altansuh tuguldur
possibly the most iconic theme in the cinematic history
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 1 답글 연결
turn the flash off you fucking moron
ramchandra ingale
John Williams the best orchestrater and composer of hollywood movies-Superman,Star Wars,Indiana Jones are evergreen compositions
Do you know da wae?
Do your know da wae wae wae wae
WhiterunGuard 답글 연결
When I heard this in cinema for the last jedi.. I had goosebumps like only the opening made me almost cry again.
Jose Ddd
Jose Ddd 답글 연결
Mi little brother is obssed with star wars and he listens to this on a daily basis (he is 5)
Kimmo Laine
Kimmo Laine 1 답글 연결
What would be the stars without wars? Boring.
Sara 답글 연결
I'm so hyped for Episode IX after watching VIII!!!
Rumbelle 704
Rumbelle 704 답글 연결
When you have midterms the next day and you're listening to this the night before to relieve stress... XD
V1PE4 답글 연결
4:39 💓
Merissa Lurie
Merissa Lurie 답글 연결
Khang De Panda
Khang De Panda 답글 연결
I forgot how this went and accidentally kept humming the universal studios theme so here i am

Shweta Prasad
Shweta Prasad 답글 연결
May the force be with u
The last Jedi...
alvarez antonio
alvarez antonio 답글 연결
David Martinez
David Martinez 답글 연결
Biel Android
Biel Android 답글 연결
chupa harry potter
Darshan Sen - The Composer
John knows da wei!
Austin Osgood
Austin Osgood 답글 연결
Pleaidianz 🎮🕹 the word fits this theme ! ♡ 💖
cecilia teo
cecilia teo 답글 연결
Whos still hearing this in 2018?
Gamer Hex
Gamer Hex 답글 연결
I very like star wars and this song! !!!!!!!!
김남훈 답글 연결
It's real

Pinkie pieofrainbowdash
I feel POWERFUL!!!!!! >:D
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones 답글 연결
2:15 my favorite part
melany Martínez E.
Que la fuerza los acompañe
박형준 답글 연결
스타워즈는 완전 명작 영화야
Dead eye fox 115
Dead eye fox 115 1 답글 연결
Anyone get chills when listening to this?
Jackson Engineer
Jackson Engineer 답글 연결
The amount of dislikes...
Disturbs me...
Primo 답글 연결
Cayden DeSouza
Cayden DeSouza 답글 연결
wtf happens at 4:25 ????
lizardo 77
lizardo 77 답글 연결
You suck
Prankster Gaming
Prankster Gaming 답글 연결
Star Wars will never die no matter how long it will be