Above and Beyond

Audiomachine - Above and Beyond
아티스트: Audiomachine

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Calvin Fujii
Calvin Fujii 답글 연결
Who else pictures this being played in a trailer for HTTYD, MonsterVerse, Transformers, Ice Age, MCU, or any other movie franchise?
Yandere- Chan
Yandere- Chan 답글 연결
Cindrella you guys! Not FROZEN 2!!!
Lee Daniel Aying
Lee Daniel Aying 13 답글 연결
"What would I do without you?"

"You'll always have me."
clemmutine 1 답글
frozen 2 vibes, i like it
Sue A
Sue A 답글 연결
Scorpion King
Scorpion King 2 답글 연결
Clash of Kings bought me here🔥🔥👍....hit like those who play or have played cok❤❤
Nico Cervantes
Nico Cervantes 답글 연결
Jus wanna say, Disney Live Action Cinderella was amazing 🤩 best princess live action. Can’t wait for Mulan
Shooting Star 386
Shooting Star 386 1 답글 연결
I cannot be the only one who misses AURORA's vocals on this masterpiece after watching Frozen 2 trailer. They added a special flavour to it, an eerie, magical and nostalgic sound
Jane Scheerer
Jane Scheerer 답글 연결
This hit me right in the feels... It's so powerful, it makes me want to cry. I love it
Elina Himanka
Elina Himanka 답글 연결
Takes me High...😍
Lezianne Tejero
Lezianne Tejero 답글 연결
At last I found this song
junray gil casas
junray gil casas 답글 연결
I've looking for this for years😭 finally November 3, 2019 thank you❤️
Marie Vezina
Marie Vezina 1 답글 연결
I might have sobbed while listening to this 🥰😭😭
Thé live-action Cinderella film just had the most special place in my heart, it truly changed my life, and I can not explain how much I love it 💕💕💕💕
remee rami
remee rami 답글 연결
Amazing 💔💔💔💔
Eléonore Martin
Eléonore Martin 6 답글 연결
"just put your headphones, close your eyes and think of the happiest moments of your life." this make me feel Something that I can never describe
유진 답글 연결
Also this music was clash of kings bgm. I always want know this song. Now I find this music.
Kayla Duran
Kayla Duran 답글 연결
I’ve been listening to this for years. I highly recommend listening to more of Audiomachine. You’ll find more of their songs in movies like Frozen.
أميرة الصحراء
Ana Luisa
Ana Luisa 답글 연결
So beautiful😢Who composed this beautiful work of art?
Asurmen Hand of Asuryan
Am I the only one thinking that show looks hella uncomfortable to wear from how vertical it is
Asurmen Hand of Asuryan
Am I the only one thinking that glass shoe would be really uncomfortable to wear due to how high the heels are?

arhf01 답글 연결
I thought I was the only one who thinks they used this music in Frozen 2 :)
Stomping Phantom
Stomping Phantom 1 답글 연결
Gw Kesini Gara Gara Ngedenger Soundtrack Frozen 2🤣🤣
Chandraa1207 :3
Chandraa1207 :3 답글 연결
I see it after see frozen trailerr
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn 답글 연결
Love how no one in the comment section plays enough mobile games to hear this before frozen 2
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn 답글 연결
Because royalty free music is great this has also been used in numerous games
Chloe Wong
Chloe Wong 3 답글 연결
When I’m watching Frozen 2 trailer, i heard sth really familiar 👀👀👀👀
Mik Arthas Mendoza
I thought I was the only one who recognized this song from the new frozen trailer🍁🍁🍁🍁🍂🍂🍂🍂❄❄❄❄🌬🌬🌬
Fandom TV
Fandom TV 답글 연결
Frozen 2 brought me here
Moise IT
Moise IT 11 답글 연결
Imagine that they play this music in a kingdom hearts 4 frozen 2 world trailer. Wouldn't that be AWESOME!?!?!?!?!?
Amsyar Lee
Amsyar Lee 5 답글 연결
how's here after the trailer of Frozen 2!??😍💖💖💖

Wahyu Ramadhan
Wahyu Ramadhan 3 답글 연결
I bet frozen 2 would be an amazing movie just like cinderella
Bionic Plague
Bionic Plague 답글 연결
I used to declare that if a movie featured Audiomachine's soundtrack in their trailer then I will surely watches it, no matter what the critics think, no matter how bad it was or no matter if it is a girly or a Politically-Corrected movie...
Yep, this does it. Definitely gonna watch the movie.
Lynoxic 11 답글 연결
Also found this in frozen 2's trailer
Anna Luis
Anna Luis 4 답글 연결
why isn't there a live version with the orchestra? 😭😭
Marceline Abadeer
Marceline Abadeer 4 답글 연결
Frozen II is a cinderella?
Jet Lee WJ
Jet Lee WJ 3 답글
They use the same music in the trailers
Clive Angelus
Clive Angelus 39 답글 연결
U G Official
U G Official 3 답글 연결
I think I have found another great music maker like Two Steps From Hell 😍
That Bitch
That Bitch 2 답글 연결
I heard this on Frozen 2 trailer I thought it’s gone be the next song
m o o n l i g h t
m o o n l i g h t 32 답글 연결
And now, this soundtrack it’s in the trailer of Frozen 2!!!
TDItaly98 28 답글 연결
Frozen 2 brought me here and I couldn't be happier!