Dust and Light

Twelve Titans Music - Dust and Light
아티스트: Twelve Titans Music

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Kinnley Shillings
Kinnley Shillings 2 답글 연결
"I will not hide while other people are fighting our battles for us!" -Kili
Jose Ignacio Valdivieso Andrade
I love these films so much :)
Mary Zehr
Mary Zehr 2 답글 연결
"Everything I did, I did for them." - Thorin
"When faced with death, what can anyone do?" - Bilbo
"I will not hide... behind a wall of stone while others fight OUR BATTLES FOR US!" - Kili
"You have but one question to answer... how shall this day end?" - Gandalf
Haloace25 답글 연결
For Middle Earth!
firza hertian
firza hertian 답글 연결
good music
Alex Cardoso
Alex Cardoso 1 답글 연결
When I first saw the trailer to this movie, I got chills right from the music. Here I am now at last finding the name of the song which will make a grand addition to my Ipod.
Georges Tohme
Georges Tohme 답글 연결
you've won the mountains is that not enough
Georges Tohme
Georges Tohme 답글 연결
is that treasure truly worth more than your honor
Andragon 19
Andragon 19 답글 연결
du krigst Abo
Sez ar
Sez ar 답글 연결
kieuanh Nguyen
kieuanh Nguyen 답글 연결
What is film music?
Hiatt Grey
Hiatt Grey 1 답글 연결
Who else came here from the Hacksaw Ridge trailer?
GlacialWolf 답글
not the only one
Funnypenguin18 1 답글
Hiatt Grey Finally someone who noticed too
XxGhost RiderxX
XxGhost RiderxX 답글 연결
Monica Tavares
Monica Tavares 답글 연결
Je kiff
Funnypenguin18 답글 연결
Hacksaw Ridge
Benjiha 답글 연결
Star wars was better
GlacialWolf 답글
star wars is shit!
what chords in the beginning?
Mindy Brown
Mindy Brown 2 답글 연결
For those who keep saying this is the last time we'll see Middle-earth, you forget that the books are available as are the dvds to these movies to rewatch/reread anytime we want, plus any fanart, fan films and fanfiction stories that are still ongoing or have already been done, also available to look through, watch/rewatch, and read/re-read. So, it isn't the last time. It's just a chance to pick up where the books and movies left off. To quote Arwen: it's not the end, only the beginning. :)
kellie O Donovan
kellie O Donovan 답글
It's not the same when you re-read or re-watch them!
Marco 답글 연결
Molto bella la musica
Elijah Medi
Elijah Medi 답글 연결
I love LOTR and all of Tolkiens works, but I really have to say that song is actually better than the hobbit movies :-(

Bruce The Dark Lord of the Bad Lands blog files
I imagine the story of Job's(bible)life to this sound track. The exchanged words between God and Satan concerning Job's and his character.The heartache, grief, emotion, and pain that he experienced. The loss of everything he owned.The meaningless-counciling words of three friends come to give, what they thought was encouragement. The yearning to know his God and to speak just a few words with Him, on his own behalf. God's reveal on Himself to Job in the storm. Then finally, Job being rewarded twice that which he owned and living to see three generations of family.
Trist Marvel
Trist Marvel 답글 연결
Chance Wylie
Chance Wylie 8 답글 연결
Your not a true LOTR fan until you watch both trilogies then come here to listen to this song whilst quietly weeping. Or is that just me...
Kinnley Shillings
Kinnley Shillings 1 답글
im crying. my favorites die, Kili💔😭💔 Fili😭 and Thorin😭the line of during has been ceased 😢
gustavo arrigoni
gustavo arrigoni 답글 연결
Vitas Dzhyuve
Vitas Dzhyuve 답글 연결
Here http://ultrafiles.co/329581 you can download the full version the film in HD 2.17 Gb
OutputMedia 답글 연결
Watch now the 3. part of our LORD OF THE RINGS/HOBBIT SEQUEL "Middle Earth Saga" with COVERS OF THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK in 4K:
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soufianne snouci
soufianne snouci 답글 연결
That's cØoL
Gendrith Albornoz
At last I find this, and Is beautiful, it worth the wait
Alexandra Simopoulos
Am I the olny one that cried:'(
hashtagmorg 답글 연결
are these tears

Alec 답글 연결
Why is this music so saddening?
OutputMedia 답글 연결
You thought that Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit would be FINISHED? NO! On our channel, there is now the 2. part of our "MIDDLE EARTH SAGA" in 4K WITH COVERS OF THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK. Come on new adventures in the realm of Middle-earth: https://youtu.be/Qz8AZSLGLa8 IT'S WORTH IT!!!
#lotr #lordoftherings #hobbit #middleearth #landscape #action #fantasy
tubuculoosis 1 답글 연결
Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring 2001
Lord of the Rings The Two Towers 2002
Lord of the Rings The Return of the King 2003
The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey 2012
The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug 2013
The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies 2014

Now I must see how the Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor game series unfolds.
Chance Wylie
Chance Wylie 답글
I just wish that the shadow of mordor story was link into the Lotr lore but sadly it's a separate storyline
Godzilla3013 답글 연결
Kinda sounds like Requiem for a Dream doesn't it?
CharLiix31 답글 연결
I could listen to this over and over again.
RaindropHunter 답글 연결
if you like this feel free to check out my music... (It's not as epic as this though)
Joseph vohland
Joseph vohland 답글 연결
Dust and light best final battle trailer music ever🌟
BallPython38 답글 연결
Best music eva!!!! I'm kinda pissed I didn't see this movie now. Damn my busy life
Abi-Rose Indigo
Abi-Rose Indigo 1 답글 연결