Final Frontier

Two Steps from Hell - Final Frontier
아티스트: Two Steps from Hell

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Stenila Simon
Stenila Simon 답글 연결
Writing an astronautics paper, decided to listen to this. I feel like I'm now deriving equations for interstellar travel when in fact I'm just looking at simple orbits lol.
Adam kurbiel
Adam kurbiel 답글 연결
This is hiper remix Stranger Things opeing and game of thrones
Emre Duman
Emre Duman 답글 연결
Believe it or not aurelion sol is brought me here
Asish Dinesh Babu
Commencing touchdown sequence... T-10.......5....3...2...1...we have touchdown!
Omar Simmons
Omar Simmons 답글 연결
Do not go gently into the night.
Do not pass on without a like.
For meeting back here in time may prove more than one's might.
Korsarz 1 답글 연결
I showed this to my dog, now he can fly and he have 10000IQ
I'm here to settle Jack Sparrows debt ?
Showed this to my human. I'm a dog.
Mysterious Secret
Im like doing math homework rn, never knew algebra could be so epic
Shizlgizl 1 답글 연결
"Always make the audience suffer as much as possible" - Alfred Hitchcock

Since we're all putting random quotes here....
Mega 1 답글 연결
Eduardo Cespedes
Eduardo Cespedes 2 답글 연결
This song should be the anthem for space.
Bryan Villaseca
Bryan Villaseca 1 답글 연결
I use to close my eyes and see my progreson in MMA, Im Proud of me, my skills, my hardwork and how I grew as a person and as a fighter
phida shisha wanwar
phida shisha wanwar 1 답글 연결
I listen to this music i remember the LM10HD video
A Majumder
A Majumder 답글 연결
This music is incomplete without The Lines of Interstellar
Thomas Ebert
Thomas Ebert 답글 연결
This one got me into Thomas Bergersen four years ago. Since then I’ve been listening to his music non-stoppable.
Rikixyz 답글 연결
Jesus 답글 연결
WOW this track takes me to higher places.. Places that don't exist on earth! Thomas Bergersen is a genius..
Benjamin T Haden
Benjamin T Haden 답글 연결
Gilles Villeneuve, this song I feel screams Gilles Villeneuve
Vane Fal
Vane Fal 답글 연결
I like this if I don't think about that film 😄
nicolas didier
nicolas didier 답글 연결
At 3:19 when she starts, her voice is simply breathtaking. What a beautiful, strong, moving voice. I was in awe , speechless. Goosebumps all over my body. what a piece of pure art.

Nathan Mahmod
Nathan Mahmod 답글 연결
I showed this to my girlfriend she is now a valkyrie slayer of the chosen
D1vine 답글 연결
Ao my shin
Henry 답글 연결
Yes! You are! Yes you are~
Isak Zachariasen
Isak Zachariasen 답글 연결
The title is wrong, and this is not part of the interstellar soundtrack,
Victory 33
Victory 33 1 답글
Not interstellar movie soundtrack but interstellar trailer soundtrack check before you comment
Dub Nation
Dub Nation 답글 연결
Cool Worlds brought me here.
Gunn Suwannarungsri
Gunn Suwannarungsri 1 답글 연결
just come here again after the great news of mankind today.
LMM AzzyBoi
LMM AzzyBoi 1 답글 연결
"No matter what planet...
No matter what galaxy...
They always look up in wonder.

Some fall to their knees and wish...
Others hide... Behind walls and towers...
But the thing they do best...

... Is beg for mercy.

It's just...
Andrew Farr
Andrew Farr 1 답글 연결
I don't know why but aquaman and the city of Atlantis comes to mind when I hear this.
Dakota Moffatt
Dakota Moffatt 1 답글 연결
2:48 is my favorite part
CR0W 1 답글 연결
Dreamhack Cluj-Napoca 2015
Dani5ooo 답글
It was and still is so epic. I wish i could relive it again

Dario Vega Batista
Interstellar = Epic
Steven Tsao
Steven Tsao 답글 연결
I listen to this while playing Kerbal Space Program, it makes you feel like being Matthew McConaughey
MrVolcomclassic 1 답글 연결
Great song. Shit movie.
Nizaro Torra Kyurogo
Jhin is pleased
srilaxmi donthineni
This sounds like the music from the Kalank trailer.
Tangent of circle.
Tangent of circle. 답글
No just no
Amiable Wanderer
Amiable Wanderer 답글 연결
All of his music is outstanding but this particular piece is a triumph its incredibly motivating, it's got the power to move you while your sitting still. Very powerful. Couldn't expect anything less from Thomas Bergersen
Seven 답글 연결
Mike Korsun
Mike Korsun 답글 연결
beautiful music!
Connor W
Connor W 1 답글 연결
Lone Star
Lone Star 1 답글 연결
No offense to Nolan fans, but the best part of Interstellar was the trailer.
James Cameron did a similar thing with Avatar, and used My Name is Lincoln for his trailer. Again, the best part of that movie too.