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[Break] Martin had a dream Martin had a dream Kendrick have a dream [Hook] All my life I want money and power Respect my mind or die from lead shower I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower So I can fuck the world for seventy-two hours [Verse 1] Goddamn I feel amazing, damn I'm in the matrix My mind is living on cloud nine and this 9 is never on vacation Start up that Maserati and vroom-vroom, I'm racing Popping pills in the lobby and I pray they don't find her naked And I pray you niggas is hating, shooters go after Judas Jesus Christ if I live life on my knees, ain't no need to do this Park it in front of Lueders, next to that Church's Chicken All you pussies is losers, all my niggas is winners, screaming [Hook] [Bridge] Goddamn I got bitches, damn I got bitches Damn I got bitches, wifey, girlfriend and mistress All my life I want money and power Respect my mind or die from lead showers [Verse 2] I've got twenty-five lighters on my dresser, yes sir Put fire to that ass, body cast on a stretcher And her body got that ass that a ruler couldn't measure And it make me cum fast but I never get embarrassed And I recognize you have what I've been wanting since that record That Adina Howard had pop it fast to impress her She rolling, I'm holding my scrotum and posing This voice here is golden, so fuck y'all, I goes in and [Hook] + [Bridge] [Verse 3] It's go time, I roll in dough with a good grind And I run at ho with a baton That's a relay race with a bouquet They say, "K, you going marry mines" Beeotch, no way, beeotch, no way, beeotch, no way, beeotch, okay I'm never living life confined, it's a failure even if I'm blind I can tell ya who what when where how to sell your game right on time Beeotch, go play, beeotch, go play, beeotch, go play, beeotch I look like OJ, killing everything from pussy to a mothafuckin' Hit-Boy beat She pussy popping and I got options like an audible, I be C-O-M-P-T-O-N, I win, then ball at your defeat C-O-M-P-T-O-N, my city, mobbing in the street, yelling [Hook] + [Bridge] + [Break]

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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 답글 연결
3:40 goes iiiiiiiiiin
LoStLy-13 -Switch
Thats so bad songs
Wen do you want to hear good songs:
Swish Summer Cem
gabrielle wickware
K dot needs to get on his reading rainbow with us
Minnesota BrazilianFunky
Who are here because of the movie “Waves”?
Abdo Salem
Abdo Salem 답글 연결
efemone 답글 연결
2:04 😂🤣
Alexander Fuhrer
Alexander Fuhrer 답글 연결
Gotta love when Katara from Avatar runs for like a second
Shanna Davis
Shanna Davis 답글 연결
ive been listing to kendrick lamar for eight years and im still listening not sick of him
Kevin Cabrera
Kevin Cabrera 7 답글 연결
1:22 I’ve seen this video one hundred times and never noticed Katara.
Ivan Neises
Ivan Neises 2 답글
Oh shit I have never seen that either lol.
Abdul Jamil
Abdul Jamil 답글 연결
Did anyone else see katara from avatar?
Sherane 🤔 Gotdamn baby ass so thick and fat! I watch this video cuz of her.
흐구흐구 답글 연결
아링낑낑 아링낑낑
Leryan Burrey
Leryan Burrey 답글 연결
An Obama-GOP. WHO THINKS LIKE THIS. May We continue? I’ll keep preaching.
BIGBLACK555 JJblacky
Onome’s Vlogs
Onome’s Vlogs 답글 연결
This is a bopppppppp
DD1 답글 연결
Theraflu flow
Morgan Flowers
Morgan Flowers 4 답글 연결
6 years and i still can't get over how the whole second verse you can either choose to watch sherane twerk or kendrick give you a death stare
alesia simmons
alesia simmons 답글 연결
Best part.... biayotch... k you gonna marry mines. The ummm the way you said biayotch priceless
Elias Martinez
Elias Martinez 답글 연결
My city mobbing in the streets 💕
Fandiso 답글 연결
Who's still listening in 2050

Pure 답글 연결
How is nobody talking about 3:45-3:55? Shit flows so well.
Buhle Mnyenyevu
Buhle Mnyenyevu 답글 연결
30 October 2019 …..
HTownZeek 7 답글 연결
We need a Kendrick and emenime album use me as a like button if you agree 👍🏽
Yoehzer Yeeftahk
Yoehzer Yeeftahk 답글
George Linford some finding nemo shit 💀
George Linford
George Linford 2 답글
ah yes my favourite rapper 'emenime'
HTownZeek 1 답글 연결
After this we gone drop Kendrick off know he tryna fuck sherane SHERANE/ 2:35 🤣🤣
Neisha Tatts
Neisha Tatts 2 답글 연결
Did he ever get his Domino's? 🤔
Bimbo 2 답글 연결
you cant rap this song without smiling
Ishmael Seneca
Ishmael Seneca 답글 연결
if you look up thicc in the dictionary it just says Sherane
Josué Aragon
Josué Aragon 답글 연결
¿Soy el único que llegó hasta acá gracias a ELRUBIUSOMG?
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis 3 답글 연결
I'm still bumping this in 2019. Bumping this right now.
Satya Vempati
Satya Vempati 답글 연결
1:22 why is Katara in the video

Sam! 6 답글 연결
Who's still watching in 2019?
Sam! 답글
@Pit Bikes ye
Pit Bikes
Pit Bikes 답글
Sam! Good song aye
kHalif a
kHalif a 답글 연결
who is Here after Equalizer
Sing To Records
Sing To Records 답글 연결
A remix redux deluxe for all listening pleasures: https://youtu.be/kbY07IUz5Vs
Nova 1 답글 연결
Three four days?
LtheHealer 답글 연결
Sub Scribe
Sub Scribe 답글 연결
KeKe Gooden
KeKe Gooden 답글 연결
Im still listening....19
they hate cause they aint
2019 still listen to this 🔥
13_ RICARDO 답글 연결
jaina marie
jaina marie 답글 연결
this is still one of your best songs