That Which You Seek

Zack Hemsey - That Which You Seek
아티스트: Zack Hemsey

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  • Fade Away
    Fade Away
  • A Man's Worth
    A Man's Worth
  • Nice to Meet Me
    Nice to Meet Me
  • See What I've Become
    See What I've Become
  • Slave
  • Vengeance
  • The Way
    The Way
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Split Haven
Split Haven 3 답글 연결
play all three together its fucking terrifying
Mad Jack
Mad Jack 답글 연결
I NEED one Longer Version :)
Karma Incarnate
Karma Incarnate 21 답글 연결
My love for Zack Hemsey's brilliant fucking music brought me here.
Nikky Krueger
Nikky Krueger 답글
Googies Monster
Googies Monster 1 답글 연결
TheUrgedCRUSHER 답글 연결
Should I see it at 7PM, 12:00, or just on friday?
TheUrgedCRUSHER 1 답글 연결
Pacific Rim brought me here.
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall 4 답글 연결
Eerie as hell. Perfect for Pacific Rim. Cannot wait until Friday!!!!
TheMrCaviar 1 답글 연결
I was excited when I heard this track for the COD Ghosts reveal. Good for you, Zack!
heroicprime 답글 연결
Pacific rim
Basilisk Space Marine
Hearing these makes me feel I'm going into the Marinas Trench (deepest rift on the entire planet, at the bottom of the ocean.)
Collin Charette
Collin Charette 답글 연결
=D thank you, sorry for responding nearly half a year later!
Cj Stevenson
Cj Stevenson 답글 연결
This and mind heist are a toss up for my favorite compositions by Hemsey.
Collin Charette
Collin Charette 답글 연결
thanks =)
greenzoid2 답글 연결
that is awesome great work
Collin Charette
Collin Charette 3 답글 연결
You are seeking for something yes? well, what are you seeking? power? glory? fame or infamy? wealth? well, i have something to say to you, whatever you seek will force you down a path, a path that will test you, try to break your resolve, cause you to question yourself and your intentions, and when you finally reach your goal, it might not satisfy you, it might taste like ashes in your mouth, after all your sacrifices, you might decide to turn back now, so i ask you again, what are you seeking?
Cj Stevenson
Cj Stevenson 3 답글 연결
If i ever become a director this guy is composing and scoring all of my movies!!!
Ida Wasyl
Ida Wasyl 답글 연결
i thought that was E.T's finger o.O
Tristan Wood
Tristan Wood 답글 연결
Epic Troll good sir!
too bad I watched the backwards
gtafan110010 답글 연결
@PranksSkype bad sex

Dyl Pictures
Dyl Pictures 답글 연결
no words but epic
mattb5213 답글 연결
woah mindfuck. i just realized it tells a story.. the next two songs haha
geki 답글 연결
Dear god you are so awesome.
HillierSmith 답글 연결
You made this in preparation for "The Dark Knight Rises" didn't you? This sounds very Bane VS Batman feel to it
AsiniusNaso 답글 연결
I still see what you did there, thumbnails.
Jim Catalano
Jim Catalano 답글 연결
I LOVE IT!!!!! Very T2ish! :D
light469 답글 연결
hope a longer version of this comes out soon. Amazing music...I want it!
BseagullMC 답글 연결
AMAZING PLEASE KEEP MAKING MORE alos can I use see what ive become as music in a minecraft trailer? Please reply?
moonsterpl 답글 연결
Oh my. Simply stunning. Zack, I can't imagine your next album. Each one is better than the previous one.
Dyl Pictures
Dyl Pictures 답글 연결
Is this available on itunes?

HillierSmith 답글 연결
I have been looking for a song like this, right on time my man
Nogoodnms 답글 연결
Liked before I was 2 seconds in. God damn love your music!
Tugg Speedman
Tugg Speedman 답글 연결
Agenor111 답글 연결
very nice music