No One Knows (Unkle Remix) 가사

Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows (Unkle Remix)
아티스트: Queens of the Stone Age
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We get these pills No one knows We get some rules to follow That and this These and those No one knows Oh, what you do to me Pleasantly caving in We get these pills to swallow How they stick In your throat Taste like gold Oh, what you do to me No one knows No one knows And I realize you're mine Indeed a fool am I I realize you're mine Indeed a fool am I, I No one knows

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Uncles remix was in ssx 3 in 2003
Marcelo Ozorio
Marcelo Ozorio 답글 연결
Happy 150K Views!
Shish World
Shish World 2 답글 연결
2019 GRID is basically Grid with better graphics but it's not my childhood
Fluf Dude
Fluf Dude 답글
not even out yet lol
John_808_ZA 답글 연결
Best racing game of all time
Kacper 300ZX
Kacper 300ZX 답글 연결
and TDU ; )
Cyrax 581
Cyrax 581 4 답글 연결
effisjens 3 답글 연결
So today a new GRID got announced...
hashrulsubzero 답글
Yes! About time Codemasters teases us with the new GRID.
Sta Tom
Sta Tom 답글 연결
no one knows why im here
pavlik 1 답글 연결
3:34 GRID
alfredo lopez
alfredo lopez 답글 연결
Данил Кабанец
Это лучшая песня
Juan José Cabrera Moguel 2017
Love You race Finito Grid soundtrack
Mirgorr 답글 연결
TDU is a shit
Ben the retro boi
i still play this game and its AWESOME!
allenkirk 555
allenkirk 555 1 답글 연결
No One Knows (Remix) By Queen Of The Stone Age:

Composer: Kirk Allen
Composer: Jack Patterson
Composer: Luke Patterson
Composer: John Stanier
Composer: Jed Allen
Composer: Ian Williams
Composer: Dave Konokpa
Band Vocals: Queen Of The Stone Age

Produced & Remixed By: Massive Violent Attack

Performed By: Massive Violent Attack & Queen Of The Stone Age

© 2019
ThisEmptyWorm 답글
The band is the best
Daniel HJ
Daniel HJ 1 답글
Jack Patterson, isn’t he in clean bandit now?
Михаил Игоревич
MC Schnitzer m8
MC Schnitzer m8 2 답글 연결
Ravenwest. The best fictional racing team ever to be put in a video game. Love the Viper
Sepz 답글
I'm playing the game for old time's sake again on PC, and I have a friendly ass rivalry with Nathan McKane I swear to god
Crinale 13
Crinale 13 답글 연결
Ravenwest is the best fictional team
Don't @ me
Scarface 97
Scarface 97 답글 연결
test drive unlimited any one on ps2
Daniel Sosa
Daniel Sosa 1 답글 연결
GRID was the first next-gen racing game I've got the chance to play, on a PC powered by a 8600 GT. This game made my noons after school so enjoyable and taught me a lot of things, mainly about JDM and drifting.

Thanks CM for conceiving this series and fuck you for destroying it.

Faded Jate
Faded Jate 2 답글 연결
I miss this game.
Mcmarvino 답글
Faded Jate what console did you play it on
Faded Jate
Faded Jate 답글
I would have to get a pc.
Mcmarvino 답글
why miss it? theres an option to play it on pc just buy it on g2a for a few bucks
Andrew Kuznetsov
Andrew Kuznetsov 답글 연결
Jesus, that was epic soundtrack for the best game about races. Unkle made a grand work with original track by Queens of Stone Age.
John Peterson
John Peterson 답글 연결
bruh best song
Drive_bii 답글 연결
2:54 Best part for me
DDarkNiss 답글 연결
I like grid and dirt lol
Uros Uki
Uros Uki 답글 연결
DIRT and GRID are good games
Alver K
Alver K 답글 연결
Ah...the memories. The nostalgia.
Michal Kowalski
Michal Kowalski 답글 연결
After all this years it is still a good remix
kjell martin olsen
best played on cv xls 215 turn It uP (SIMSONS) thx SUPPORT CC
Kill Scene
Kill Scene 19 답글 연결
remember starting the game over and over to listen this song in the intro
SpearheadMP 1 답글
CARBoN Gaming I did the exact same thing lmao

Василий Черкасов
What kind of program is MP3?
Greg Daniel
Greg Daniel 답글
MPEG Layer 3. It is a compression system designed to make (specifically) audio easier to store and play back.
LFX Gaming
LFX Gaming 답글
Василий Черкасов its "Music program 3" which is for audio files only unlike mp4 which is both video and audio.
zuk marb
zuk marb 답글 연결
this game with this track is so great!!!
franky raeckelboom
loved every minute of this game! single player though.
Jatsi 답글 연결
This song and a few beers... :)
So good... :D
Ricy 2 답글 연결
A remix of this was used in the intro for TDU 1 if im not wrong..
Khrxmme 답글
Ooohhh yeah love that it's why I'm here :)
kucheri Kuchera
kucheri Kuchera 7 답글 연결
Fck ravenwest :P
TheSyrinx63 답글
Dude, Ravenwest is awesome!
MaxyRevel '76
MaxyRevel '76 11 답글 연결
best remix ever... and one of the greatest racing games ever...
Sta Tom
Sta Tom 답글 연결
edi12312 6 답글 연결
oh the nostalgia! brings many memories. played it uncountable hours.
B Murphy
B Murphy 답글 연결
Who's here from SSX3?