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Trick Daddy - Let's Go
아티스트: Trick Daddy
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[Lil Jon:] Yeah (Yeaaaahhhh!) Theres a lotta fuck niggas in the club tonight, (fuck em, fuck em, fuck em) but its gonna be aight, (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) cuz me and my clique we dont give a fuck nigga. Trick Daddy, Jim Johnson, Big D, Lil Jon [Hook:] Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know), I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know), I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) [Trick Daddy:] If you want some, come get some, cuz where I'm from we tote big guns, And everybody know somebody that know somebody that know somethin bout it, And I want answers now who, what, where, when and why, see, a lotta dudes like to act a fool and all get all loud but that aint my style, and he who he gonna get and what he gonna do, run up on me if he want to, Out there impressin his homies, but he stood up in front of his mama, I mop up the flo wit em, And I kick in the door and let the .44 get em, I got fools that'll go get em, That's for him, his crew and the dudes that run wit em. [Hook] [Twista:] gotta spit for the murderas and the killas and the thugstas, that be fuckin up the ballas and the dealas and the hustlas, got me comin at you bokas in the V.I. while they bumpin lil jon I'm a brush ya, Its the psycho nigga twista from Chicago rollin with the Miami nigga that'll crush ya, We already been lookin for drama if a nigga try to get it to then we still gotta get em, Feelin fury from my tough shit that cant never be true And the penicillin I'm telling you Trick of in and still em Got me swingin crysie and hennessy bottles, in the club with my thug homies goin for the skrilla, Don't get it twisted with that overnight celebrity you better be scared of me in my city I'm a killa. [Hook] [Trick Daddy:] I ain't that rappin type arright, and I that actin type arright, this sulphane in my script, I'm a play on you and you just a square, see, once that hennessy into me the whole industry is my enemy, If you aint no ten to me or friend to me, bitch don't pretend to be, I'm strictly for the thugs, I'm part of the streets and straight out the hood, That moments ghetto (ghetto), Got me deep in gats for you wheezly cats, I'm straight out the county of Dade, played on fire nigga M-I-A, never gone south of the border, americas most wanted you gonna get slaughtered. [Hook 2x] [Trick Daddy:] The AK go chop, chop, chop, chop The SK go fire, fire, fire, fire The AK go chop, chop, chop, chop The SK go fire, fire, fire, fire

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DELILER 1453 답글 연결
Bmw e36 m3 on the street....
Benjamin Jennings
Benjamin Jennings 5 답글 연결
This still goes hard af
Jaylen-Ree Wilson
Jaylen-Ree Wilson 답글
Emmett Wesseh
Emmett Wesseh 2 답글 연결
Good hype for football
femio18 답글 연결
gears 5 escape mode!!!!
Anzuro 1 답글 연결
GEARS 5 brought me here
Un Equis Más
Un Equis Más 답글 연결
Gears 5?
72Stiles 3 답글 연결
Almost 4 minutes of the Crazy Train intro? Bless your heart.
72Stiles 답글
No shit Sherlock.
virgil george
virgil george 1 답글
It's called a sample, dummy.
Sani Thomas
Sani Thomas 1 답글 연결
who is listening to this in 2019..?
Nick O'Neil
Nick O'Neil 1 답글 연결
E3 brought me here
Mistikei 1 답글
lol ye
Gears 5 on Xbox One!
Terry Coyle
Terry Coyle 2 답글 연결
JuiceOTB 4 답글 연결
Michael Gruden
Michael Gruden 1 답글 연결
Ur Berliner
Ur Berliner 답글 연결
Who Else is here because of K.I.Z? 😂😂
Check This out:
D Lugo lux
D Lugo lux 답글 연결
I came for the bo4 trailer, like if you too.
HiironiK 5 답글 연결
Who is her because of the bo4 outro haha
Vencislav Gynev
Vencislav Gynev 답글 연결
Everytime this song starts the first thing in my head is how I drive BMW M3 E46 GTR and Cross after me to put me down.
Steven Arsenault
Steven Arsenault 답글 연결
I put this on and it shuts every dumb uber rider in my car that asks for my aux. I'm the driver and the dj. You ask for my aux I know you about to put on mumble crap. I throw down dmx 50 cent Eminem lil Jon.
Imani Alexander
Imani Alexander 답글
Steven Arsenault lol you don’t scare no black people
Sari Sari
Sari Sari 2 답글 연결
Still listening 2018🤫
Chasity Johnston
Chasity Johnston 5 답글 연결
2018 and I’m still jamming !!! 😎😎😎 super bowl day !!! Ayyyeee
Shuanie J.
Shuanie J. 답글
@Chasity Johnston. Hell yeah this was all football season & Miami Sports Anthem for every sports, I swear😊
Mr. Crash
Mr. Crash 1 답글
Chasity Johnston same here this song will never get old

Charlie Hale
Charlie Hale 1 답글 연결
Hi I like your song give me a email do you have a chance thank you Charlie AOL night be a good thing me soon
jdjd 4839
jdjd 4839 답글 연결
Mrs Volel Volel
Mrs Volel Volel 답글 연결
Stomp the yard brought me here
Kabir Barot
Kabir Barot 답글 연결
dave kramer
dave kramer 답글 연결
here comes the atlanta falcons
sandy walton
sandy walton 2 답글 연결
Favorite song from Trick daddy.
Andre 답글
sandy walton word
lucas Clavet
lucas Clavet 1 답글 연결
Joshua Wainwright
Joshua Wainwright 1 답글 연결
This is my favourite song!! Let’s go let’s go if you want it you can get it let me know I I am about to fuck with your girl
a vida de um brasileiro
lorena xhuti
lorena xhuti 2 답글 연결
Someone just drove through my neighborhood blasting this & I'm all for someone playing their favorite playlist but,
I love both, but not together.
virgil george
virgil george 1 답글
There's nothing wrong with classic metal mixed with rap. Stop hating😒
Tahilee Brown
Tahilee Brown 4 답글
You're extremely late and u are by yourself on that one!!!

Bradius Maximus
Bradius Maximus 답글 연결
Shit music brought me here
PEastProductions 23 답글 연결
I don't care how, but this NEEDS to be in Deadpool 2
Patience Playz
Patience Playz 1 답글 연결
Brandy Broome
Brandy Broome 2 답글 연결
great songs
Perry Williams III
Perry Williams III 1 답글 연결
what's the original
Ralph O.
Ralph O. 1 답글
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne (The Prince Of Darkness)
Lobo Rojo
Lobo Rojo 2 답글
Crazy Train
Beata Andrzejewska
Beata Andrzejewska 1 답글 연결
fajne let's go
Erubiel Serna
Erubiel Serna 11 답글 연결
my pump up song to football
Juan Gama
Juan Gama 37 답글 연결
30 people got jumped to this song
Amanpreet gill
Amanpreet gill 1 답글
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 답글 연결
Hey harder styles you cant even make a song you bitch and this song is a hit
Aimee Meuret
Aimee Meuret 답글 연결
wtf did they do to Ozzy jesus crist
Lobo Rojo
Lobo Rojo 5 답글
+Aimee Meuret Paid him a bunch of money.
Aimee Meuret
Aimee Meuret 답글
+Danny Shuttin i guess lmao
Danny Shuttin
Danny Shuttin 1 답글
+Aimee Meuret Ozzy died. And this song made him come back alive.