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Trick Daddy - Let's Go
아티스트: Trick Daddy
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[Lil Jon:] Yeah (Yeaaaahhhh!) Theres a lotta fuck niggas in the club tonight, (fuck em, fuck em, fuck em) but its gonna be aight, (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) cuz me and my clique we dont give a fuck nigga. Trick Daddy, Jim Johnson, Big D, Lil Jon [Hook:] Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know), I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) If you want it you can get it let me know (let me know), I'm bout to fuck a nigga up, Lets Gooooo! (Lets Gooooo!) [Trick Daddy:] If you want some, come get some, cuz where I'm from we tote big guns, And everybody know somebody that know somebody that know somethin bout it, And I want answers now who, what, where, when and why, see, a lotta dudes like to act a fool and all get all loud but that aint my style, and he who he gonna get and what he gonna do, run up on me if he want to, Out there impressin his homies, but he stood up in front of his mama, I mop up the flo wit em, And I kick in the door and let the .44 get em, I got fools that'll go get em, That's for him, his crew and the dudes that run wit em. [Hook] [Twista:] gotta spit for the murderas and the killas and the thugstas, that be fuckin up the ballas and the dealas and the hustlas, got me comin at you bokas in the V.I. while they bumpin lil jon I'm a brush ya, Its the psycho nigga twista from Chicago rollin with the Miami nigga that'll crush ya, We already been lookin for drama if a nigga try to get it to then we still gotta get em, Feelin fury from my tough shit that cant never be true And the penicillin I'm telling you Trick of in and still em Got me swingin crysie and hennessy bottles, in the club with my thug homies goin for the skrilla, Don't get it twisted with that overnight celebrity you better be scared of me in my city I'm a killa. [Hook] [Trick Daddy:] I ain't that rappin type arright, and I that actin type arright, this sulphane in my script, I'm a play on you and you just a square, see, once that hennessy into me the whole industry is my enemy, If you aint no ten to me or friend to me, bitch don't pretend to be, I'm strictly for the thugs, I'm part of the streets and straight out the hood, That moments ghetto (ghetto), Got me deep in gats for you wheezly cats, I'm straight out the county of Dade, played on fire nigga M-I-A, never gone south of the border, americas most wanted you gonna get slaughtered. [Hook 2x] [Trick Daddy:] The AK go chop, chop, chop, chop The SK go fire, fire, fire, fire The AK go chop, chop, chop, chop The SK go fire, fire, fire, fire

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Stealth Customs
Stealth Customs 답글 연결
Almost 2018 and still listening.
Mill Wop
Mill Wop 답글 연결
How many neighbors you have that are perfect and you play these type of songs all night
سكس Jma
سكس Jma 답글 연결
jerry noneed
jerry noneed 답글 연결
This is what populates the minds of African Americans. This is why the African Americans will always be in a state of disarray.
Richard Jangles
Richard Jangles 답글 연결
the shit you guys have now sucks... I'm glad I was born in 87.
Marcos Alves
Marcos Alves 답글 연결
Marcos Vinícius Brasília Brasil
Mitsuharu Stafford
Crunk Rock!
Nelly Souls
Nelly Souls 답글 연결
2017 🔥🔥🔥
Explicit 219
Explicit 219 답글 연결
Exactly !
EthanEves 답글 연결
He is awesome he is better than all of the rappers
EthanEves 답글
In the world
EthanEves 답글 연결
He is awesome
anand ravi
anand ravi 답글 연결
Damn..I like this
Vin Lawson
Vin Lawson 답글 연결
Vin Lawson
Vin Lawson 답글 연결
Vin Lawson
Vin Lawson 답글 연결
Vin Lawson
Vin Lawson 답글 연결
Vin Lawson
Vin Lawson 답글 연결
Awesome luv up all these crackas rappas that dont know and just an act of observed memory
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 답글 연결
Makes me feel like killin a Bitch!!!
Ricky Conner
Ricky Conner 답글 연결
This shit right here my nigga this is what rap hip-hop whatever u want to call it this is what it sounds like

to all u new rap kids
tkthomas1692 답글 연결
Twista's flow 👌🔥🔥🔥

Vanity Clay
Vanity Clay 답글 연결
yago silva
yago silva 1 답글 연결
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
yago silva
yago silva 1 답글 연결
Lets' Goooo
Shanisse Thomas
Shanisse Thomas 답글 연결
Lourd lourd🌌💡
C.G Ghetto Hyena
C.G Ghetto Hyena 답글 연결
That reminds me from Megamind
Rashawn BORN!
Rashawn BORN! 1 답글 연결
When I used to actually like ATL music........2013BLY..... (BLY-BEFORE Lil Yachty).
Bailey Cook
Bailey Cook 답글 연결
trick daddy still going hard you feel me
Amos Maclin
Amos Maclin 답글 연결
I no them some nice rims to
Lacy Gears
Lacy Gears 답글 연결
Any one notice DJ K at about 3:27??
ray wright
ray wright 답글 연결

Miesha. Williams
Miesha. Williams 답글 연결
My husband
Playboi Sharti
Playboi Sharti 답글 연결
Twista's verse is underrated.
Billy Jaggard
Billy Jaggard 답글 연결
My life
Mike Strozewski
Mike Strozewski 답글 연결
Is that DJ Khaled at 3:21?
Bryce Navarrette
Bryce Navarrette 답글 연결
Yo I been watching this vid for years since it camee out and never noticed dj Khalid at the end lmao wtf all skinny
Fransisco Martinez
twista and pee wee look alike
Billy Jaggard
Billy Jaggard 답글 연결
Let's go
FK yo FEELINS 답글 연결
When the world made sense!?
Brn knt
Brn knt 답글 연결
Damn!!! Club hot!
Magdalena Barajas
This song I play to get my son hype for his football game! #throwback