Alexandre Desplat - Moonshine
아티스트: Alexandre Desplat
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Theodore Grevers
Theodore Grevers 답글 연결
If this song can’t cheer you up, something is wrong with you
Mark Kolb
Mark Kolb 답글 연결
Nolan fanboys? Nolan doesn't have much to do with the score. Are you guys confusing the movie with the score? GBH might be a better movie, interstellar was too lengthy, but it doesn't have the better score. Hans zimmer deserved it.
Max McD
Max McD 2 답글 연결
Wow! This sells me on watching the movie ... what a charming, high energy track! Love it
Mr Pinhedz
Mr Pinhedz 1 답글 연결
As the title says, this track is a traditional arrangement of an old song, and the arranger of this set of variations was Vasiliy Andreyev, who died during WW-I. In her comment below, Elena Osipova identifies the performers as the Ensemble "Rossiya" founded by Lyudmila Zykina, who died in 2009. The group consists of both balalaikas, which are strummed, and domras, which are picked like a mandolin and play the fast variations. In this picture you can see the domras (round-bodied) and the balalaikas (triangular): http://russia-ensemble.ru/o_kompanii Here is a clip of the group playing live--the same tune with a slow intro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vH8Chx3q6s
Firiel 1 답글 연결
While I know this is blalaika, I think it would translate very well to mandolin. I'm going to try to learn it eventually! (Would eventually love to get a balalaika as well but mandos are a little more availible in Minnesota lol)
Mr Pinhedz
Mr Pinhedz 답글
The fast variations are played on a dorm--not a balalaika.
• SWAT •
• SWAT • 답글 연결
El Uriel
не знаю как назваться
Прекрасный фильм! А "Камаринская" в конце фильма привела в восторг аж до слёз.
Blagakhsandi 답글 연결
was this version transposed to another key??
Batty Kellen
Batty Kellen 답글
Yes, I changed the key so that youtube could not automatically detect the content and delete it.
MMA 답글 연결
I want a live version of this..
Stepan Serdiukov
Stepan Serdiukov 답글 연결
tbf its "Moonlight," not "Moonshine"
Mr Pinhedz
Mr Pinhedz 답글
It's "The moon is shining"
Tycini1 답글 연결
Raz dva tri ćtery
How eclectic
Ludwig Padawcat
Ludwig Padawcat 1 답글 연결
Can't be sad listening to this kind of stuff 🙂
ahmed salama
ahmed salama 3 답글 연결
This is no way near to Interstellar. Sorry!
Javier Angeles
Javier Angeles 1 답글 연결
This is the Freebird of folk(ish) music.
Waffe 2 답글 연결
Interstellar and Grand Budapest Hotel both have awesome soundtracks.
Garrett , a fancy trouser
jean carlo cardenas carrillo
What's so magical about Desplat's collaborations with Wes Anderson is that the music feels like another character in the movie that suddenly has a life of its own instead of being plain music.
Mackie Lunkey
Mackie Lunkey 답글
I’m actually really sad Desplat isn’t going to compose “French Dispatch”’s score. I mean, I do like Mothersbaugh, but Desplat’s music gives life to the scenes.
The Travelling Composer
Fantastic video as usual. Getting ready to get into the studio myself. Big hello to you from Montana! 💟😉💫❣️
Motel Rx
Motel Rx 답글 연결
Let’s give these Nancies a FOOKIN GOOD KiCKiN!!!
B-Master Animation
When its almost time to go

Jey 답글 연결
this version is in a higher key than the version i have in mp3, its so weird.
And this one got the oscar award over interstellar,

Oscar jurie is a sell out.....i bet!!😕😕
Kevin24732 답글 연결
El uriel
mkalover232 답글 연결
This is the most Slavik Stronk song in existence.
Polina Polina
Polina Polina 답글
it is Russian to be precise
jake jordon
jake jordon 2 답글 연결
Hans Zimmer = Alexandre Desplat
Storm Mechmesteren
Storm Mechmesteren 답글
jake jordon wow =
Caution for the Crass Superego
Odin, dva, tri, chetyrye!
Caution for the Crass Superego
Reminds me of Korobelniki without the vocals.
Tim Pedersen
Tim Pedersen 2 답글 연결
"Alexandre Desplat — he’s good. He’s my brother. He was influenced by my scores." Quincy motherfuckin' Jones.
waseet naser
waseet naser 1 답글 연결
This man is a fantastic composer
park jh
park jh 1 답글 연결
Thanks for giving all the views, Nolan fans!!! :D

Andy Miller
Andy Miller 107 답글 연결
What if I told you you're allowed to like both this soundtrack AND Interstellar?
Andreas Michael Albold
Very very different
MisterSmoothie 1 답글
Il do love both song like crazy
Martin Anthonio16
Martin Anthonio16 1 답글
Yeah, only one can win an oscar though, sadly
Jabeir Shariff
Jabeir Shariff 5 답글
What a relief!!! Thank you so much
Storm Mechmesteren
Storm Mechmesteren 5 답글
Like seriously, mind=blown.
isaiah cruz
isaiah cruz 답글 연결
Reminds me of some of Thomas Frasen's music, love it!
Polina Polina
Polina Polina 답글
this is Russian fold music.
Richard Metclaf
Richard Metclaf 2 답글 연결
This deserved best soundtrack. Zimmer's score for Interstellar was a variation of one theme over and over. It was possibly his least creative score, next to the dreadful "music" from the Dark Knight Trilogy of course.
Umer Noman
Umer Noman 답글 연결
ok, i understand that there are a lot of people who like this soundtrack, everybody has their tastes, (i being a Pakistani listen to our folk music and i completely understand the people of the west dont like that type of music or atleast the majority) but what is beyond my understanding how on earth this could win against Interstellar? just the Docking soundtrack was enough to win Zimmer the award.
Polina Polina
Polina Polina 답글
because Russian folk music is cool!
Elessar 1 답글 연결
tetris nostalgia
The key is A major, I believe.
Danny Tchii
Danny Tchii 3 답글 연결
This picture will be nothing, if not for the music.
I still can't remember what I had and have seen, if you ask me what's the story, I can't tell you anything, either,
because I don't remember anything.
Gabriel Moreyra
Gabriel Moreyra 답글 연결
Esta mierda le gano a Interstellar?
Lololloñlooñll Lololl
Es mejor que esa mierda sobrevolarada , efectista, y engaña bobos.
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil 답글 연결
I cant believe that this shit won instead of interstellar
jessjwalton 3 답글 연결
The Grand Budapest hotel is just pure joy for an hour and a half.